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Bubba Cyclocross Racing Series and Cross Country Running Series


A Special Thanks to Bubba Sponsor Ralph Pfremmer and his host of businesses. Lone Wolf Coffee Company, Wapiti and Pfoodman. Ralph and Co. provide each of our events with complimentary food and greatly contributed to the success and good will of the event. Cheers.- Big Shark Racing


A Portion of Bubba Merchandise will be sold benefitting First Descents

Bubba # Race Date XC Run Race Location
Pre Bubba Event- Team Rev CX Clinic- Co-Ed 9/18 Nope Concordia Seminay
Pre-Bubbalogue- The Ronde von Evergreen 10/3 Nope Carbondale, IL
Bubba #1- Things that Go Bubba in the Night
10/16 Nope
Buder Park
Bubba #2- Dawn of the Bubba 10/17 Yup #1
Buder Park
Bubba #3- Hwy Farty Far Bubba
10/24 Yup #2 Antire Park
Bubba #4- The Sprints of Darkness Night Race
10/30 Nope
Creve Coeur Park
Bubba #5- The Boo-ba Halloween Race (Day)
10/31 Yup #3 Creve Coeur Park
Bubba #6- County Bubba & Mike Lischke Ride
11/7 Yup #4 Queeny Park
Bubba #7- Bubba in the Seminary- DAYTIME!!
11/13 Yup #5 Concordia Seminary
Bubba #8- SoCo Bubba
11/14 Yup #6 Suson Park
Bubba #9- Mt. Pleasant Winery Bubba 11/21 Yup #7 Augusta, Missouri
Bubba #10- NorCo Bubba 11/28 Yup #8 Spanish Lake
Bubba #11  Missouri State Championships 12/4 Nope Kansas City, MO 
US Cyclocross Nationals- just go do it! 12/9-12/12 Nope Bend Orego

Information on what the heck Cyclocross is HERE!!

Race Results will be posted HERE

Cyclocross Bicycle Races:

First - a bit of History. Why the Bubba Memorial?  Big Shark "Veteran Racer" Butthead (aka- Josh Johnson)- last year's A Race winner recieved a dog a long, long time ago, "Bubba."  Butthead thought Bubba was a puppy, which it/he is definitely not. Actually, many people at first mistake Bubba for some sort of Hog, (perhaps a razorback?), but that is a different issue entirely. Although we enjoy Bubba we do not think Bubba is going to live past another cross season. We really don't.  He is NOT a puppy.  So this series is dedicated, again, to Butthead's soon to be late dog. We'll miss ya Bubba, although in truth he really has exceded all of our expectations by remaining somewhat alive. It's franky amazing.

When? Select Saturdays and Sundays in October, November, and December 

What to Bring? Well you don't need to bring food. Ralph Pfremmer and Pfoodman will be helping the pfamished. Bubba clearly eats a lot, so be like Bubba and enjoy the menu from Lone Wolf Coffee. We apologize for Johnny's cooking.

What? Cyclocross has been rapidly in popularity in the US- featuring a blend of mountain bike and road bike racing- and skills unique to the sport. It's a great way to have a great day outdoors as the seasons change- and keep your compeitive edge. Lots of cow bell.  Each race is under an hour- and we allow athletes to self-select their category based on fitness, competency and what they did the night before.

And wait there's more... We will be again offering the finest in free grill work at each event, please don't hurt our feelings by denying yourself chili.

The Bubba Cup: Jeff Yeilding and Hermann Cycling will be presenting the 1st Annual $500 Bubba Cup Competition for the Best "A" Racer for the 2010 Season. Spicey. More information can be found here, conveniently located on the event sight for the Tour of Hermann (subtle).

DId you know? Big Shark Bicycle Company sells Felt, Surly, Redline, Bianchi, Scott, Cannondale, Kona and Ridley Cyclocross bikes. We thought you might want to know.

 Overall Winner of the "A" Race will win free entry for the 2011 season.

Overall Winner of the "B" Race will win a set of fabulous Easton Tubular Cyclocross wheels, no not the carbon ones.

Overall Winner of the "C" Race, Women's Series and the Single Speed category will win a Set of Challenge Tubular or Clincher cyclocross tires.

