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2002 AMBC Big Shark Challenge Results

Cross Country Results Beginner/Junior

Email me if you would like me to list your team/sponsor affiliation, it was not provided on the results I received. Anyway....

Beginner Men 19-29 (Does anyone else think "beginner" is perjorative?)

1st Tim Fishback Unknown 1:05:22
2nd Matt James Southern Rise 1:06:15
3rd Jon Halterman Unknown 1:06:51
4th Mathew Dawson Unknown 1:08:14
5th Chris Ribando Velo Force 1:08:26
6th Matt Teifenbrun Unknown 1:09:31
7th Brendan McNamee Unknown 1:11:39
8th Dan Chivetta Unknown 1:19:47
9th Anthony Dust Unknown 1:23:59
10th Robert Blaise Unknown 1:27:10
DNF Jason Callier Unknown

Beginner Men 30-39

1st Brad Brown Unknown 1:08:18
2nd Bob Arnold Unknown 1:09:42
3rd Brad Wadlow Unknown 1:10:31
4th Darryl Hawkins Unknown 1:13:08
5th Scott Russell Unknown 1:13:57
6th Mike Kraujalis Unknown 1:14:15
7th Andy Campbell Unknown 1:15:38
8th Robert Olson Unknown 1:18:28
9th Brian Fowler Unknown 1:18:50
10th Robert Olson Unknown 1:18:53
11th Jason Parent Unknown 1:22:16
12th John Twist Dogfish 1:23:12
13th Matt Donavan Unknown 1:26:13
14th Brian Ebert Unknown 1:28:39
15th Mac Skimming Unknown 1:34:04
16th Jason Frazier Unknown 1:35:14
DNF David Pankey Unknown
DNF Mark Smith Unknown

Beginner Men 40-49

1st John Mullican Unknown 1:18:06
2nd Keith Buescher Unknown 1:21:11
3rd Eric Trelz Unknown 1:24:09
4th Jeff Kelley Unknown 1:26:10
5th Larry Sabulsky Columbia Multisport Club 1:56:00

Beginner Men 50+

1st Philip Shoulberg Big Shark Racing 1:19:58
2nd Mark Hasheider Unknown 1:21:52
3rd John Merli Dogfish 1:33:05
DNF David Ploch Unknown

Beginner Women 30-39

1st Mary Cowie Unknown 1:04:55
2nd Kim Garecht Unknown 1:13:14

Juniors 1-10

1st Joey Fowler Unknown 9:03
2nd Billy Garecht Unknown 9:08
3rd Trent Wadlow Unknown 11:21
4th Jake Buescher Unknown 11:27
5th Madison McRaven Unknown 12:50
6th Ryan Olson Unknown 13:41
7th France Buescher Unknown 13:45
8th Jordan Nicolls Unknown 14:30
9th Racer X Unknown 16:18
10th Shane Nicolls Unknown 16:37
11th Bobby Fowler Unknown 16:54
12th Luke Sabulsky Columbia Multisport Club 17:10

Junior 13-14

DNF Kyle Denno Unknown
DNF Sam Oanke Unknown

Junior 15-16

1st Justin Grisham ICCC 45:00
2nd Grant Bement Unknown 47:51
3rd Luke Graham Unknown 52:42
4th RJ Weiman Big Shark Racing 1:00:22
5th Christopher Fowler Unknown 1:17:49

Junior 17-18

1st Marcus Lloyd Unknown 1:02:46


Cross Country Results Sport

Sporty Men 19-29

1st Joe Williams SLU Cycling 1:41:38
2nd Mark Nagy Unknown 1:42:28
3rd Mike Best Unknown 1:44:55
4th John Merli Dogfish 1:50:23
5th Brad Breese Breese Bikes 1:52:42
6th Mystery Man Unknown 1:52:43
7th Piers Shorrock Unknown 1:56:39
8th Brian Kuhn Unknown 1:58:37
9th Mike Pauli Dogfish 1:58:45
10th Cory Ogle Unknown 2:03:27
11th Kyle Bova Dogfish 2:08:49
DNF Adam Adkins Unknown
DMV Thoman Dalton Unknown
DNF Matt Laberta Flat Tire Ale
DNF Brian Shoemaker Unknown
DNF Charles St. Henry Unknown
DNF Jay VanDerbeck Unknown

