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Bubba #6 Night Time Bubba- Creve Coeur Park

Things that go Bubba in the Night

Category Start Time/Duration/Cost


The C Race/Women Open 6:00 pm, 45 Minutes, $20 5 Places/$100
The B Race 7:15 pm, 50 Minutes, $20 5 Places/$200
The A Race 8:30 pm, 60 Minutes, $25 10 Places/$1000

Race Description: The 1st Annual Bubba Pre-Memorial Night Time Cyclocross Race will feature St. Louis' super, incredible and crowd pleasin' Creve Coeur Park. A fast and technical course laid out under the lights. (Please note- we will provide the lights). We are spicing it up by adding some fuel to the fire with a $1000 purse. (Please note- this refers to cash money, not a handbag.)
For the Fans: We will be grilling and cooking all night, so please join us for a complimentary BBQ- courtesy of  All night energy thanks to our hyperactivity sponsor, 180 Energy Drink.
For the Adult Fans: Bring your lawnchairs, wind instruments, cowbells, flugel horns, noise makers and lungs and liver to the Michelob Ultra Bubba Beer Garden.  
Jeering Section: Announce to the world that you are a VIJ (Very Important Jeerer) and take part in the 1st Annual Bubba Pre-Memorial Night Time Cyclocross Jeering Section. This section, devoted to jeering on the lightning fast cankles of Michelon Ultra Big Shark Racing rider Josh "Butthead" Johnson. Proud owner of the not-long-for-the-world Bubba the dog.
Helpful Information: The course will open for warm up at 5:00 pm. This race is a double feature- with racing the following day- Sunday November 23rd beginning at noon.
 Pre-registration at
Please thank Matt Struckman and his somewhat reputable contracting business for providing lighting for night time Bubba. You can thank Matt by adding a room or bathroom to your house or by installing a chrome and granite custom kitchen to your house, cottage or mobile home.