Look Framesets Lead The Pack!

Ride the same Look framesets that the pros pedal!

Dedication to cutting-edge technology has made Look framesets some of the most sought after in the peloton. Their amazing power transfer, light weight and velvety-smooth ride makes them ideal for racing or just dropping the hammer and making the rest of the group wonder how you got so strong, and how they're going to hang on! Check out Look's beautiful framesets and then come in to experience the difference in person.

The Look KG 451 offers effortless speed!The KG 451 Frameset is a superb tool for hammerheads or riders who just want a smooth, easy ride. Carbon-fiber tubes and aluminum lugs ensure a light, stiff ride with great feel for the road. And the speedy 451 features a carbon fork for precision steering and vibration damping to take the sting out of long rides.

The Look KG 461 rides as smooth as it looks!
This value-packed road rocket sports an efficient-yet-compliant ride that's great for centuries, racing and leading group rides. The KG 461 boasts oversize tubes with the carbon oriented to achieve maximum strength at high-stress areas and keep the weight down and the ride smooth. Look's SLT Pro lugs also strengthen the frame, resisting twist and flex under heavy loads for a great ride.

The Look KX Light is ready for racing!The KX Light frameset uses unique oversize triangular and diamond-shaped tubing for quick acceleration and responsive handling while retaining the ultra-smooth ride of a carbon frame. Its stiff aluminum lugs enhance power transfer while strengthening critical areas in the frame. The high-modulus carbon is also applied directionally to optimize the tubing strength in high-stress areas without adding extra material. An integrated headset and Look HSC 4 full-carbon fork complete this world-class frameset.

The KG 386i slips through tough winds!
Look's monocoque KG 386i is perfect for fast road rides, personal-best time trials and flying up climbs. Beefy one-piece carbon construction provides exceptional stiffness for maximum power transfer. You'll appreciate the solid construction and slippery aerodynamics when you wind up to sprint or churn out a high-watt time trial. And the comfortable vibration damping of the carbon frame and fork ensures comfort on every ride, too.

The Look KG 481 SL channels pure power!
Strength-to-weight ratio is a crucial component of cycling success; and the Look KG 481 SL maximizes this essential ingredient. Its stiff 7005-aluminum-lugged frame mimimizes twisting, flexing or other energy-squandering traits so you can deliver scorching accelerations and consistent power output. Its feathery weight means the KG 481 SL is a born climber and the carbon tubes, seatpost and fork offer excellent comfort for long days in the saddle.

The Look KG 486 is the choice of pros!
If you've ever wondered if a bicycle can look and go as fast as a Ferrari, try Look's KG 486. This sleek carbon monocoque begs to dive into curves at 60mph and boasts a beefy down tube and bottom bracket for maximum power transfer, sprinting and climbing. Its shaped tubes and internal cable routing slice through the wind and all-carbon construction offers the ultimate ride and road feel, too. You won't want to stop riding.