Upper Limits Climbing Gym

Upper Limits

Upper Limits is the first name that comes to mind when you think of rock climbing in St. Louis. Beginning at their Downtown location, Upper Limits has expanded and now operate three professional climbing gyms in the St. Louis area. Although the facilities are of professional grade, Upper Limits still maintains a fun, safe, and professional environment for families of all ages.

  • To provide training for children and adults on how to climb through, knot craft, belay techniques, gear inspection, safety commands, and technique;
  • To provide individuals with access and knowledge to our pro shop with a variety of climbing equipment such as harnesses, shoes, carabiners, etc.;
  • To facilitate opportunities for participation in organized climbing through adaptive climbing practices, boy/girl scout merit badge programs, climbing team, and basic to advanced climbing classes/instruction for individuals with various levels of climbing abilities and experience; and
  • To promote the education of others in the growing sport of climbing and partner with local and nationally based community initiatives in order to meet our goals.

For More Information Call Upper Limits Downtown at (314)241-7625
Contact: downtown@upperlimits.com

For More Information Call Upper Limits Maryland Heights at (314)991-2516
Contact: programs@upperlimits.com

For More Information Call Upper Limits Chesterfield at (636)735-3270
Contact: chesterfield@upperlimits.com