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Silly Rabbit Cyclocross 11-4-01

Silly Rabbit Cyclocross Results November 4th, 2001 

Note: If any of these results are impossible, wrong, or not to your liking- for an appropriate contribution we can either correct your mistake or get you on the leader board. 


1stCraig Stanley ICCC 7 points 7 total 

Masters 30+

1stJohn MathewsSt. Louis Cycling Club7 points7 total
2ndChris HarreBig Shark Racing5 points5 total
3rdBrian ToberVelo Force4 points 4 total 
4thPat CollierBig Shark Racing3 points 3 total 
5thSam Moore Big Shark Racing2 points 2 total 
6thEric Mokelke Unattached1 point 1 total 
7thBeat Bartlome Unattached  
8thBryan HappelBig Shark Racing  
9thSven Sprogue Big Shark Racing  
10thMike WeissBig Shark Racing  
11thMurphy Mack Team Mack  
12thStan Crocker St. Louis Cycling Club  
13thJames RoseburySunset Racing  

Master 40+

1stKent "Jet Lag" Jones Big Shark Racing 7 points 7 total 
2nd The Evil Gary Dyer St. Louis Cycling Club 5 points 5 total 
3rd Karl Klepfer Dogfish 4 points 4 total 
4th Steven Wilkes Clayton Cycling Club 3 points 3 total 
5th Michael F. Ludwig Clayton Cycling Club 2 points 2 total 

Master 50+

1stThomas H. Gee St.Louis Cycling Club 7 points 7 total 
2nd Phil Shoulberg Big Shark Racing 5 points 5 total 

Women Open

1stEmily Miller Unattached 7 points 7 total 
2nd Heather Brice Sunset Racing 5 points 5 total 
3rd Alison Rachel McNulty Museum4 points 4 total 
4th  Heather Edwards Big Shark Racing 3 points 3 total 
5th Amy Strahan Big Shark Racing 2 points 2 total 
6th Nathalie Visser Museum 1 Point 1 total 
7th Suzanne Johnson Museum   
8th Rebecca Cato Velo Force   

Catagory 1/2/3

1stJosh Neff Team Mack 7 points 7 total 
2nd Michael Lange Nova Scotia 5 points 5 total 
3rd Ryan Pirtle Dogfish 4 points 4 total 
4th Bill Erpelding Clayton Cycling Club 3 points 3 total 
5th Gerald Shurlow Big Shark Racing 2 points 2 total 
6th Luca Fagundes Velo Force 1 point 1 total 
7th Aaron Inch Big Shark Racing   
8th Brian Tober Velo Force   
9th Sam Moore Big Shark Racing   
10th Scott Rendall Big Shark Racing   
11th Daryl Hemenway Sunset Racing   
12th Karl Becker St. Louis Cycling Club  
13th Joe Walsh Clayton Cycling Club   
14th Mike Wheeler St. Louis Cycling Club   
15th Bryan Happel Big Shark Racing   
16th Jon Gohl Big Shark Racing   
17th Dan Eichenger Team Mack   
DNF John Mathews St. Louis Cycling Club Doping  
DNF Jay Marbarger Sunset Racing Lost  
DNF Pat Collier Big Shark Racing Dope  
DNF Karl Stover St. Louis Cycling Club Moping  

Catagory 4/5

1st "Nice" Guy Stucker Breese Bikes 7 points 7 total 
2nd Douglas Tedrick Dog Fish 5 points 5 total 
3rdAlex Randhaug Unattached 4 points 4 total 
4th Jim Klages Big Shark Racing 3 points 3 total 
5th Dan Tille Velo Force 2 points 2 total 
6th Ralph PfremmerDogfish1 point 1 total 
7th Rich PierceICCC  
8th John McravenUnattached  
9th Mike Pauli Dogfish   
10th Dave Schulz Dogfish   
11th Jim Sullivan Big Shark Racing   
12th Anthony Dust Cyclery   
13th Dale Homolka Unattached   
14thJohn OlsonClayton Cycling Club
15th Barry Blumenkemper Sunset Racing   
16th Matt Dawson 


17th Jason Erfling Unattached   
18thBrad Breese Breese Bikes   
19th David Schmelig Unattached   
DNF Rob Oellerman Velo Force