Cervelo Bicycles

The world's fastest bikes

Winner of the Ironman World Championship's Kona Bike Count perenially- Cervelo is the bicycle of choice for athletes who want to ride one of the most innovative brands in cycling. All of their platforms are born out of a desire to engineer the best application specific frame, Cervelo specializes in five platforms of bicycle.

The "S" series pursues the best in aerodynamics and ride quality for a road bicycle.

The "R" series targets the all-around road cycing expereince- belnding comfort, light weight, drive train efficiency.

The "P" series is the bike of choice for triathles and time trialists looking for a frame that concentrates on delivering measurable benefits in a sea of visually similar competitors.

The "C" series expands on the history of Cervelo's bicycle design pedigree with a platform that expands the bandwidth of what and where you can ride on a road bike.

The "T" Series is the  goto Track racing platform is you absolutely, positively need to win a World Championship.

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