Sport Men 30-39

1st Brian Radle Unknown 1:47:46
2nd Mike Morgner Unknown 1:48:40
3rd Tom Erb Dogfish 1:50:33
4th Eric Lewis Unknown 1:52:06
5th Bryan Adams Dogfish/Salsa Grassroots 1:54:45
6th Christian Bugysh (Bug-ish) Big Shark Racing 1:54:48
7th Greg Lamprecht Old Shark 1:55:47
8th Tim Lewis Unknown 1:55:54
9th Douglas Davis Unknown 1:57:09
10th Rob Herd Unknown 1:57:44
11th Ken Inabnit Big Shark Racing 1:58:56
12th Craig Thrasher Unknown 1:59:09
13th Ken Keister Unknown 2:00:48
14th John Mcraven Unknown/Mapei 2:01:12
15th John Farkas Unknown 2:02:20
16th Chris Denno Unknown 2:04:41
17th Jeff Penner Unknown 2:11:30
18th Darin Messer Unknown 2:18:54
19th Mike Bartos Unknown 2:28:00
DNF Brad Bousquet Unknown
DNF Paul Burcramper Big Cramp Racing
DNF Jeff Incontinance Big Shark Racing
DNF Mike Ott Unknown

Sport Men 40-49

1st Mark Baur Dogfish 1:25:10
2nd Michael Leistner Clayton Cycling Club 1:30:00
3rd Roddy Dowell Big Shark Racing 1:37:22
4th Craig Jansen Unknown 1:37:58
5th Tom Blackman Unknown 1:38:08
6th Steven Mollard Ballwin Cycle 1:40:32
7th Larry Merli Dogfish 1:43:30
8th Duff Yocum Unknown 1:45:06
9th Mike Roderick Unknown 1:45:37
10th David Pitts Unknown 1:47:30
DNF Karl Klepfer KlDogfish

Sport Men 50+

1st Walter Sitter Unknown 1:40:16

Sport Women 19-29

1st Katie Arehart Dogfish 1:09:48
2nd Lindsey Segbers Dogfish 1:12:35
3rd Laura Whittle Museum/Bigshark 1:22:35
4th Betty Long Unknown 1:29:02
5th Sara Borchardt Unknown 1:36:16

Sport Women 30-39

1st Nicole Roderick Unknown 1:21:37

Cross Country Pro/Expert/Semi-Pro

Expert 1-18

1st David Timmons Unknown 2:22:09
2nd Aaron Pool Unknown 2:31:41
3rd Mark Baker Unknown 2:40:46
4th Tyler Clark Unknown 2:45:46
5th Matt Mulligan Unknown 2:48:22
6th Jeremy Thomas Unknown 2:56:21
DNF Sam Panke Unknown
DNF Kenney St. Henry Unknown
DNF John Williams Unknown

Expert 19-29

1st Sam Moore Big Shark Racing 1:57:37
2nd Doug Wilmes SOBE/Cannondale 1:59:24
3rd Dan Eberhart SOBE/Cannondale 1:59:55
4th Jesse Rients Unknown 2:01:08
5th Guy Stucker Breese Bikes 2:05:20
6th Travis Werts Unknown 2:06:20
7th Chris Ploch Dogfish 2:07:24
8th Jeremiah Bradshaw Dogfish 2:10:46
9th Justome Becker Unknown 2:15:18
10th Aaron Inch Big Shark Racing 2:16:47
11th Chris Wiggins Unknown 2:18:39
12th Andrew Gibbs Unknown 2:19:24
13th Mario Medina Unknown 2:22:38
14th Andrew Crooks Unknown 2:27:15
DNF Nathan Haslick Unknown
DNF Matt Laberta Dogfish
DNF Matt Long Unknown
DNF Brett Nejmanowski Buy a vowel
DNF Eric Prim Unknown
DNF Dave Schulz Unknown

