2016 Gateway Cupcake 11/5/16

 An Epic Competition Featuring Sport and Cupcakes


When: Saturday, November 5th, Central Field (east side near Wells/Faulkner intersection), Forest Park

  • 9:00 am- The Gateway Cupcake 5K Run & Walk
  • 10:30 am- The Gateway Mini Cupcake Kids Fun Run

The Gateway Cupcake 5K Run & Walk

A classic battle between those who eat and those who compete. Participants who choose to eat can deduct 3 minutes per Cupcake at 5 Cupcake Stations along the race course for a maximum of 15 minutes off of their finishing time.

 The Rules.

  • Cupcake Stations will be positioned (roughly) at KM 1, KM 2, KM 3, KM 4.5 and just before the Finish Line. Cupcakes must be consumed within each Cupcake Consumption Corral. Failure to keep the Cupcakes down will result in disqualification and nausea.
  • Only one cupcake can be eaten per station. Please use wit and tactics. Each cupcake will be worth a 3 minute time deduction.
  • Hang on to your Cupcake Toppers to receive the time bonuses- we'll collect them at the finish line. Speaking of finish line...there will NOT be cupcakes at the Finish Line...so don't hold back.

The Cupcakes:

Provided by McArthur's Bakery. Sinfully delicious.

Participation and Awards Categories:

  • You can enter in one of the following categories:
  • Eater- Male Cupcake Eater, Female Cupcake Eater
  • Competer- Men Who Runs Past Cupcakes, Women Who Runs Past Cupcakes
  • The Overall Gateway Cupcake 5K winner’s award, The Gateway Cupcake, will be given to the fastest finisher- real time or Cupcake adjusted time.
  • Top 3 Men and Top 3 Women overall in both the Eater and Competer categories will win Big Shark Gift Certificates.
  • Edible Age Group Awards will be given to winners in both the Eater and Competer categories
  • Overall Winners are not eligible for Age Group Awards.

Age Groups: (Men and Women): 8-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44,45-49, 50-54,55-59, 60-64,65-69 and 70+

Schwag: Custom drawstring goody bags for the first 350 participants to pick up packets. All athletes pre-registered by 10/30/2016 will receive an amazing, category specific (Eater or Competer) event shirt. Please note event t-shirts are only guaranteed to pre-registered athletes by 10/30/2016. 

 goody bag (not to scale)

Run and Route Information: The event will take place on the streets of Forest Park by the Jewel Box and will be professionally chip timed by Big River Race Management.

Pre-Race Packet Pickup/Registration at Big Shark Bicycle Company, 1155 South Big Bend Blvd, 63117:

  • Thursday, November 3 from 1:00 - 7:00 pm
  • Friday, November 4 from 1:00 - 7:00 pm

RACE DAY Packet Pickup/Registration at Forest Park near Wells/Faulkner from 6:30 am - 8:45 am

Fee Schedule for the Gateway Cupcake 5k:

  • $25 Prior to August 1st
  • $30 Prior to October 1st
  • $35 Prior to November 1st
  • $40 After November 1st
  • $45 Race Day

Youth Mini Gateway Cupcake Fun Run (15 and under only) - a really, really fun run with one cupcake corral. Kids can snarf 1 cupcake and deduct 3 minutes from their time. This is also timed by Big River Race Management.

Fee Schedule for the Youth Mini Gateway Cupcake Fun Run:

  • $13 Prior to October 1st
  • $17 Prior to November 1st
  • $20 After November 1st thru Race Day

Youth Awards: Top 3 Overall Boys and Girls.


  • Gateway Cup Cupcake Run volunteers wanted- Do you like Cupcakes? Want a cool T-Shirt? To Volunteer email mike@bigshark.com

PARKING: Please park in the Upper & Lower Muny Parking Lots or the Visitor's Center Lot. Please DO NOT park at the Steinberg Skating Rink or along the race route to avoid getting ticketed. 


Previous Race Results


Gateway Cupcake Race Course

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I pick up someone else's race packet? Yes you can.

Where should I park? We strongly recommend parking at the Upper Muny parking lot, the Lower Muny parking lot or the Visitors Center parking lot. Please do not park in the Steinberg Skating Rink lot or on the race route to avoid being ticketed.

Can I park along the street? PLEASE park in the above parking lots and not on the street, regardless if it’s off the race course. We would like the race course and surrounding streets to be clear of vehicles so runners have a clear path throughout the race. We can’t thank you enough for helping free the course and surrounding streets of parked vehicles.

What is a cupcake corral? The cupcake corrals will be the designated areas along the course where you can consume a time-saving cupcake. You can only eat your cupcake in the corral. Cupcakes must be consumed in the corral prior to continuing on the course. The corrals are designed to be a cupcake consumption courtyard. Cupcake Corrals will be located at KM 1, KM 2, KM 3, KM 4.5 and just prior to the finish line.

If I’m a cupcake eater, what if I don’t eat a cupcake? If you choose not to eat a cupcake you will be scored as a normal non-cupcake consuming competitor.

What are the cupcake sizes? Cupcakes offered in the cupcake corrals will be a Standard Size (three-minute time bonus). You will only be able to eat one cupcake per corral, so choose wisely.

How do you know I’ve eaten a cupcake and how will my time be adjusted? Each cupcake will have a small plastic number "3" topper. It is your responsibility to keep your number until the end of the race. We will add up and deduct your time at the finish line. Don’t lose your numbers or you’ll be outta luck. Example: If you eat 5 Cupcakes x 3 minute deduction per cupcake (15-minute total time deduction) and run an unadjusted 30 minute 5K, your Cupcake Adjusted Time will be 15 minutes. Way fast.

Will youth be responsible for eating a full cupcake? Yup.

How young is too young? You have to be over 8 years old to do the Mini Gateway Cupcake Run or the Gateway Cupcake 5k. Strollers are legal in the Cupcake Run.

What am I getting into? The Gateway Cupcake 5k Run & Walk is designed to give you a good workout as well as leaving you with a fun and enjoyable experience. 

Please note:  We will do our best to have the event as long as it is safe. If the race is cancelled, due to inclement weather or some other unforeseen circumstances, there will be no refunds. Participants in each event will still recieve shirts for the event they enter.