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Weds Night MTB World's 2002

Weds Night MTB World's A Race

Weds Night Mountain Bike World's 2002

A Race, April 10th

1st John Mathews St. Louis Cycling Club 47:11
2nd Chris Hairdoo Big Shank Racing 48:12
3rd Craig Wolfshagger Big Shark Racing 48:21
4th Douglas Scronce Stage 1/Big Shark 48:22
5th Brett Nedgmenaowitz Big Shark Racing 48:52
6th Chris Ploch Dogfish 48:58
7th Sam Moore Big Shark Racing 50:30
8th William Erpelding Stage 1/Big Shark 50:33
9th Bryan Happel Big Shark Racing 51:14
10th Barry Blumenkemper Not Sure 51:48
11th Guy Stucker Breese Bikes 52:17
12th Matt Renner Big Shark Bicycle Company 52:45
13th Rich Pierce ICCC 56:13
14th Michael Leistner Unknown 57:03
15th Jeremy Bradshaw Dogfish 57:56
16th Brad Breese Breese Bikes 59:08
17th Craig Thrasher Unknown 1:12:25
DNF Tom Erb Metabolife
DNF Byron Lindley Team Quaker Oats
DNF Paul Krewet Team
DNF Mike Morgner Unknown

A Race April 16th

1st John Mathews St. Louis Cycling Club 46:38
2nd Sam Moore Big Shark Racing 47:54
3rd Craig Wortshaver Big Shark Racing 48:20
4th Brett Nejmaowitz Big Shark Racing 48:30
5th Chris Ploch Dogfish 48:37
6th Guy Stucker Breese Bikes 50:46
7th Bryan Happel Big Shark Racing 51:09
8th Matt Renner Big Shark Racing 52:41
9th Jeremy Bradshaw Dogfish 52:45
10th Paul Krewet St. Louis Cycling Club 52:48
11th Brad Breese Breese Bikes 58:22
12th Craig Thrasher Unknown 59:19
13th Michael Leistner Unknown 59:25
DNF Barry Blumenkemper Sunset Cyclery
DFL Doug Scronce Stage 1/Big Shark
DNF Mark Nagy Unknown
DNF Craig Stanley Unknown

Weds Night MTB World's B Race

Weds Night MTB World's B Race

April 10th

1st Sven Sprogoe Big Shark Racing  A very convincing 35:40
2nd Michael Wahoff Unclaimed 36:53
3rd Ken Inabnit Big Shark Racing 37:49
4th Matt James Undettached 38:13
5th Eric Buckley Unknown 38:58
6th David Schulz Unknown 39:07
7th Byron Lindley Unbeknownst 39:08
8th Dan Mcmanemy Unmcattached 39:47
9th John McRaven Unknown 39:48
10th John Halterman Unknown 39:56
11th Bryan Adams Unknown 40:37
12th Brian Kuhn Unknown 40:38
13th Cory Ogle Unknown 40:56
14th Kenneth Keister Unknown 40:57
15th Bob Arnold Unknown 43:02
16th Dan Chivetta Unknown 44:30
17th Kyle Bova Dogfish 45:02
18th Bradley Gasawski Unknown 46:40
19th Derck Diaz Unknown 47:35
20th James Butler Unknown 47:36
21st Tony Stubblebine Unknown 49:50
22nd Kent Caruthers Unknown 50:22
23rd Matt Donovan Unknown 55:10
DNF Chris Gruchala Unknown
DNF John Twist Team Mononucleosis
DNF Mark Smith Unknown
DNF Andy Campbell Unknown
DNF Tom Albert Claimed by the sands of time or. Somebody flipped the lockout on his rear shock

April 16th B Race

1st Sven Sprogoe Big Fast Shark Racing 35:47
2nd Brian Shoemaker Unknown 37:28
3rd David Frei Unknown 37:32
4th Bryan Adams Unknown 37:41
5th Byron Lindley Sociology Grad Student 37:50
6th Ken Inabnit Big Shark Racing 38:12
7th Justin Grisham ICCC 38:38
8th Eric Buckley Unknown 38:40
9th John McRaven Unknown 39:21
10th Brian Kuhn Unknown 39:28
11th Eric Lewis Unrepentant 39:58
12th Kenneth Keistner Unknown 40:32
13th Dan Chivetta Unknown 42:17
14th Cory Ogle Unknown 42:32
15th Kyle Bova Dogfish 43:15
16th Glen Wilson Unknown 44:01
17th Andrew Campbell Unknown 45:15
18th Stuart Kueneke Unknown 47:20
19th Tony Stubblebine Unknown 47:27
20th Doug Held Unknown 47:30
21st PnJohn PnTwist PneuDogfish 47:46
22nd Mark Smith Unknown 50;26
23rd Matt Donovan Un-k-nown 52:04
24th Bradley Gasawski Unknown 52:25
DNF David Schulz Unknown
DNF Tom Albert Team

Weds Night MTB World's C Race

Weds Night MTB World's C Race

April 10th

1st Boy Ryan Hanpeter Unknown 21:43
1st Goil Carrie Cash Big Shark Racing 44:20
2nd Boy Casey Dugan Unknown 22:04
2nd Goil Lindsey Segbers Dogfish 45:54
3rd Boy R.J. Weiman Big Shark Racing 25:33
3rd Goil Katie Arehart Unknown 46:49
4th Goil Heather Edwards Big Shark Racing 47:23
5th Goil Mary Cowie Unknown 55:13
DNF Stephanie Hill
DFL Michael Barro Hertz/Penske

April 17th C Race Buoys

1st Ryan Hanpeter Unknown 20:48
2nd Adam Adkins Unknown 21;43
3rd R.J. Weiman Big Shark Racing 26:01
DNF Mark Labedz Unknown

April 17th C Race Gulls

1st Katie Arehart Unknown 41:55


Lindsey Segbers Dogfish 42:23
3rd Carrie Cash Big Shark Racing 44:25
DNF Stephanie Adams Unknown