Elderly Expert 30-30

1st Themistopheles Shane Kakouris SOBE/Cannondale 1:54:59
2nd John Mathews St. Louis Cycling Club 1:58:53
3rd Doug Scronce Stage 1/Big Shark 1:59:02
4th Stepeh Jarrett Unknown 2:00:41
5th Robert Childers Unknown 2:05:49
6th Bryan Happel Big Shark Racing 2:11:56
7th Pat Collier Big Shark Racing 2:18:11
8th Paul Quindry Unknown 2:27:04
DNF Wild Bill Erpelding Stage 1/Big Shark
DNF Doug Looney Bike Source/Cat 2.9
DNF David Schneider Unknown

Expert 40-49 (Doug Looney-please note: all of these guys finished)

1st Paul Krewet St. Louis Cycling Club 1:42:12
2nd Tom Albert 1:48:19
3rd Richard Huddleston Big Shark Racing 1:49:36
4th Andy Lucas Unknown 1:52:37
5th Rich Pierce ICCC 1:53:40
6th Marty Weaver Big Shark Racing/Orbea


1st Doug Swanson TREK/VW 1:45:46
2nd Steve Tilford Verge 1:47:56
3rd Bill Stolte Bike Source 1:52:25
4th Eric Pirtle Dogfish 1:52:29
5th Ryan Pirtle Dogfish 1:56:25
6th Dave Peterson Unknown 1:58:41
7th John Rines Stage 1/Big Shark 1:59:54
8th Craig Wolfenshlogger Big Shark racing 2:00:30
DNF Mike Calway-Fagen Un-known
DNF Tinker Juarez Volvo/Cannondale
DNF Luke Muscleman SOBE/Cannondale
DNF Doug Plumer Bike Source/Looney

Pro/Expert Women

1st Catherine Walberg Trek/VW 1:45:37
2nd Kyia Malenkovich Dogfish 1:49:19
3rd Stacey Lamer Unknown 1:57:58
4th Heather Brice Big Shark Racing 1:58:20
5th Melissa Stelter Unknown 1:59:45
6th Jennifer Tilley Unknown 2:03:00
7th Amanda McKay Unknown 2:11:59
DNF Carrie Cash Big Shark Racing
DNF Heather Edwards Big Shark Racing
DNF Stephanie Moates Dogfish

Time Trial Pro, Semi-Pro, Expert


1st John Rines Stage 1/Big Shark 4:37
2nd Doug Swanson Trek/VW 4:39
3rd Chris Ploch Dogfish 4:40
4th John Mathews St. Louis Cycling Club 4:43
5th Steve Tilford Verge/Moots 4:43.25
6th Sam Moore Big Shark Racing 4:43.50
7th Mike Calway-Fager Un-Known 4:46
8th William Erpelding Stage 1/Big Shark 4:47
9th Matt Long Somewhere in Springfield 4:49
10th Brett Nejmanowski(?) Big Shark Racing 4:57
11th Guy Stucker Breese Bikes 5:01
12th Bryan Happel Big Shark Racing 5:11
13th David Schulz Dogfish 5:15
14th Jesse Rients Unknown 5:18
15th Partticpant #90 Unknown 12:41

Sport Men 19-34

1st Tim Lewis ICCC 5:21
2nd Eric Lewis ICCC 5:23
3rd Adam Adkins Unknown 5:30
4th John McRaven Unknown 5:44
5th Charles Johnson Unknown 5:44.15
6th Doug David Unknown 5:44.25
7th Darin Messer Unknown 5:44.50
8th Charles St. Henry Unknown 6:12
9th Brian Robinson Unknown 8:42
10th Chris Drazic Unknown 13:48

