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2002 Missouri State Criterium Championship

Race Results 8/25/02

Missouri State Criterium Championship Results 2002

Many thanks to Guy Krause, Dave LaRue, Cary Maloney, Tim Kakouris, Doug Scronce, Stage 1, the Hay Bale Guy, and Stan Crocker for helping.


1st Zach Garrett Unknown Gold
2nd James Pirtle Dogfish Silver
3rd Justin Grisham ICCC Bronze

Women Open

1st Catherin Walberg Trek-VW
2nd Carla Farrell Museum/Big Shark Gold
3rd Cindi Inman Big Shark Racing Silver
4th Suzanne Johnson-Crocker Museum/Big Shark Bronze
5th Amy Strahan Big Shark Racing
6th Elizabeth Heller Unattached
7th Laura Whittle Museum/Big Shark

Women 4

1st Lindsey Segbers Dogfish Gold
2nd Tracy Fober Big Shark Racing Silver
3rd Lynn Boorady CBC Broonze
4th Alane Carder Undetached
5th Rebecca Cato Velo Force
6th Beth Hemenway Big Shark Racing

Masters 30-34

1st Steve Tilford Bike Source
2nd Bill Stolte Bike Source
3rd Tracy Smith Ritchey Midwest Gold
4th Pat Collier Big Shark Racing Silver
5th Chris Johnson Bike Source Bronze
6th Doug Looney Bike Source/Cannondale
7th Len Boever St. Louis Cycling Club
8th Chris Harre Big Shark Racing

Masters 35-39

1st Tim Kakouris Stage 1/Big Shark Gold
2nd Jerry Shurlow St. Louis Cycling Club Silver
3rd Dave Henderson Columbia Cycling Club Bronze
4th Shawn Oneal Unattached
5th Joe Walsh Big Shark Racing
6th William Salzman St. Louis Cyclones

Masters 40-49

1st Steve Tilford Bike Source
2nd Ricky Meredith Columbia Bike Club Gold
3rd Gary Dyer St. Louis Cycling Club Silver
4th Lonnie Kennedy Clayton Cycling Club Bronze
5th Steven Wilkes  Clayton Cycling Club
6th Craig Farrell Velo Force
7th Scott Jenkins Unknown
8th Dodd Slawson Velo Force
9th Kent Jones Big Shark Racing
10th Catherine Walberg Trek/VW
11th Ronald Henkaus KCBC
12th Mark Rosen Velo Force

Masters 50+

1st Tom Zoumares Jelly Belly Gold
2nd Jim McDonald Columbia Bike Club Silver
3rd Phil Shoulberg Big Shark Racing Bronze
4th Robert Warheim Velo Force

Cat 4/5

1st Jim Farasy OCC Gold
2nd Tosh Yoshito SLU Silver
3rd Dan Bruns Dogfish Bronze
4th Andy Lucas Missouri Somewhere
5th Alex Boyd Gateway Cycling
6th Mark Nagy Dogfish
7th Ryan Irish CBC
8th Aaron Johnson Big Shark Racing
9th Scott Beauchamp CBC
10th Brian Shoemaker Unknown
11th Michael Mertz Unknown
12th Racer X Land of the Unknown
13th Paul Argetsinger Unknown
14th Ryan Heydenrych Ozark Cycling Club
15th Joe Fuller Big Shark Racing
16th Unknown Unknown
17th David Pettus Unknown
18th Marty Schad Gateway Racing
19th John Boyd Gateway Cycling
20th Frank Koch CBC

Cat 3

1st Phillip Todd Unknown Gold
2nd James Roseberry Gateway Cycling Silver
3rd Doug Wining Looney Bike Source/Cannondale Bronze
4th Doug Wilmes SOBE Cannondale
5th Dave Cummings Gateway Cycling
6th Jon Kersha Ritchey Midwest
7th Chris Brewer RCRC
8th Ryan Hermsmeyer Big Shark Racing
9th Michael Craghn KCBC
10th Mark Murawski Gateway Cycling
11th Zach Garrett CBC
12th Jim Klages Big Shark Racing
13th Michael Wheeler St. Louis Cycling Club
14th Dan Tille Velo Force
15th Peder Hulse Big Shark Racing
16th Carl Frederick St. Louis Cycling Club
17th Aaron LeCave Clayton Cycling Club
18th Jeffrey Jones RCRC
19th Daryl Hemenway Gateway Cycling
20th Kevin Walz Velo Force

Pro 1/2

1st Steve Tilford Bike Source 3 in a Row
2nd Big Mike Lange Gold
3rd Ed Micek RCRC Silver
4th Joe Hill Big Shark Racing Bronze
5th Chris Hulse Big Shark Racing
6th Dave Henderson Columbia Bike Club
7th Alan Craddock RCRC
8th Jason Ozenberger Unknown
9th Bill Stolte Bike Source
10th Arjuna Flenner Columbia Bike Club
11th Kurt Fletcher Dogfish
12th Brian Dziewa Ritchey Midwest
13th Todd Campbell unknown
14th Todd Berger Big Shark Racing
15th Luca Fagundes RCRC
16th Thomas Luke Unknown
17th Josh Carter
18th Charles Huff unknown
19th Tracy Smith Ritchey Midwest
20th Pat Collier Big Shark Racing