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2011 Vino Fondo

Saturday May 7th, 2011

Thank you to all who braved the forecast and experienced a blue bird day and the relentless hills of the 2011 Vino Fondo. Huge props.


The Vino Fondo- Big Shark Bicycle Company, Trailnet and Mount Pleasant Winery are bringing the European cycling tradition of the Grand Fondo cycling experience back to Missouri's hilliest wine country. A traditional pairing of challenging riding and a tour of some of Missouri's best and oldest vineyards. Experience the same roads and towns visited by the internationally acclaimed Tour of Missouri Professional Cycling Race and challenge yourself to complete one of three formidable routes of the 2nd annual Missouri Vino Fondo.

The Grand Fondo- Also called Cyclosportif rides, Grand Fondo's are challenging rides that combine the best elements of epic recreational rides, some of the characteristics of a race and the visual experiences of the touring cyclist. The tradition of the Grand Fondo includes climbs and difficult riding conditions which we will going forward refer to as "features." The Grand Fondo experience is a true melting pot for cyclists of all abilities- with one goal, the satisfaction of achievement (and a good post ride meal and party.)

The Vino Fondo is a fully supported, timed ride. Although not a race, all participants will receive two measures of their achievement: overall ride time AND their climbing time over the penultimate beast, the Schleusberg. We are offering three distance options, each tuned to maximize scenery and include as many of the regions "topographic features" as we can find. We're crafty like that. Please note that the above topography is actually from the route, and not an electrocardiogram.

New For 2011!

Based on feedback from last year's Vino Fondo we have made some changes to improve the this years Grand Fondo.

  • All rest stops will be course-side.
  • We will have an additional aid-station, loaded with calories, nutrition and hydration 20 miles from the finish line.
  • The Start and Finish will be at Mt. Pleasant Winery in Augusta.
  • More food and caffeine pre-ride and an improved menu post ride.
  • Quieter roads.
  • Top Finishers in each category recieve Clean Bottle prizes.

The Beneficiary. A portion of the proceeds for the Vino Fondo will be donated to Trailnet. Trailnet is a St. Louis based non-profit organization with a 20-year history of Promoting Active Living* - a way of life that encourages people to integrate physical activity into their daily routines.Trailnet's mission is to lead in fostering healthy and active communities through innovative programs, planning, and policy that promote walking and bicycling throughout the St. Louis bi-state region. Areas of emphasis include programs, community planning and policy initiatives.

The Rides. We will have three different routes. All of these will start and finish at the same point and include the majestic Schluesberg.

  • The Mondo Fondo- 132 miles, snaking from Augusta, Missouri to Hermann, Missouri and back. With 11,000 feet of climbing the grapes won't be the only thing whining.
  • The Midi Fondo- 86.5 miles, 6700 feet of climbing. From Augusta, past Daniel Boone's home, and up and over the historic route of the Missouri State Championship Road Race.
  • The Mini Fondo-26 miles, 2,600 feet of climbing. For those looking for a less intense day with a few challenging climbs. The image below is of Alberto Contador on the Schleusberg doing an earlier version of the Vino Fondo.

A Challenge, Not a Race

A Grand Fondo event is chip timed. Every rider will receive two times, total ride time and their time from the base of the Schleusberg to the summit. We will give special recognition to the riders that are able to complete the ride under a certain time as well as to the faster riders in their respective age groups. There are no prizes for being the fastest person back to Augusta other than being first in line at the post event party. We will give special recognition to category winners, fastest ascent of the Schleusberg, and the fastest overall man (The Mando Fondo) and woman (The Jane Fondo) for each of the three distances.  Riders of all abilities are encouraged to participate and push themselves.

In Europe the Grand Fondo attracts a very broad group of cyclist- professional racers, amateur racers, weekend warriors, new cyclists and cyclo-tourists. The compelling elements of a Grand Fondo are the scenery and challenge alongside terrific athlete support and a memorable route.

Pre-Race Services:

We will have massage therapy, stretching and first aid on site for the participants in this years Vino Fondo.  This is a great opportunity to improve your performance or help manage any existing injuries.  Treatment that will be offered includes soft tissue work, stretching, taping and much more.  Good luck to all competitors and we look forward to seeing you all on race day!


Pre-registration for the Vino Fondo is $85 for individuals and $150 for tandems. Race day registration will be $95 for individuals and $165 for tandems. There are no refunds, however ride bibs are transferable. While there is no maximum age limit, participants must be over 13 years of age. 

