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2006 Tour de Winghaven Results


We are still waiting on complete results- these are just taken from the payout table- I believe we go fairly deep- I'll post all categories and all results as soon as I get them.  Mike Weiss

Pro 1/2

1st Matt Ankeny Mercy
2nd Brad Huff TIAA-CREF
3rd Clark Priebe TEAM Mack
4th James Kimberly Turin
5th Luke Musselman Big Shark Racing
6th Adam Mills TREK KC
7th Jeff Schroetlin Mesa Cycles
8th Josh Carter Mesa Cycles
9th Shadd Smith TREK KC
10th Joe Hill Big Shark Racing
11th Josh Johnson Big Shark Racing
12th Kurt Fletcher Dent Wizard
13th Mike Lanyon Mesa Cycles
14th Jim Farasy Boston Mountain Cycles
15th Trevor Lister Turin
16th Ethan Froese Columbia Bicycle Club
17th Aaron Inch Big Shark Racing
18th Andrew Smith Dent Wizard
19th Mark Nagy Dogfish Racing
20th Andrew Smart Mesa Cycles
21st Justin Maciekowicz Big Shark Racing
22nd Mike Weiss Big Shark Racing
23rd Michael Necessary Mesa Cycles
24th Cale McAnnich Boston Mountain Cycling
25th Todd Metz Turin
26th Karl Stover Dent Wizard
27th Chris Martel Dent Wizard
28th Ryan Hermsmeyer Big Shark Racing
29th Nate Rice Big Shark Racing
30th Tracy Smith Mesa Cycles
31st Craig Wohlschlager Dent Wizard

Category 3

1st Peder Hulse Dogfish Racing
2nd Andrew Gibbs St. Louis Cycling Club
3rd Austin Allison Dent Wizard
4th Carlitos Jones Gateway Racing
5th Andy Burgess Mesa Cycles
6th Mark Hunsaker TREK STL
7th Doug Davis Gateway Racing
8th Luke Chandra Unattached
9th Jonathan Gray Team Mack
10th Mark Obermeier Dogfish Racing
11th James Beieler Team MACK
12th Craig Cooper Big Shark Racing
13th Alan Christanell Gateway Racing
14th Oreste Pesselato TREK STL
15th Jeff Hemmer Gateway Racing
16th Richard Breininger Mesa Cycles
17th Kevin Willbanks Dogfish Racing
18th Peter Greig KCBC
19th Jan Bradford-Watts Columbia Bike Club
20th Ryan Heine The Hub
21st Chad Chennoweth Proctor Cycling
22nd Jose Bermudez Big Shark Racing
23rd Michael Ludwig Velo Force
24th Chris Cleeland Big Shark Racing
25th Jason Sciaroni Mesa Cycles
26th Thomas Erlacker CBC
27th Kyle Chasteen Ghisallo Racing
28th Gregory Soden CBC
29th Daniel Penner C-U Racing
30th Aaron Hinni Big Shark Racing
31st Joe Fuller Big Shark Racing
32nd Lonnie Kennedy Mesa Cycles
33rd Mike Best Gateway Cycling
34th Nola Froese Columbia Bike Club
35th Rony Stanislau Cubby Bear of Love Cycling (CBLC)

Category 4

1st John Thrasher Ghissalo
2nd Tim Hittler Sunset Cyclery
3rd Henry Francis Gateway Racing
4th Ben Beger Ghissalo
5th Matt Rahner Big Shark Racing
6th Jose de Jesus Gonzales Domingo Gonzales Spinning
7th Josh Heinn Momentum
8th Adam Harbaugh Big Shark Racing
9th Greg Klein Mesa Cycles
10th Patrick Hawley Big Shark Racing
11th Matt Seimens Team MACK
12th Andrew Singleton Velo Force
13th Jon Gohl Domingo Gonzales Spinning
14th Jeremie Meitz Gateway Cycling
15th Anthony Borth Ghissalo
16th Brian Kindel Big Shark Racing
17th Matthew McLaughlin

The Hub Bicycle Co.