Sport Men 35+

1st Mark Baur Dogfish 5:04
2nd Mike Morgner Unknown 5:16
3rd Greg Lamprecht Old Shark 5:20
4th Ken Inabnit Big Shark Racing 5:33
5th Chris Denno Unknown 5:37
6th Michael Leistmer Clayton Cycling Club 5:40
7th Steve Mollard Ballwin Cycle 7:18

Beginner Men 19-34

1st Chris Wiggins Unknown 5:28
2nd Chris Ribando Velo Force 5:35
3rd Matt Tiefenbrun Unknown 5:41
4th Jason Parent Unknown 5:44
5th Matt Hayes Unknown 5:53
6th Bob Arnold Unknown 5:54
7th Dr. Mike Kraujalis Dr. Unknown 6:00
8th Steve Ritchey Uknown 6:17
9th Robert Blaise Unknown 6:20
10th Jeff Tipps Unknown 6:22
11th David Pankey Feel Better! 7:05
12th James Klinkhardt Unknown 7:08
13th Clifton Hoss Unknown


Beginner Men 35+

1st Scott Russell Unknown 6:01
2nd David Ploch Unknown 6:09
3rd Chris Clausen, St. Louis Rams Strength Coach and Central West End Resident who is very concerned about his privacy Big Shark Racing/Incognito 6:37 Keep Lifting
4th Tim Deichman Unknown 23:23

Junior 14-18

1st Paul Hosmanek Unknown 5:26
2nd Mark Baker Unknown 5:31
3rd Matt Mulligan Unknown 5:40
4th Marcus Lloyd Unknown 6:15
5th Richard Weiman Unknown 6:21
6th Karmen St. Henry Unknown 6:32
7th Kyle Denno Unknown 8:06
8th Lucas Klinkhands Unknown 8:17

Women Open

1st Kyla Malenkovich Dogfish 5:17
2nd Stephanie Leibke Unknown 5:41
3rd Heather Edwards Big Shark Racing 5:46
4th Carrie Cash Big Shark racing 5:50
5th Catherine Walberg  Trek/VW 5:54
6th Katie Arehart Dogfish 6:03

Dirt Criterium Results


1st Bill Stolte Bike Source
2nd John Rines Stage 1/Big Shark
3rd Anthony Slowinski unknown
4th Matt Long unknown
5th Doug Plumer Bike Source
6th Doug Wilmes SOBE/Cannondale
7th Travis Wertl unknown
8th Chris Ploch Dogfish
9th Eric Prim unknown
10th Jesse Rients unknown
11th Bryan Happel Big Shark Racing
12th Doug Looney Bike Source/Art School
13th Dave Schulz Dogfish
14th Chris Wiggins unknown

Beginner/Sport Men

1st Joe Williams SLU Cycling
2nd Matt Renner Big Shark Racing
3rd Jay VanDerbeck unknown
4th Tom Erb Dogfish
5th Michael Leistner Clayton Cyling Club
6th Brian Shoemaker unknown
7th Eric Lewis unknown
8th Chris Ribando Velo Force
9th Jeff Constance Very Big Shark Racing
10th Brian Kuhn unknown
11th Darin Messer unknown
12th Jeff Greminger unknown
13th Tim Lewis unknown
14th John Mulligan unknown
15th Brad Bouquet unknown
16th Chris Denno unknown
17th Steve Ritchey unknown
18th Brian Robinson unknown
19th Douglas Tull unknown

Women Open

1st Catherine Walberg Trek/VW
2nd Stephanie Moats Leibke Dogfish
3rd Heather Edwards Big Shark Racing
4th Carrie Cash Big Shark Racing
5th Tina Cunio Big Shark Racing
DNF Kyra Malenkovich

All Junior Men 14-18

1st David Timmons unknown
2nd John Williams unknown
3rd Mark Baker unknown
4th Justin Grisham ICCC
5th Matt Mullican unknown
6th RJ Weiman Big Shark Racing