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Volunteer Opportunities

Help Us Help You!

Sharks Love Volunteers.

If you have ever had a great experience at an event we guarantee that your enjoyment was made possible by the good will of an army of volunteers.

Why Are Volunteers Important?

Local bicycle rides, races, multi-sport events, and runs all rely on volunteers.

In an effort to keep races safe and affordable- having volunteers literally enables us to put on a calendar of events. We know that we could not execute as many events as we produce without help from our community. Donating time at an event is invaluable. Course marshals, set-up/clean-up, start/finish help, or simply cheering all make the participant experience awesome.

Volunteers are usually past event participants or have a connection and passion for outdoor events. One of the most rewarding experiences in sport is giving back and helping others pursue their goals and overcome challenges. Come be inspired and help inspire others!

There are literally hundreds of volunteer opportunities for individuals, families, and charity organizations. Sign Up by EMAILING US your contact information and sharing the events and dates you're available to help out. We really appreciate you!

Thank You!