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Big Shark Racing Cycling and Triathlon Team Information

Why Join a Team?

There are a lot of team sports out there that have coaches, positions, rules, and specific training that are somewhat ingrained and obvious.  Most people know what an NFL or MLB player does for a living and how they got there, cycling is unlike many other popular sports.   Most people don't know how the top cyclists get fast, or who they are. Everyone knows about the scandals and Lance, but not much about the sport locally or regionally. 

One of the best aspects of cycling, triathlon, and endurance sports is that it has a lot of layers, culture, history, and opportunities to dive in. We want to help athletes of any level discover their place in the sport and be exposed to the possibilities.

In theory road racing is a team sport, and even if your discipline of choice is more individual, the tactics, training, and knowledge of racing benefits all cyclists.  Mountain biking, time trialing, triathlon, duathlon, and track racing all have similar elements and requirements.

Since Big Shark Bicycle Company is in the bicycle and events business it seemed like a logical conclusion to sponsor a race team in order to promote the sport, enhance the local cycling and multisport scene, bring in new faces, develop athletes, and have fun.  

Reasons to be on a team, for those who don't know: Improvement, Networking, Shop Support, Event Support, Training opportunities, Equipment Support, Great Experiences.

There are a lot of books, videos, internet coaches, and so on out there that can help you improve as an athlete, and all are good supplements to training and racing, but being on a team with peers who compete at the highest level and with folks of equal or greater ability is a much more interactive way to get the same information. It goes without saying (but we'll say it anyway)-all cycling and triathlon disciplines are not practiced in a vacuum or solo, unless all you eat is garlic. Having various types of support as an athlete is better than having no support, unless you are striving to achieve sainthood by spending your entire life alone in a tree (...and even then you could argue that the tree is supporting you.)

Why Join Big Shark Racing?

Big Shark Racing isn't the only team in St. Louis or in the region.  There are lots of other teams to join and some people prefer to operate independently and race unattached.  We don't want everybody to join our team, every team has a different culture and personality, and it is important to find a group of like-minded people for training, riding, and racing.

Big Shark Racing has never tried to define itself as being uniquely elite or entry level regarding ability. Nor are we a purely road, mountain, or multi-sport oriented club.  We have a very diverse group of people with a wide range of abilities and interests.  Amateur racing can be as hardcore or mellow as you want.  We guarantee that there are people on our team that you will really like and enjoy riding and training with, but we also guarantee that we have some weird members who we try to keep in the attic like Uncle Lester.

As a result of this diversity Big Shark Racing has a lot of members that participate at almost every level of competition in many disciplines.  This enables team members to compete at a level they are comfortable with and have the opportunity to move up categories and gain ability and information.

From trying your first criterium to upgrading to an Expert mountain biker, there are individuals and resources on our team that can facilitate your racing.

The team is composed of athletes that specialize in cycling and multisport, and both groups cross over.  We endeavor to offer an equivalence of support to Triathletes and Duathletes. The cycling aspect of team training and competition will certainly benefit any multisport athlete.

Big Shark Racing is not a team that has a specific coach, although coaching is available at our Power Up Training Center. Members of the team have competed successfully locally, regionally, and internationally- and the same people on out team that have achieved are certainly willing to provide insight and information.  Through team training and events , races, and interaction there are lots of opportunities to involve yourself as an athlete to the degree that you are comfortable.  There are always people to train with, events, and activities- it is up to the individual team member to initiate and involve themselves.

Big Shark Team Benefits

The primary benefits from being on the team are performance improvement and enjoyment.  There are some additional benefits as well.  All team members are eligible for certain equipment discounts, race reimbursements, expense reimbursements, equipment sponsorship, etc.. These benefits will be outlined.

In regard to team benefits, the reason for being on a team is definitely not for the store discount, race reimbursement, or free anything.  