Dave Thackary

The Hub Bicycle Co.
19th Daniel Fernandez The Hub Bicycle Co.
20th Barry Gaines Gateway Cycling Club
21st Ron Bridal Team Mack
22nd Cory Texier Big Shark Racing
23rd David Burdick Cyclewerx
24th Parin Marlow Big Shark Racing
25th Richard Bowes Gateway Cycling Club
26th Mark Hasler ICCC
27th Matt Wayman The Hub Bicycle Co.
28th Adam Eaton The Hub Bicycle Co.
29th Tim Bobbish Gateway Cycling
30th Chuck Pass Velo Force
31st Patrick Reedy Big Shark Racing
32nd Kellan True Cyclewerx
33rd Josh Mueller

SLU Cycling

34th James Nelson Big Shark Racing
35th Matthew Texier Big Shark Racing
36th Gabriel Gozalez Spinning Gonzalez
37th William Salzmen Unattached
38th Matt James Mesa Cycles
39th Vince Deblasi Big Shark Racing
40th Brett Heuring Big Shark Racing
41st Mark Hofmeister Big Shark Racing
42nd Joseph Bertagna Ozark Cycling Club

Category 5

1st Eduardo Neuwenheyzen Unattatched
2nd Michael Freshman Manchester Racing
3rd Michael Christian Unattatched
4th Douglas Boehme Penn Cycle
5th Gregory Cuddihee Dogfish
6th Karl King Unattached
7th Dave McGinnis Big Shark Racing
8th Chris Clausen Big Shark Racing
9th Coleman Bitting Velo Force
10th Chris Miller The Hub
11th Mark Shea Unattached
12th Jacob Meuth Unattached
13th Jeff Kloha Ghissalo
14th Mark Lavery Ghissalo
15th Stever Garske Big Shark Racing
16th Jeremy Hunn Ghissalo
17th Kevin Saettele Ghissalo
18th Greg Doering Ghissalo
19th Jamie Gilpin Big Shark Racing
20th John Peiffer Ghissalo
21st Lynwood Mueller


22nd Doug Huddelston Big Shark Racing
23rd James Mace Unattached
24th Bryan Derrington Big Shark Racing
25th Cliff Willis Big Shark Racing

Women Open

1st Melissa Cox Mercy
2nd Mindy Martin Unattached
3rd Carrie Cash Team Revolution
4th Carla Farrell Velo Force
5th Amy Strahan Big Shark Racing
6th Anne Meyer
7th Sara Nelson Big Shark Racing
8th Jane Riesson
9th Suzanne Johnson-Crocker Velo Force
10th Becky Cato Velo Force

Masters 40/50

1st Clark Priebe TEAM Mack 40+
2nd Kurt Russell Velo Force 40+
3rd Russ Murphy Mesa Cycles 40+
4th Darrell Bratton TEAM Mack 40+
5th Richard George Ghissalo 40+
6th Scott Shaw St.Louis Cycling Club 40+
7th Lonnie Kennedy Mesa Cycles 50+
8th Mark Obermeier Dogfish Racing 50+
9th Rex Brewer Big Shark Racing 40+
10th Joe Walsh Big Shark Racing 40+
11th Jeff Chattin Columbia Bike Club 40+
12th Marijn Braadbaart Dogfish Racing 40+
13th Gary Dyer Squadra Chupacabra 40+
14th Jeff Williams Team Mack 40+
15th Dodd Slawson Labor Power 40+
16th Bemd Faust Gipfeistuemer 40+
17th John Lynch Mesa Cycles 40+
18th Michael Hills Labor Power 40+
19th Jim McDonald Columbia Bike Club 40+
20th Ron Sapp CBC 50+
21st Micheal Rosen Velo Force 40+
22nd Craig Farrell Velo Force 40+
23rd Mark Growler St. Louis Cycling 40+
24th James Seyer Unattatched 40+
25th 321
26th Glen Ballad Big Shark Racing 50+
27th Thomas Zoumaras Mesa Cycling 50+
28th Lewis Reese Velo Force 40+
29th Kurt Schonk Big Shark Racing 40+
30th Mark Shea Unattached 40+


1st Martin Lang Dent Wizard
2nd Daniel Williams SLU
3rd Keaton Hanson Dent Wizard
4th Brandon Schmidt Mesa Cycles
5th Matt Flickinger Dent Wizard
6th Michael Noble Dent Wizard
7th Dillon Sapp Columbia Bicycle Club
8th Tyler Roberts Unattached
9th Matt Pirtle ICCC

Women Category 4


Jennifer Goldstein Mesa cycles
2nd Christina Roettger Team Revolution
3rd Ekaterina Rashkova Big Shark Racing
4th Alane Carder Velo Force
5th Samantha Hannish TEAM Mack