Cross Country Running Series:

  • What? Approximately 5k cross country running series utilizing the same course as the Bubba Cyclocross Series...A combination of dirt roads, cross country and some asphalt.
  • When? All Sunday  Races   
  • What Time?  Race registration on site at 10:00 am. Race start 11:00 am.
  • Cost? $10.00 American.
  • Registration: On-site opens at 10:00 am.
  • General Information: The Bubba Cross Country Series consists of 7 races- we will provide a clearly marked course and score finishing order ONLY. We will have prizes for the top finisher in these categories: Men Open, Women Open, Boys and Girls 14 and under, Men/Women 40+.
  • Scoring: We will score the top 10 runners in each category- Overall Series Winners will recieve Trophies, Prizes and Glory.

    Event Schedule:

Start Time  Start Time Night Race* Duration  Prize List 
Registration 10:00 am 5:30 pm Closes :30 Pre-race
Cross Country Running Race 11:00 am Nope Approx.5K (1-2 laps) Category Prizes
Juniors 11:35am 6:35 pm 20 minutes + 1 laps Applause and Schwag
Women A/B High Noon 7:00 pm 40 minutes + 2 laps 3 places/$30, $20, $10 for both
C Race and Single Speed
1:00 pm 8:00 pm (Drag Race)
40 minutes + 2 laps  3 places/$30, $20, $10 for both
B Race 2:00 pm 9:00 pm 40 minutes + 2 laps  3 places/$30,$20,$10 
A Race
3:00 pm 10:00 pm
40 minutes + 2 laps  5 places/$50,$40,$30,$20, $10


  • SATURDAY Concordia Race will have the same Start Times as a Daytime Bubba
  • (* Costume racers on Halloween will be stage first in all categories. Drag Racers will be elligble for 'special prizes.')
    • Entry fee for all races is $25.00, Only $10 for second race (on the same day...) 
    • Women's A and B will start AT THE SAME TIME. There will be payout for both fields.
    • Important Note!! Race numbers will be re-used for the series for both the CX Run's and Cyclocross Races- New Numbers are $2.00 Hang on to your numero!

    $5 from each piece of Bubba Merchandise goes towards First Descents...

    • The charity: First Descents is a Colorado based, non-profit which is committed to curing young adults of the emotional effects of cancer and empowering them to regain control of their lives by experiencing outdoor adventure therapy through kayaking, rock climbing and other outdoor adventure sports. All of their programs are free of charge for participants and offer outdoor adventures which significantly increase self confidence. Self-confidence empowers people affected by cancer to regain control of their lives. First Descents is not just giving young adults with cancer their self confidence back, they’re also connecting a largely disconnected population. 

      First Descents helps shatter the illusion that cancer makes people fragile. In the end First Descents helps heal the emotional scars cancer left behind. Also, cancer is the disease with the lowest survival rate among 18-39 year olds. Every year, nearly 70,000 young adults between the ages of 18 and 40 are diagnosed with cancer. In contrast to younger and older patients, the survival rates of young adults have not increased since 1975. Adolescent and young adult cancer survivors are a vastly understudied population.  Diagnosis and treatment during young adulthood often results in a range of unique psychological issues. Through First Descents we hope to bring awareness about the young adult cancer population.

  • The Mount Pleasant Winery Bubba will have a few Special Features!
    • Most importantly the race will be GOING THROUGH THE BAR.
    • Wine and Grape Juice to winners, and yes, we will card.
    • We will have a bike wash area by the loading dock.
    • Please Note- Our host for this weekend's venue, Mt. Pleasant Winery,  will be selling Wine, Beer and Food. Please do not bring food and beverage onto their premise.
    • Races will be held rain or shine, no refunds on race day.    
    • Series title will be scored 6 places deep in each category. 1st through 6th points will be distributed: 7,5,4,3,2,1. 
    • Missouri State Championship race will be double points for the series.  Medals and Jerseys for all classes riding cyclocross bikes.
  • Big Shark Racing wishes to thank St. Louis County Parks for their continued support and use of their facilities.
  • Special Bonus Rule!! If you have a mechanical you have to complete the lap and to get back to the pit, you cannot cut the course. Just so's you'all know.
  • Directions:   

    Buder Park

    From the East or West on Highway 44- go to Route 141 and exit North- Immediately take the access road to Meremac Street/Outer Road. Follow East to Park. Race course will be at the back of the park past the Soccer fields and the Model Airplane "airport..."

