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2012 Bubba Memorial Cyclocross Results

All Race Results for Superprestige and Bubba

Please click this link for Bubba Memorial Cyclocross final results in all categories.

Note that the points column is now just after the Team name for easier viewing of points. To see all the results for races PICX 9/7 through Bubba #11, scroll over to the far right of the spreadsheet.

People who raced Masters in the Missouri State Championships, who are under 50 years old, and who had not previously raced in our Masters 50+ Bubba Category had points for Bubba #11 added to the race in which they had raced the most over the course of the series. If they are under 50 and had been racing Masters 50+ in addition to their other races, those points stayed in the Masters category. If they had not previously raced with us, their points stayed in the Masters 50+ results.

Thanks for racing with Big Shark!

Posted January 4, 2013.