Each athlete will receive:

  • Vino Fondo Bib Number
  • Cue Sheets with turn-by-turn directions and map.
  • Pre-Race Energy Gels, Bars, Mix and Fruit.
  • Vino Fondo Fashion, signature event shirt
  • Pre-event individually bagged breakfast. Served at the Appelation Cafe from 6:30am-7:30am. Menu: 1 piece of whole fruit, bagel w/cream cheese, 1 yogurt, 1 breakfast burrito. Per person.
  • Coffee station in the AM and beverage cooler.
  • Rest Stop Support- Gels, Mix, Bars, Fruit, Water
  • Mechanical Support and Sag
  • Chip Timing
  • Post Event Festival and Meal: Lunch buffet will in the Crush Lounge from 11am-6pm. Menu: garden salad, meat and cheese pasta, vegetable stir fry and a dessert platter. Yum.
  • Stragglers: Riders finishing after 6:00pm will recieve a bagged lunch.

Chip Timing and Start Order

Riders will start in the order of registration. Each rider will be chip timed. We will record rider times at the start, base of the Schleusberg and Summit of the Schleusberg. Chips will be worn on the non-drive side ankle and must be returned post event. (Chip replacement is $100.)

Route Description:

The Mondo Fondo 128 miles of some of the most beautiful riding in America, punctuated by some of the biggest and baddest climbs we can find. With over 11,000 feet of climbing and taking in many of the King of the Mountains points featured in the Tour of Missouri Professional Cycling Race, the Mondo Fondo route will be similar in difficulty to a true Tour stage. We recommend showing up prepared, this route is as challenging as it is scenic.Visiting some of the great towns of Augusta, Washington, New Haven and Hermann. The return trip to Augusta will feature a rest stop and turn-around at the Hermannoff winery in Hermann.

The Midi Fondo 84 miles, 6,600 feet of climbing, taking in several of the same KOM points as the Mondo route, this route follows the Mondo route to New Haven Missouri and then finishes back at Mt. Pleasant Winery after summitting the Schleursberg. The last 30 miles incorporates some of the best paved scenic roadways in Missouri.

The Mini Fondo 26 miles, 2,500 feet of climbing. Unlike many shorter ride options that can dilute the days challenge, this route cuts to the chase and provides each participant with several of the biggest and best climbs in the state and it takes in the same roads and climbs along the historic Missouri State Road Race course and Tour of Missouri.

Event Schedule:

December 1st 12:00 am Registration Opens
Sat., May 7th 6:00 am Pre-registration Pick Up Open Mount Pleasant Winery
Sat., May 7th 6:30-7:30am Pre Ride Meal and Ride Supplies
Mount Pleasant Winery
Sat., May 7th 8:00 am Rider Staging Augusta, Missouri
Sat., May 7th 8:20 am Pre-Ride Comments/Instructions Augusta, Missouri
Sat., May 7th 8:30 am Start- Vino Fondo Augusta, Missouri
Sat., May 7th 11:00- 2:00 pm Mini Fondo and Midi Fondo Buffet Augusta, Missouri
Sat., May 7th 2:00 pm Mandatory Sag Cut-Off Hermann, Missouri
Sat., May 7th 6:00 pm Mandatory Sag Cut-Off All routes.
Sat., May 7th 4:00- 8:00pm Mondotory Post Ride Celebration Augusta, Missouri

Fondo Categories:

  • Men: 18 and Under, 19-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65+
  • Women: 18 and Under, 19-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65+

Winners of each category will recieve podium Clean Bottles and a bottle of wine from the Mt. Pleasant Winery. Clean bottle is the only water bottle with a screw-off bottom for easy cleaning and drying. Made of BPA-free plastic and with a leak-proof rubber washer design, this dishwahser safe bottle will never get moldy and never need to be thrown out, regardless of how long you ride! Ride Clean!

Parking and Direction:

The Ride Start will be at Mount Pleasant Winery. All of the rides will start at the same time- with the riders being staged according to distance and sequence of registration. ALL Parking and Pre-Fondo activities will be held on their campus. Adequate, convenient parking and facilities will be on site. From Highway 70 (from the East or West) take Highway 94 west for 20 miles to Augusta and follow signs to the winery.

Hotels and Accommodations:

Augusta Missouri

Washington Missouri

Hermann Missouri

New Haven Missouri

About Missouri Wines:

The Missouri wine industry in the new millennium is thriving. The number of wineries has jumped to over 65 and Missouri wineries are producing diverse, complex and sophisticated wines, wines that easily earn top awards in national and international competitions. The Vino Fondo will ride past and through many of the best wineries in Missouri.