    Antire Park

    You can get to Antire Park via Highway 44 (Farty Far) by passing up the Buder Park exit and taking the Beaumont/Antire Exit (just a few miles down the road). Park is on the South side of the road next to the Shooting Range. Since the 1st race was next to remote control airplane operators we thought we'd spice it up with munitions...


    Mt. Pleasant Winery:

    From the East or West- take I-64 to the Weldon Springs Exit/Highway 94 West. Follow to Augusta. Follow signs to the winery. Bingo. Glug glug glug.

    Here is a link: 

    Bellefontaine Park:

    To Bellefontaine Park: The most confusing thing about Bellefontaine Park is that there are a few of them. Anyway, to get to Bellefontaine Park head to Highway 270- East of 367 and exit South on Bellefontaine Road. Follow the road until you get to Zellweger Rd (right across from the Bethlehem Cemetary). Turn Right (West). The shelter/area we are using is the Kingsbury Shelter- and it is behind the Bellefontaine Police Station/City Hall/Miniature Golf Course. Here is a map if you are confused:




    To Unger Park

    From Highway 44 West. Exit at St. Louis Soccer Park Exit and turn right as if you were going towards the Soccer Park. Continue until road ends at Meremac River. First Left. Bingo.

    or Click Here 

    To Jefferson Barracks Park and the Lee's Shelter:

    From Highway 270 South heads towards the appropriately named Jefferson Barracks (JB) Bridge. Exit at Telegraph Ave. North (left) and follow for about 2 miles until you see the sign for Jefferson Barracks on your right.  Follow to Park (left at cemetary-don't enter) and follow signs to Lee's Shelter- which is toward towards the river on the eastern side of the park. The roads into the park are a bit windy with a few turns- don't be afraid. The venue rocks.

    From the North follow 55 South to 270 South/East towards the bridge and read the above directions.   

    To St. Vincent Park

    From Highway 170 take St. Charles Rock Road South East- to 7335 St. Charles Rock Rd 63133. The park entrance is on your Left (north) after Pennsylvania Ave. The Park is located between University City and the UMSL campus- if you have never, ever heard of this park. Like us.

    To Faust Park

    From the East or West- Take Highway 40 to the Clarkson Exit and Go North (or as we like to say "Narth"). Clarkson has an identity crisis and changes its name to "Olive." So, follow Olive until you come to White Road (on the East). Faust Park is on the North side of Olive across from the White Road turn. The race course will be towards the back of the park.  Note- Faust Park entrance is South of Ladue Road. Enter the park and go right towards the Music School.  Park in the Lower Lot next to the field.

    To Sioux Passage County Park:

    Take North To 270 (Left) Exit at Lindbergh or take 70 West to Lindbergh North (Left). Follow Lindbergh to Patterson Road and take a left. Follow to Old Jamestown Road and take a Left. Take a right at the Park entrance- race course will be about .25 miles into the park on your right. Course is on your right as you enter park.

    To Spanish Lake Park:

    Follow 270 (east from 170 or heading west from Illnois) and exit at Bellefontaine Rd. Go North to Spanish Pond Road. Take  right. Follow for about 1.5 miles and take the 2nd Park exit. If you end up in Kansas or Illnois you missed the exit. 

    To Creve Coeur Park:

    From Columbia take I-70 East  to I 270 South. Exit at Dorsett Avenue and go Right just before intersection with Marine into the small park entrance.  From South on follow to stop light at Intersection of Dorsett Road and Marine Ave. To get to the UPPER area of the park- Take a Right on Dorsett and an immediate Left into the Park. The course is near the back loop road on top of the Bluff. For you locals- Don't go down the big hill towards the lake.To get to the lower section of the park- we will use the fields by the rowing club and next to the lake- off of Marine Avenue- at the bottom of the hill. We will use the LOWER fields for the night time Bubba's.

    To Queeny Park

    Take I-40 to Highway 141 South. Exit at Clayton road and go East to Weidman Road. Take Weidman Right (South). Take the first left into the Park.

    To Tilles Park

    Go West on Highway 40 to the McKnight Exit. Go South (aka Left) and follow until you see the Park on your right. Park, race cross, etc...

    To George Winter Park

    I could give you bad directions- or you could go here-