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Free Group Training Rides


The Rules of the Rides

All of our rides have a few basic rules that will help everyone have an enjoyable time. Please take the time to read these rules prior to joining us on the road.

  1. Road bikes or speedy hybrids are recommended for the road rides. Gravel, Cyclocross, Mountain Bike, or Hybrid bikes are recommended for the Big Shark West Gravel Growl.
  2. We will try hard to have ride leaders for each ride if the temperature is above 35 degrees. If there are no leaders please upload the provided map links or join the group! Please note: the Fall/Winter Saturday Meet Up Ride at the Big Bend Store.
  3. All of the rides from the are no-drop rides provided you are able to ride comfortably within the pace described for each ride.
  4. Please ride single file any time there are vehicles present.
  5. Ride in a courteous manner so we can continue to use these great roads while in harmony with our driving counterparts.
  6. Keep the speeds safe and sane and be sure to help those who have fallen back.
  7. Be sure to inform the other riders of hazards or any injuries or falls. Communicate pot holes or obstacles to the rider behind you.
  8.  The longer Big Bend shop ride will re-group at the gas station at the top of the Hog Hollow climb.
  9. Please be mindful of those you are riding with and if they are struggling to keep up, help them find another group to ride with.  No one likes to be left on their own and everyone has more fun when riding with those of like abilities.
  10. Help any rider that is unaware of the rules or the route to better understand both.
  11. Our rides are designed to be no-attack. The goal is to start and finish together. No testosterone or jumping off the front. Being cautious on descents. If you "win" the shop ride then you're a dork. Big Shark promotes lots of races, and these rides are not races...
  12. We try to ride double file when possible, single file when there is traffic that needs to pass us. We want to be good citizens and co-exist with drivers. Please use good riding etiquette- or take the opportunity to learn the international language of riding in a group.
  13. No earbuds or headphones.
  14. Have FUN.

From Big Shark Big Bend- Saturday Rides

We meet at the Big Bend location's parking lot to shake the cobwebs off and get the heart pumping. 

  • The Long RouteThe 7:30am Shop Ride (Spring/Summer/Fall), or the 10:00 Shop Ride "Meet Up" (no provided ride leader) between November 9th and February 28th. This ride is a 31 mile slightly rolling ride. Tempo is in the 16mph to 19mph rangeRoad bicycles are encouraged. Contact the Big Bend Store with questions.
  • The Short RouteAlso at 7:30am, The Mellow Ride We will do a slightly shorter loop at a slightly slower pace. 28 miles. Chilled out. Enjoyable. Fun. No Drop (Unless you ride slower than your own shadow.) If the group wants to go a shorter route- we can adjust as needed!

From Big Shark WEST:  The Saturday Gravel Growl

  • Saturday Morning Big Shark West Gravel Growl- Wheels roll at 7:30am in the Summer and 9:00am in the Fall and Winter. This is a great way to stay fit all winter long! Featuring sections of the Monarch Levee Trail, the KATY Trail, Busch Greenway, and the Hamburg Trail. This is a 27 mile route that begins and ends at the store (and Kaldi's Coffee House). Led by the intrepid John Caldwell and associates. RSVP and let us know if you're coming or would like updates! Contact John Caldwell with questions!
  • Self Guided Suggested Route- Road and Gravel- The Daniel Boone Bridge/Page Avenue Bridge- Two Bridges Ride. We recommend this to any rider of any ability. Use our parking lot as a trailhead, grab a coffee at Kaldi's before the ride. Head to the Monarch Levee Trail and ride across two of the bicycle bridges in this really cool 27 Mile Loop. One challenging hill. We recommend this route as an unguided ride on any day of the week or as an alternative to our Saturday morning ride. There will be a sections of the KATY Trail on this ride.

Big Shark Big Bend Saturday Morning 7:30am Shop Ride

Big Shark Big Bend Saturday Morning 7:30am Short Course Shop Ride

Big Shark West Saturday Morning 7:30 am Shop Road Ride

Big Shark West Gravel Growl Course