Title Sponsor: Pastaria, Wolff and Taylor Accountants, The Staenberg Group, Hogan Trucking Company, Nelson and Nelson Law Firm, Wolf and Taylor Accounting Firm, Artesys Financial Planning. Heather Johnson Realty, Giant Bicycles, SRAM, Nutriformance, RPM Motors Car Care, Renaissance Financial, St. Louis Tattoo, Christy Hager DDS,  Goodyear Tires, Company, Apple Tree Therapy Services, and Big Shark Bicycle Company.  All of the above sponsors donate, money, equipment, or services to the team, which when combined with the money we raise through promotions and membership provides the team with a decent budget.

Requirements and Membership Benefits

Team membership varies a bit annually based on how we're doing with sponsorship, however it's generally $20 to join the team and the mandatory purchase of a cycling or multisport top with current sponsor branding (usually about $70). In order to be eligible for race reimbursement or travel expenses you have to compete in uniform (our uniform that is!).  There is a $400.00 cap on individual total race reimbursement per annum unless a special conversation behind closed doors occurs. (Based on eligibility.)

New members are eligible for a discount at the store that is determined by ability level, attendance, and participation.  Race reimbursement is eligible to some racers in some circumstances. Since we are a local team we will only reimburse results for local races, which is the scope and impact that benefit our sponsors. (We do not typically pay for races outside the team's marketing area.)  The reimbursement program is targeted for higher ability team members who race with frequency, and it is performance based.  The team will help all members at local events to varying degrees and will certainly try to defray hotel cost races where a significant number of people are attending. Hotel reimbursement has to be approved pre-facto. It is important that team members understand before they request reimbursement if their request is approved and valid.

We will on occasion support team riders with race entry reimbursement and hotel at out-of-market events-  which has to be determined pre-event. Examples would be national level events, USAC or USAT nationals, etc.  Any reimbursement that exceeds a rider's "cap" needs to be discussed prior to each event.

Road Racing

  • Category 1's and 2's get their pertinent local entry fees paid up to the cap. One+ set of clothing is donated to the cause. (Two tiers of reimbursement and apparel stipend TBD)
  • Category 3's get their entries reimbursed if they finish in the top 5. Cap of $400.
  • Category 4's get their entries reimbursed if they win. Cap of $200.
  • Category 5's get a full box of nothing.

Mountain Biking

  • Expert/Semi Pro get reimbursed if they finish in the top 3 (Field Size has to be greater than 10 to qualify, if under 10 then you must win to be reimbursed.)
  • Sport Racers get reimbursed for winning
  • Beginners get a half box of nothing


  • Top three in the overall of a local/regional pertinent event receive race reimbursement
  • Winning an age group category in select events will also be eligible for reimbursement. (Field Size has to be greater than 10 to qualify)
  • In addition each year we will try to use the team budget to get maximum participation in certain events if we have the duckets.

Other Benefits

  • All uniforms are available at wholesale. 
  • Giant Bicycles. will allow us to annually place a team order at special rates, in addition to an amount of product they will donate to the team.  Donated equipment remains the property of the team, although it for all extents and purposes remains with the end user until it is either used up or passed on.
  • Team pricing at Power Up Training Center
  • At certain points during the season we make group purchases if we can ever consistently pick a brand, item, or color.  Quantity is a number over 2, such as 30, for the record.
  • There will be an annual equipment purchase each Fall.

A Little Bit About the Triathlon Team

Our team consists of athletes of all abilities and age groups.  There are no criteria you have to meet - everyone is welcome!  Through the team approach to the individual sport of triathlon, we encourage networking with other members for training, racing and socializing.

  • Monthly meetings, held at Big Shark the first Monday of the month at 7pm, with team updates and information to help improve your training and racing
  • Race reimbursements: Top three at local/regional races or first in your age group in a field of 10 or more. Qualifying for a world event at a national event
  • Discounts at the shop for racing and training items
  • Team equipment for last minute tune-ups and hanging out post race
  • Discounted bike fit and Smart Trainer session to make sure your bike fit maximizes your power
  • Discounted membership at Nutriformance, one of our sponsors

Questions?  Send us an email:   Triathlon Team Information