Augusta Events:

The town of Augusta, Missouri is a absolutley beautriful, overlooking the Missiouri River Valley. Be sure to set aside some time to explore the wineries, bed and breakfasts and artisans that call Augusta their home. More information at

Hermann, Missouri

The turn around rest stop for the Mondo Fondo will be at the Hermannhof Winery, 330 East 1st Street. The website for the winery is  You can find our more about Hermann, Missouri at or call their welcome center toll free- 1-800-932-8687.

Racing and Riding Fondo-mentals

Important Information for Race Day:

  1. Parking. Mount Pleasant has over 350 parking spaces. Please park on their campus.
  2. For 2011 the start AND finish will be at Mt. Pleasant Winery.
  3. We will provide Cue Sheets with Emergency Contact information.
  4. Please consider putting these numbers in your cell phones or writing them down:
  • True Emergency: 911
  • Trailnet- Sag Support and Dispatch: 314-913-2453
  • City of Washington Police Dispatch: 636-390-1050
  • City of Washington Police, Mark Lindgren: 636:390-1056
  • St. John's Mercy Hospital, Washington Emergency Department: 636-239-8011
  • St. John's Mercy Hospital, Washington Urgent Care: 636-390-2600
  • Warren County Sherrif: 636/456-4332
  • Warren County Sherriff's office contact Matt Schmutz: 636-544-3608
  • Warren County Dispatch Center: 636/456-7088 Ask for "On Duty Road Supervisor"
  • Vino Fondo Staff- 314-920-9606
  • Big Shark Mechanical Support- Steven Wilkes- 314-960-9453

Answers to Popular Questions:

  • Rest Stops: We will have rest stops with hydration and food in Washington, New Haven,  Hermann, Femme Osage and at the Finish Line.
  • Please Note- Mondo Fondo and Midi Fondo participants will visit the New Haven Rest Stop going out and going back. The New Haven rest stop will be the Midi Turn around AND the out and back on the Mondo Fondo.
  • You can change distances at registration on race day.
  • This event is rain or shine. Monsoons, Locusts, or Rain of Fire will only stengthen us.
  • Part of the regisrtation fee INCLUDES- Gels, Bars, Blocks, Water, Gatorade, Fruit, PB&J. We will have all  rest stops equipped with a variety of products to help you complete the Fondo bonk free.

Pre-Ride Instructions:

  1. Riders will be staged according to bib number. Numbers will be pinned to your jersey's on the Right side.
  2. It is essential that all riders follow the assigned routes for safety and as a security precaution. We will be working with local law enforcement and municipalities so that we will be anticipated users of the course. Roads will be open to traffic, so please ride with caution and respect.
  3. Access to the Start/Zone will be at 8:00 a.m. All riders HAVE to be staged by 8:20 a.m. Late arrivals will be staged in back.
  4. Individual timing will begin as riders cross the timing mat at the Start.

Ride Instructions:

  1. Please be patient at the start, it is a long day in the saddle and groups will segregate once underway.
  2. It is important to be careful, despite safety measures in place don't let your competitive edge and excitement override good judgement.
  3. In the event of an accident, don't panic. We will have doctors and ambulances available to access mishaps throughout the day.
  4. In the event of a mechanical problem we will have teams of mechanics on course who can be dispatched as fast as possible.
  5. Please call the race hotline at any point to report fallen riders, concerns or if you require assistance.
  6. All Cyclists overtaken by our "Time Machine" must abandon the fondo and be sagged to the finish. Time cuts will only be on the Mondo Fondo. Riders have to have arrived at Hermann by 2:00 p.m. or be at the base of the Schleusberg by 6:00 p.m. 
  7. The Ride timing Finish for all routes (Mondo, Midi and Mini) will be at the Mt. Pleasant Winery on High Street..
  8. Turn by Turn markers will be placed on the course as well as painted directional arrows.

Dangerous Points on the Course:

  1. We will list all areas that have higher traffic volume. These higher use areas will be marshalled.
  2. All dangerous descents will be listed with mile markers and will be signed at the summit. Please excercise caution while descending and yield to oncoming traffic.
  3. All other points that require attention will be marked and listed with mile markers.

Hill Climb and Finish Line Procedure

All Riders will cross a timing station at the TOP of the Schluersberg Climb. Because the Schleursberg climb has NO SHOULDER, please crest the climb and continue en route to the finish at the Mt. Pleasant Winery, Augusta.


Please note- we cannot have riders congregating on the High Street at the Finish Line, Please pull off and onto the grounds of the Mt. Pleasant Winery when complete. Even if you would prefer to collapse.

Maps and Topographic "Features"

Here are a few good links using please check out.

Mini Fondo

Midi Fondo

Mondo Fondo

The Schluersberg:

The Mini Fondo:

The Midi Fondo:

The Mondo Fondo:



Mini Fondo

Midi Fondo

Mondo Fondo