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Vino Fondo Ride Guide

Ride Fondo-Mentals

Important Information for Race Day:

  1. Parking. Sugar Creek Winery has over 350 parking spaces. Please park on their campus- grass parking will be routed on ride day.
  2. The start AND finish will be at Sugar Creek Winery.
  3. We will provide Cue Sheets with Emergency Contact information.
  4. Please consider putting these numbers in your cell phones or writing them down:
  • True Emergency: 911
  • Trailnet- Sag Support and Dispatch: 314-913-2453
  • Warren County Sherrif: 636/456-4332
  • Warren County Sherriff's Office contact Lt. Matt Schmutz: 636-544-3608
  • Warren County Dispatch Center: 636/456-7088 Ask for "On Duty Road Supervisor"
  • Vino Fondo Staff- 314-920-9606
  • Big Shark Mechanical Support- TBD

    Answers to Popular Questions:

    • Rest Stops: stocked with hydration and food in Marthasville, Treloar, Warrenton, Femme Osage and at the Finish Line.
    • You can change distances at registration on race day.
    • This event is rain or shine. Monsoons, Locusts, or Rain of Fire will only stengthen us.
    • Part of the regisrtation fee INCLUDES- Gels, Bars, Blocks, Water, Gatorade, Fruit, PB&J. We will have all rest stops equipped with a variety of products to help you complete your Fondo bonk free.

    Pre-Ride Instructions:

    1. Riders will be stages en masse. Numbers will be pinned to your jersey's on the Right side.
    2. It is essential that all riders follow the assigned routes for safety and as a security precaution. We will be working with local law enforcement and municipalities so that we will be anticipated users of the course. Roads will be open to traffic, so please ride with caution and respect.
    3. Access to the Start/Zone will be at 8:00 a.m. All riders HAVE to be staged by 8:20 a.m. Late arrivals will be staged in back.
    4. Individual timing will begin as riders cross the timing mat at the Start.
    5. The first mile of the ride will be a neutral 1 mile section of the KATY Trail. Please enjoy the relaxed start. The first climb will begin at the exit of the trail.

    Ride Instructions:

    1. Please be patient at the start, it is a long day in the saddle and groups will segregate once underway.
    2. It is important to be careful, despite safety measures in place. Don't let your competitive edge and excitement override good judgement.
    3. In the event of an accident, don't panic. Ambulance/EMS services will respond to mishaps throughout the day.
    4. In the event of a mechanical problem we will have teams of mechanics on course who can be dispatched as fast as possible.
    5. Please call the race hotline at any point to report fallen riders, concerns or if you require assistance.
    6. All Cyclists overtaken by our "Time Machine" must abandon the fondo and be sagged to the finish. Time cuts will only be on the Mondo Fondo. Riders have to have arrived at the 60 mile mark by 2:00 p.m. or be at the base of the Schleusberg for their final climb by 5:00 p.m. 
    7. The Ride timing Finish for all routes (Mondo, Midi and Mini) will be on the Sugar Creek Winery Campus.
    8. Turn by Turn markers will be placed on the course as well as painted directional arrows. This year we are adding a secondary way finding pole w/flag and course marshals at key intersections.

    Dangerous Points on the Course:

    1. We will list all areas that have higher traffic volume. These higher use areas will be marshalled.
    2. All dangerous descents will be listed with mile markers and will be signed at the summit. Please excercise caution while descending and yield to oncoming traffic.
    3. All other points that require attention will be marked and listed with mile markers.
    4. Please ride to the right, single file as necessary, to allow cars to pass.

    Finish  Line Procedure

    1. All Riders will cross a timing station at the TOP and BOTTOM of the Schluersberg Climb. Because the Schleursberg climb has NO SHOULDER, please crest the climb and continue en route to the finish at the Sugar Creek Winery, Defiance.

      Please note- we cannot have riders congregating at the Finish Line, Please pull off and onto the grounds of the Sugar Creek Winery when complete. Even if you would prefer to collapse.