Road Bikes


Aegis pioneered carbon fiber technology back in the day. Now their carbon road bikes have a distinctive look, feel, and appeal.


For 2005, Bianchi is celebrating 120 years making some of the finest bikes in the world. I bet you don't know anyone that old.


Serotta Bicycles makes handmade bicycle frames using the very best titanium, steel, and carbon fiber. Each frame is custom fit and custom made to the cyclists specifications. Innovation in design and construction is unmatched.

Anyone can build a "custom" bicycle. But only Serotta takes the entire rider into account when designing your bike: your goals, your needs, your riding style, your body type. At some point, all the other methods of plugging body measurements into a fit formula fail to give you a uniquely "custom" ride. Everything on a Serotta is custom--from the tubes welded into the frame to the intricasies of the paint job.


Look frames are legendary. And with good reason. More pro teams choose to ride looks than any other frame. Many people say that those "in the know" ride Look. Check out the list of Look riders and you might agree: champions like Bernard Hinault, Tyler Hamilton, Stuart O'Grady, Santiago Botero and Team La Vie Claire all rode Look Frames. Teams Credit Agricole, Kelme, and Health Net race on a combination of KG 486, KG 381i, and KX Light frames. And Laurent Jalabert won over 100 races and dominated the King of the Mountains twice in the Tour de France. Today, Jalabert is an integral part of Look's product development team.


What's all the hype about the new SCOTT carbon fiber road bikes? Why do they get glowing reviews in all the magazines? Find out.


Ever since they introduced the aluminum frame, Cannondale has been at the cutting edge of aluminum frame design. They weld all of their frames by hand in Bedford, PA, finish the welds to eliminate stress points, and heat treat each completed frame.