2006 Missouri National Guard Circuit Race Results

Pictures from the Event

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Pro 1/2/3

1st Joe Hill Big Shark Racing
2nd Derek Goerke
3rd Adam Mills Trek KC
4th Steven Schneller
5th Phil Groeniger Bike Source
6th Justin Maciekowicz Big Shark Racing
7th Josh Johnson Big Shark Racing
8th Luke Musselman Big Shark Racing
9th Kurt Fletcher Dent Wizard
10th Jim Farasy Boston Mountain Cyclist
11th Jon Kersha CBC
12th Tracy Smith Mesa Cycles
13th Mark Nagy Dogfish
14th Jason Knight
15th Tom Luke Bike Source
16th Cale McAninch Bostom Mountain Cyclist
17th Daryl Hemenway Gateway Cycling
18th Mike Weiss Big Shark Racing
19th Jay Marbarger Dent Wizard

Category 3

1st Oreste Pesselato Trek STL
2nd Tomas Erlacker CBC
3rd Luke Pirtle Dent Wizard
4th Mark Hunsaker Trek STL
5th John Thrasher Ghissalo
6th Paul Quindry Team X
7th Doug Davis Gateway Racing
8th Mike Turner Cowtown Cycling
9th Austin Allison Dent Wizard
10th Jim Klages Big Shark Racing
11th Peter Greig KCBC
12th Kyle Chasteen Ghissalo
13th Ryan Halloran
14th Kurtis Albrecht
15th Robert Helton
16th Armando Sanchez
17th Joe Fuller Big Shark Racing
18th Justin Grisham
19th Dan Bischoff The Hub

Category 4

1st Gary Calton Gp Velotek
2nd Thomas McDaniel
3rd Michael Braun Dent Wizard
4th Mark Hasler ICCC
5th Mark Hofmeister Big Shark Racing
6th Scott Rackers Big Shark Racing
7th Richard Hu
8th Adam Harbaugh Big Shark Racing
9th Lyle Reynolds
10th Josh Heine
11th Matt Rehner Big Shark Racing
12th 298
13th 265
14th 288
15th 289
16th 295
17th 268
18th 282
19th 285
20th 250
21st 278
22nd 299
23rd 266
24th 284
25th 273
26th 292
27th 274
28th 276
29th 283
30th 296
31st 277

Category 5

1st Jim Rank Bicycle Shack
2nd Michael Gaherty Billy Goat Midwest
3rd W. Coleman Bitting Velo Force
4th Mark Krause Bicycle Shack
5th Michael Freshman Trek STL
6th T. Falke Dogfish
7th Randall Cartwright Cowtown
8th Ben Martin Unattached
9th Chris Jenkins Unattached
10th Rock Fitzpatrick Dentwizard
11th Craig Harding Billy Goat Midwest
12th Brendan Tanner Unattached
13th Joh Goergens Unattached
14th Joe Mueller Unattached
15th David Sistler Unattached
16th Doug Gaston Unattached

Woman Open

1st Molly Vetter-Smith Mesa Cycles
2nd Mindi Martin Unattached
3rd Megan Hofman Trek-VW-MRRC
4th Melissa Cox Mercy Cycling
5th Shari Woiwood Billy Goat
6th Amy Strahan Big Shark Racing
7th Sara Nelson Big Shark Racing
8th Carla Farrell Velo Force

Woman's Category 4

1st Karie Casey Big Shark Racing
2nd Caryn Giaratanno CBC

Masters 40+/50+

1st Craig Farrell Velo Force 40+
2nd Ron Sapp 50+
3rd Mark Obermeier Dogfish 50+
4th Kurtis Albrecht 40+


Lonnie Kennedy Mesa Cyles 50+
6th Peter Greig KCBC 40+
7th Gary Carlton 40+
8th Steve Hall Squadra Chupacabra 50+
9th Mike Ludwig Velo Force 50+
10th Kent Lewis 40+
11th Raymond Sapp 50+
12th Jim Rank 40+
13th Jeff Chattin CBC 40+
14th Tom Zoumaras Big Shark Racing 50+
15th Walt Steiner Gateway Racing 40+
16th Barry Gaines Gateway Racing 60+


1st Martin Lang Maplewood
2nd Zach Stein Big Shark Racing
3rd Ethan Stone CU-Racing
4th Keaton Hanson Maplewood
5th Jared Harris Unattached
6th Matthew Pirtle ICCC