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Bicycle Fitting Services

"The best bike on the market is the bicycle that best fits its owner."

You can improve your performance, increase your comfort, and get more satisfaction on every ride by having the professionals at Big Shark fit you to your bike.

The staff at Big Shark Bicycle Company is the driving force behind many of St. Louis' premier cycling events. For over two decades we have served many of the region's most passionate and talented riders.

Let us help you reach your cycling goals and assist you in selecting your dream bike. We like nothing more than helping cyclists get more out of their body and equipment.

If you are interested in getting a bicycle custom tailored to fit your body, style, or riding, and to exceed your expectations, OR if you desire to improve your performance on your current bicycle, please schedule an appointment with one of our fit specialists.

Why Be Fit to Your Bicycle?

Custom fitting improves performance and comfort and enhances the cycling experience. Strain and stress from improper fit are the leading causes of injury in cyclists. Proper fit will maximize the enjoyment of any rider on any bike.

Big Shark Bicycle Company provides a variety of custom fitting service for athletes of all ability levels- from pleasure to professional. Fittings are done by appointment. Feel free to inquire with our staff to make a reservation.

A good fitting session involves the following topics:

  • We will run through a thorough questionnaire and rider interview prior to beginning the fitting- we like to know who you are to best direct the process
  • Understanding Basic Skeletal and Muscular movement- We'll run through some demonstrations and examples to help understand cycling posture and biomechanics
  • The significance of flexibility in performance and fit
  • The significance of fitness in performance and fit
  • The significance of recognizing and accommodating biomechanical asymmetries in fit
  • Understanding the importance of proper interviewing techniques and gathering an athlete’s pertinent injury history
  • Cleat alignment and working with different pedal systems
  • Aftermarket wedge systems for correcting common alignment issues
  • Understanding Triathlon positioning and fundamentals of Aerodynamics
  • How to deal with challenging fits and common physical concerns
  • Bike geometry and design parameters
  • Bicycle design and the effects on bike fit, including specialty fits

Our system draws on a culmination of ongoing research and techniques compiled by our own experiences, including the most accomplished fitters in the industry, along with the top medical and biomechanical specialists in the country.  Depending on the level of fitting service selected- we use the best tools available: RETUL Motion Capture, the Serotta Size Cycle, Computrainer.

Basic Existing Bike Fit:

We will listen to your needs and riding history and use your goals and feedback to design the most accurate, comfortable, and efficient position on your current bicycle. We holistically address discomfort, handling, and athletic performance. Cost is $100, All Locations 

Size Cycle Fit - Existing Bicycle:

We begin with the rider interview and a physical assessment that will define the goal of the fit and current concerns of the rider. We then use the Serotta Size Cycle to address the performance and comfort goals of the cyclist and arrive at the best, most effective position on the bike. We then document the coordinates of the size cycle and transfer the information to the riders current bicycle or to a new standard geometry bicycle.Cost is $200 plus modifications, Big Shark Big Bend Location

Size Cycle & Computrainer Performance Fit - New or Custom Bicycle:

We do all of the processes from the Performance Bicycle Fit towards the goal of ordering or designing a bicycle that complements the individual’s performance requirements and physical strengths and weaknesses. We will discuss all of the technical aspects of the bike or equipment and arrive at the best biomechanical position and harmony with the machine. This is for the customer that desires a bicycle designed from start to finish with their personal needs in mind. Cost is $250, Big Shark Big Bend Location

Power Up/Retul Fitting Pro Bike Fit:

Using a Retül Motion Capture System and our proprietary fit methodology developed over years of experience fitting some of the world’s top cyclist, Power Up Training Center's professional coaches take fitting to the next level by focusing on pedaling style and form on the bike and positioning the rider to optimize how the rider interacts with the bike.    

Each fit takes 2 – 3 hours during which our coaches will do a complete dynamic analysis (via the Retül System) of your current position on the bike; discuss problems you may currently be experiencing including any physical limitations; discuss your cycling history and plans for the future; and perform a thorough analysis of the your current pedaling style and form on the bike.  Our coaches will then work with you to address any problems you may be having and to optimize your individual pedaling style and form on the bike.  We will then position you on the bike to facilitate this optimum style and form. 

Cost is $300, Big Shark West Location

Schedule a Fit

If you are interested in scheduling a fit or having your position assessed please contact us to discuss and make an appointment! For the Power Up/Retul fitting please contact