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Tuesday Night Criterium Results Cont'd

Tuesday Night Training Criterium World Championships

Here are the current standings and results from the final three Tuesday Night World Championships:

A Race, Tuesday August 8th

 1st Jerry ShurlowBig Shark Racing 7 points 9 total 
 2nd Ed Micek RCRC5 points10 total 
 3rd Dave HixsonVelo Force 4 points 10 total 
 4th Mike WeissBig Shark Racing 3 points 24 total 
 5th Sam MooreBig Shark Racing 2 points 29 total 
 6th Bill ErpeldingClayton Cycling Club 1 point 10 total 

A Race, Tuesday August 14th

 1stTim Kakouris THF Racing 7 points 18 total 
 2ndZach ReedVelo Force 5 points 19 total 
 3rdSteve Ballenger Velo Force 4 points 15 total 
 4thMike Wilkening Velo Force 3 points 34 points 
 5thSean Ingram Velo Force 2 points 13 points 
 6thEd Micek RCRC 1 points 11 points 

A Race, Tuesday August 28th

1stMichael Weiss Big Shark Racing 14 points 38 total 
2nd Gary Dyer St. Louis Cycling Club 10 points23 total
3rd Rick Denicke Tonnesteiner/Colnago 8 points8 total 
4th Karl Stover St. Louis Cycling Club 6 points 6 total 
5th Sean Ingram Velo Force 4 points 17 total 
6th Bill Erpelding Clayton Cycling Club 2 points 11 total 

B Race, Tuesday August 7th

 1stUnknown unknown 7 points 7 total 
 2ndDave Cummings Velo Force 5 points 14 total 
 3rdGary Dyer St. Louis Cycling Club 4 points 6 total 
 4thPat Collier Big Shark Racing 3 points 3 total 
 5thSam Moore Big Shark Racing 2 points 23 total 
 6thRichard DeYoung Unknown 1 point 3 total 

B Race, Tuesday August 14th

 1stHenry Francis Dogfish 7 points 7 total 
 2ndPat Collier Big Shark Racing 5 points 8 total 
 3rdMike Wilkening Velo Force 4 points 31 total 
 4thJeff Constance Big Shark Racing 3 points 3 total 
 5thDerek Loudermelk Unknown 2 points 2 total
 6thCraig Kohl Southside Cyclery 1 point 1 total 

B Race, Tuesday August 28th

1stGary DyerSt. Louis Cycling Club 14 points 21 total 
 2ndSam Moore Big Shark Racing  10 points

33 total 

 3rdJeff ConstanceBig Shark Racing  8 points11 total 
 4thMike Wilkening Velo Force  6 points37 total 
 5thJohn Boyd Unattached  4 points4 total 
 6thBrian Ivy Unknown  2 points2 total 

C Race, Tuesday August 7th

 1stDerek Loudermelk  Unknown7 points 28 total 
 2ndDave Garthe Big Shark Racing 5 points 5 total 
 3rdUnknown Unknown #98 4 points 4 total 
 4thBrett Gaither Unattached/Re-attached 3 points 3 total 
 5thUnknown Unknown 2 points 2 total 
 6thJohn Boyd Dettached 1 point 5 total 

C Race, Tuesday August 14th 

 1stThe Letter "B" A.K.A "B" 7 points 7 total 
 2ndJohn McGraven Unknown 5 points 5 total 
 3rdKurt Russell Unknown 4 points 4 total 
 4thRyan Barr Big Shark Racing 3 points 3 total 
 5thGrant Volkmann Big Shark Racing 2 points 2 total 
 6thDave Garthe Big Shark Racing 1 points 6 total 

C Race, Tuesday August 28th

 1stJosh Kulma Unknown 14 points 14 total
 2ndAlex Boyd Unknown 10 points10 total 
 3rdDernbach? Unknown 8 points 8 total 
 4thTheodore Areneta Unknown 6 points 6 total 
 5thBob Oesch Unknown 4 points 4 total 
 6thAlan Chrisfenell Unknown 2 points 2 points