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Ebay Auction Services

Take Advantage of Our Ebay Program

We Will Sell Your Bike for Store Credit or Cash Back

Simply drop your bike off at Big Shark Bicycle Company's Urban Shark location and we will take the photos, write the listing, answer the questions, box, and ship. What once was just taking up room is now store credit or cash back.

With positive feedback and the experience of running hundreds of auctions per week, we will get top dollar for your items. If you select store credit you will receive 80% of the auction's price (the rest covers PayPal and listing fees). If you select cash back you will receive 60% of the auction's price as soon as it is over. 

For this service we offer a 50% discount on the boxing and packaging of the bike @ $30.

While many of us don't need a new bike, the truth is, often times we simply want a new bike. And what's wrong with that? Big Shark can not only help with that new bike purchase (the fun part), but we can also assist in selling your old bike (the not so fun part.)

Here is how it works:

Trade In:

If you're interested in trading in your trusty steed we will give you 80% of the price that your bike sells for towards the purchase of a new bike from Big Shark. Packing and boxing is $30. Shipping, photography, sale communication, and eBay listing fee is covered in the 20%

Cash Back:

If one feels that they have too many bikes (really?) and feels the need to "thin the herd," we have that covered as well. We will  give you 60% of the selling price of your bike.

In either scenario Big Shark will assess the mechanical condition of the bike and will research the current value. After completion of a simple form that confirms the selling price (along with other details) we will sell your bike. When the bike sells, we provide either credit towards a shiny new bike from Big Shark or a check for the one less bike you may own.

The necessary fine print bullet points:

  • Eligible bikes require a retail price of at least $700 when new.
  • Original sales receipt is necessary (sold to the original owner.)
  • Credit/payment is made post sale of the bike.
  • We retain the right to refuse the eligibility of any bike for this program.

You can fill out this INTAKE FORM and bring to our Urban Shark Location or simply drop in. For questions on this program please email Urban Shark Store Manager, Justin.

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