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Big Shark Sponsored Cycling and Multisport Teams

Big Shark Bicycle Company is proud to sponsor and support many of the region's best cycling and mulstiport clubs and teams

The Pastaria/Big Shark Racing Team

The Pastaria - Big Shark Racing Team is a racing team AND club. We sponsor a very diverse group of cyclists and multi-sport athletes who compete, literally, at every level and in every discipline of each sport. Cat 1 to Cat 5, Newbie to Elite, Pleasure to Pro.

The Regulators Cycling Club

We are excited to support The Regulators Cycling Club! The  Regulators Cycling Club envisions an inclusive, diverse and accepting community where people of all backgrounds cycle for fun, for health and where cycling brings people and neighborhoods together in the Greater Saint Louis, Missouri and Illinois Metropolitan Area. Join their family!

The Saint Louis Triathlon Club

 The Saint Louis Triathlon Club is the region's largest group of passionate and social multisport athletes. A great organization to get into the sport, get mentored, and be a part of TRI culture. With over 250 members, the STL Tri club participates in and volunteers at every event in our region.

Evolve Coaching Systems

 The Evolve Coaching Systems Team is a Triathlon Coaching Company that offers individualized training plans for triathlon, swimming, cycling, and running. Evolve Coaching Systems LLC. was founded by Samantha Murphy with the intention of helping all multi-sport athletes reach their goals at their distance of choice, while balancing their personal life and work. While Evolve started as a small group of like-minded athletes based in the Saint Louis area, the team has grown to include five coaches and athletes who span the globe.

Velo Force

 Velo Force is a race team for racers and by racers. No politics, no bureaucracy.   Velo Force is one of St. Louis' best and biggest teams. Velo Force focuses on teamwork at all levels of racing, although we are tempted to call them a Master's group, until they complain. For more information, ride emails, and contact please visit 

On Pace Triathlon Club

The On Pace Triathlon Club is spearheaded by Coach Sally Drake and several of the most energized athletes in the STL metro area. Email Sally for more information on the team.

KewlBeanz Cycling

 KewlBeanz Cycling is a club founded on the ethos of “all bikes are cool!” Club riders and racers participate in all types of cycling such as, but not excluded to: criteriums, track racing, gravel grinders, niche fixed gear social rides, ultra bikepacking events, nocturnal group rides, brew cruises, and kiddy trailer spins through the park. Cultivating inclusion, diversity, and “the stoke” in the cycling community is the aim here. That said, we love racing hard, so hold your line!  

Contact them via Instagram @kewlbeanzcycling 

The Little Sharks/Nutriformance Kids Triathlon Team

The Little Sharks/Nutriformance Kids Triathlon Team- In partnership with endurance coaching and training company, Nutriformance, this team is designed to help any interested family or youth discover the sport of triathlon.

Washington University Cycling Team

Washington University Cycling Team- We are proud to sponsor the Wash U Bears cycling team. The battling Bears Student Union sponsored Club team has created many great athletes (and doctors, and lawyers...).

Dogfish Racing

Dogfish Racing- One of St. Louis oldest and best racing teams. Dogfish is spearheaded by all things Merli, run by T-Shirt legend and fashionista John Merli Sr as a vehicle to propel his son, the irritable and occasionally quick Johnny Merli Jr to local fame.

The Gateway Cycling Team

Gateway Cycling Team is one of the more prominent St. Louis racing teams that has a strong and diverse rider base who all enjoy racing.

Saint Louis University Billiken Cycling Team

The Saint Louis University Billiken Cycling Team is a collegiate team we're proud to support. A club team that battles it out on the NCAA circuit, this small squad is managed by James Arpin. Check them out and cheer them on.

MICDS Cycling Team

MICDS Cycling Team- We are proud to support one of the only high school cycling programs in the region. The MICDS kids train all Spring and race in the local calendar of USAC events.

Big Crank Cycling

Big Crank Cycling Definitely one of the coolest logos in local cycling. Big Crank is the one of the most progressive GLBT cycling teams in the US of A- and we are proud to support their efforts. A great group of cyclists who embrace active living and also contribute to many local charitable efforts. For information on their club please visit

Eureka Endurance Youth Triathlon Team

The  Eureka Endurance Youth Triathlon Team is run by Eric Humes and features input from Professional Triathletes Sarah Haskins and Nate Korteum. Email Eric Humes for more information on the team.