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Page Avenue Time Trial Results

December 13th, 2003

Page Avenue Time Trial Race Results

If you are an age group winner you can pickup your trophy at Big Shark Bicycle Company, We have a few riders who switched numbers at the last minute- just email and we will sort it out. If there are errors or questions please contact us.
NOTE ON TIME: We have had several questions on the times being "slow."  There are two methods for recording the time which will explain discrepancy. The Finish Line Clock was started 2 minutes in advance of the Race Start- 7:58.00. So all recorded times are two minutes slower than what actual measured time will be.  In addition- due to a late start (Rider #1 was 2 minutes late- we began the timing at 8:02.00).  After Rider #17 we staged people 1 minute sooner to try to get back on schedule.  So the finish time clock reflected a time that in some situations was either 3 or 4 minutes more elapsed than a cyclometer time. The time stated below is the difference between the published real start time and the finish time. We did this so that the people without cyclometers could remember their real finish time and check that against their published start time. Cyclometers vary in accuracy up to .8 mph so they are only so accurate. It is possible as well the the rented time clock was marginally slow- we were notified by the St. Louis Track Club that it is battery powered and affected by temperature. Suffice to say- all riders were subject to the same math in determining the result time and should be accurate relative to each other.

Young Whippersnappers (Juniors)

1st R.J. Weiman Big Shark Racing 15.04

Female Young Whippersnappers 20+

1st Sara Kaps UMR 13.10

Female Whippersnappers 30+

1st Amy Strahan 12.25
2nd Becky Cato Velo Force 12.43
3rd Christine Kueneke ICCC 15.08

Female Whippersnappers 40+

1st Jan Held 13.46
2nd Karie Casey 13.51

Tandem Whippersnappers

1st Craig Farrel and Alane Carder Velo Force/Big Shark Racing 11.58
2nd Matt and Amy Hunsaker 13.47

Whippersnappers 20+

1st Brock Webb 11.20
2nd Dan Bischoff 11.31
3rd Mike Briner 11.32
4th James Nelson Big Shark Racing 12.25
5th Jeremy Lines Big Shark Racing 12.54
6th Ben Lake 12.58
7th Jeffrey Roesner Mizzou 13.10
8th Mike Kosloski 13.37
9th Dan Gluck Dogfish 14.04

Whippersnappers 30+

1st Brad Wadlow 11.05
2nd George Godat 11.09
3rd Jim Klages Big Shark Racing 11.28
4th Sam Moore Big Shark Racing 11.35
5th Aaron Johnson Big Shark Racing 11.55
6th Joe Fuller Big Shark Racing 12.09
7th Mark Liotta 12.15
8th John Carmeron 12.22
9th Ryan Barr Big Shark Racing 12.26
10th Todd Hedrick Dogfish 12.28
11th Mike Adelmann 12.39
11th Eduardo Alves 12.39
12th Steve Ryan Big Shark Racing 12.43
13th Vince DeBlasi Big Shark Racing 12.44
14th Jose Bermudez 13.03
15th Brian Tournier Dogfish 13.06
16th Chris Cleeland Big Shark Racing 13.13
17th Don Griffith 13.23
18th Joe Sheerin 13.24
18th Scott Varwig 13.24
18th Jason Hunt 13.24
19th John Nowotney 13.28
20th Scott Corvy 13.40
21st Sean McKessy 13.42
22nd Dave Dryoff 13.44
23rd Geoff Allen 14.00
24th Jim Hamilton 14.15
25th Jim Griffith 14.26
26th Keith Leonard 14.55
27th Greg Polk 14.57
28th Matt Inman 16.13

Snappers 40+

1st Bernd Faust 11.05
2nd Jim Clawson 11.10
3rd Larry Stewart 11:17
4th Marijn Braadbaart 11.47
5th Todd Harris 11.52
6th Jeff Kelley 11.55
7th Chris "Late Start"Ludwig 12.10
8th Matt Fairchild 12.14
9th Pedro Silva UMR 12.20
10th Harold Ivy Jr. 12.21
11th Brad Bradbury 12.40
12th Doug Held 12.41
13th Terry Vacek Velo Force 12.43
14th Kurt Schenk Big Shark Racing 12.47
15th Al Rheinnecker Dogfish 13.09
16th Ralph Pfremmer Velo Force 13.10
17th Michael Pratl 13.24
18th Jeff Stein 13.40
18th Paul Wojciechowski 13.40
19th Karl Klepfer 13.54
20th Don Kueneke ICCC 13.55
21st Todd Pratt 14.06
22nd Paul Schon Sunset Racing 14.07
23rd Mike Putnam 14.13
24th Jesse Abraham 14.25
25th Mark Axe 14.28
26th Mike Mercer Big Shark Racing 14.29
27th Jim Lenz 14.46
28th Paul Krull 14.51
29th Steve Moss 15.00
30th Dave Suchanek 15.17
30h Matt Macheca 15.17
31st Wes Ridgeway 15.20
32nd Richard Weiman Big Shark Racing 15.30
32nd Bill Borom 15.30
33rd Bob Foster St. Louis Regional Bike Fed. 16.04
34th Doug Wolfe 19.23

Snappers 50+

1st Mike Willard 12.36
2nd Loren Culp 12:40
3rd Rich Pierce ICCC 12.41
4th John Hoehn 12.50
5th Bob Wareheim Velo Force 13.18
6th Steve Perko 13.38
7th Johnny Boom Boom Merli THE Dogfish 15.00
8th Tim Rand 15.42
9th Danny Mills 19.59

Snappers 60+

1st Wallace Stuart 13.56
2nd Ron Jackson Kaldi's Coffee 14.46
3rd Don Baird 15.55
4th Rex Pratt 16.30

Snappers 70+

1st Phil Long 13.59

An extra large thanks to those who volunteered- Gregg "Altruistic" Wittner, Susan Kubinak DVM, Marilyn Behle, Alex Bischoff, John "the Cozadinator" Cozad, Mark Rosen, John Merli, Glen Meyer from Trailnet, and Linda Wilson from MODOT.