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2024 The Bubba Memorial Cyclocross Series


Bubba #

Race Date

Race Location



Alton Super Presitge CX (Bubba Points!)


Alton, Illinois- Rock Springs



Alton Super Prestige CX (Bubba Points!)


Alton, Illinois, Belk Park



Alton Super Prestige CX (Bubba Points!)


Alton, Illinois- Gordon Moore Park



Cosmo CX


Columbia, Missouri USAC



Pumkin Hop CX


Beardstown, Illinois



Bubba Cross #1 Free Intro CX Clinic Flyer



St. Louis County Park, Queeny Park

7 Bubba Cross #2


St. Louis County Park, Upper Creve Coeur Park



Springfield ParCX2024


Springfield, Illinois



Bubba Cross #3


St. Louis County Park, Bella Fontaine Country Park



Bubba Cross #4


St. Louis County Parks, St. Vincent County Park



Bubba Cross #5


Ballwin Parks, Vlasis Park



Bubba Cross #6


St. Louis County Park, Faust Park



Bubba Cross #7


St. Louis County Park, Faust Park



Bubba Cross #8


St. Louis County Park, Queeny Park



Bubba Cross #9


St. Louis County Park, Spanish Lake Park

Canned Food Drive



Bubba Cross #10

Missouri State Championship


Note: Different Start Times

St. Louis County Park, Sylvan Springs Park

Double Bubba Grand Finale


What the heck is Cyclocross!?! Find out HERE!!


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    First - a bit of History. Why the Bubba Memorial?  Big Shark "Veteran Racer" Butthead (aka- Josh Johnson)- a previous season's A Race winner received a dog a long, long time ago named "Bubba."  Butthead thought Bubba was a puppy, which it/he was definitely not. Actually, many people at first mistook Bubba for some sort of Hog, (perhaps a razorback?), but that is a different issue entirely. Although we enjoyed Bubba we did not think Bubba was going to live past another cross season. We really didn't.  He was NOT a puppy.  So this series is dedicated, again, to Bubba. Sadly, Bubba passed away many summers ago- despite being commemorated for the past decade. We miss him Bubba, although in truth he really had exceeded all of our expectations by remaining somewhat alive for as long as he did. He was adorable, albeit weird.

    When? Select Saturdays and Sundays in October, November, and December

    What? Cyclocross features a perfect blend of mountain biking and road bike racing - plus a few skills unique to the sport. It's a great way to spend the day outdoors as the seasons change - and keep your competitive edge. Lots of cowbell.  Each race is under an hour - and we allow athletes to self-select their category based on fitness, competency, and what they did the night before.

    Need a Bike? Big Shark Bicycle Company carries Cannondale, Giant, Surly, Marin, Santa Cruz, All-City, MOOTS, and other super awesome cyclocross bikes. Yep.

    Pre-Bubba Thursday Training Events:Thursday Kenrick CX practice is back! 5 to 7:30 pm. Free. 5200 Glennon Dr. 63119 Join local riders for a great, informal training session.

    Daily Prizes: Over $570 Prize List Each Day, $5700 for the series.

    Overall Series Prize: The individual man, woman, or child with the highest point total in their category will win a $2400 Training Vacation to The Cycling House in Tucson, Arizona.

    Overall Winner of the Men's and Women's "A" Race will win free entry for the following season.

    Overall Winner of the "B" Race will win a fabulous set of something fabulous. Stay tuned!

    Overall Winner of the Masters Races will win a fabulous set of something fabulous. Really. Men/Women

    Overall Winner of the "C" Race, Women's "B", and the Single Speed category will win something worthy of your titan efforts. No. You won't win a puppy named "Bubba".

    Free Clinic!: Join us before the first race for a FREE CLINIC! October 8th from 8:30am until 10am.

    Series Info-mation:

    • The Categories: A= Men's 1/2/3, B= Men's 3/4, C= Men's 4. Women's A=1/2/3, B=3/4/5, Masters 40+/50+/60+ Men and Masters 40+ Women, Virgins.
    • Virgins- You can only race in this category once...aka your first time.
    • Registration: On-site opens at 10:00 am.

    Event Schedule: Please note that the 12/4 Race- Missouri State Championship has a different schedule

    Category  Start Time Duration  Prize List 
    Registration 10:00 am Closes :30 Pre-race
    Masters 40+ Women
    10:45 am 45 minutes Omnium Points Awarded
    Masters 40+/50+/Single Speed 10:45 am 45 Minutes 3 places/$30, $20, $10 for each category
    Masters 60+ 10:45 am 45 Minutes Omnium Points Awarded
    Junior/First Timers (Virgins) 11:35 am 25 minutes Applause and more
    Women A/B (Cat 1/2/3 & 3/4) High Noon 45 minutes 3 places/$30, $20, $10 for both
    C Race (Cat 4/5) 1:00 pm 45 minutes 3 places/$30, $20, $10 
    B Race (Cat 3/4) 2:00 pm 45 minutes 3 places/$30,$20,$10 
    A Race (Cat 1/2/3) 3:00 pm 60 minutes 5 places/$50,$40,$30,$20, $10

    • On Line Pregistration on is $35.00 There will be a small surcharge for online registration. There are no refunds- entries are transferable to another day's event. Season Pass Available for $305
    • Race Day Entry fee for all races is $40.00. Only $15 for second race (on the same day...)
    • Season Pass- buy all 10 races for $305 (Must be purchased prior to the start of your 1st race)
    • Women's A and B will start with a :30 gap. There will be payout for both fields.
    • Juniors Racers Under 18 are Free!(Must race in the Junior Category)
    • Important Note!! Race numbers will be re-used for the entire series - New Numbers are $2.00. PLEASE hang on to your numero!
    • Most events are in St. Louis County Parks, in the event of a very wet week or very rainy day the decision to conduct a race will be made by the St, Louis County Parks Department and we will communicate this information as soon as we can. No refunds on race day.
    • Series title will be scored 20 places deep in each category. 1st through 20th points will be distributed: 50, 40, 34, 30, 26, 23, 20, 17, 14, 12, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. 
    • There must be a minimum of 3 people per race to have points awarded towards the series prize.
    • Missouri State Championship race will be double points for the series.  Medals and Jerseys for all classes.
    • Big Shark Racing wishes to thank St. Louis County Parks for their continued support and use of their facilities.
    • Canned Food Drive: At the Thanksgiving Bubba, please consider bring 1 can of food for every $100 your bike is worth. We predict 300-400 cans of food. Thank you!

    Directions and Addresses:

    St. Louis County Parks Locator:

    • Sioux Passage Park: From I-170 North exit onto East Bound I-270. Exit north onto New Halls Ferry Road. Follow New Halls Ferry Road to Vaile Avenue and Turn Right. Follow Vaile Avenue to Old Jamestown Road and Turn Left. Park is on your right. Race Course is on your right. Parking and Bathrooms are at the Lenz Shelter a bit further into the Park. Course Map
    • Queeny Park: 550 Weidman Road, Ballwin MO 63011. Enter the park off of Weidman Road. Take the 1st Left and go to the Upper Lot. Enter on the Northwest corner and take the path .25 Miles to the race course.  Course Map
    • Sylvan Springs: Access off of Telegraph Road, North of Highway 255. 300 Halsey Road, Saint Louis, MO 63125 Course Map
    • Faust Park: Access off of Clarkson Rd/Olive Blvd- North of Hwy 40. 15185 Olive Boulevard Chesterfield, MO 63017 Course Map
    • Fort Bella Fontaine: Access from Highway 270, exit North on Bellefontaine Road. Park past entry gate - course is a short walk into park. 13002 Bellefontaine Road, St. Louis MO 63138 Course Map
    • Bellefontaine Park: Access from Highway 270, exit South on Bellefontaine Road. Park entry is on your right, the 2nd entry (past Chambers Road). Course Map
    • Vlasis Park, Ballwin MO. Access off of Manchester Road. From the east, right turn onto Ballpark Drive. First right onto Kehrs Mill Road. Continue into Park. Parking will be around park. Course Map.
    • Suson Park: Access from Hwy 270 South, Tesson Ferry Road exit South. Left exit to Wells Road. 6073 Wells Road, St. Louis 63128 Course Map
    • Creve Coeur Park (lower): Access off of Marine Avenue, South of Maryland Heights Expressway, by St. Louis Rowing Club.13725 Marine Avenue, St. Louis County 63146 Course Map
    • Creve Coeur Park (Upper): Access off of Dorsett Road. Enter at Street Car Drive. Course Map
    • St. Vincent's Park: Access off of St. Charles Rock Road just east of Pennsylvania Avenue. 7335 St. Charles Rock Road, St. Louis MO 63133 Course Map
    • Spanish Lake County Park: Access off of Spanish Pond Road. Take Highway 270 east to Bellefontaine Road north. Turn right on Spanish Pond Road. Park entry is at the 2nd Park Entry (not by the lake!). 12636 Spanish Pond Rd, St. Louis, MO 63138 Course Map
    • Quail Ridge Park: Access off of Highway 40. Take the Prospect Road Exit and head West. Take the first right on Interstate Drive heading north. Follow until you turn left into the park. Head south past the Dog Park to the race course. 560 Interstate Dr, Wentzville, MO 63385 Course Map
    • Broemmelsiek Park: From Highway 40 take the Winghaven/Hwy DD exit and head West. Follow DD south until right turn on Schwede Road. Go past the main park entrange and turn left onto Wilson Road. Turn right into Broemmelsiek Park Dog Park entry and head west on Canine Drive. 4301 Wilson Rd.
      Wentzville, MO 63385. Course Map

    Thanks to R & R Sanitation for supplying our "facilities".


    Bubba #1- Bella Fontaine County Park

    Bubba #2 -Upper Creve Coeur Park Course Map

    Bubba #3 - Bellefontaine Park Course Map

    Bubba #4- St. Vincent County Park Course Map

    Bubba #5- Vlasis Park/Ballwin Course Map

    Bubba #6- Faust Park

    Bubba #7- Faust Park

    Bubba #8- Queeny Park

    Bubba #9 - Spanish Lake County Park

    Bubba #10- Sylvan Springs Park