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2007 Tuesday Night World Championship Results

The Mighty, Mighty "A" Race


March 13th, 2007


Justin Maciekowicz

Big Shark Racing

7 points

7 total


Mark Murawski


5 points

5 total


Austin Allison

Dent Wizard

4 points

4 total


Joe Hill

Big Shark Racing

3 points

3 total


Dave Cummings


2 points

2 total


Mark Nagy


1 point

1 total


March 20th, 2007

1stCraig CooperBig Shark Racing7 points7 total
2ndMike "nice pull" WeissBig Shark Racing5 points5 Total
3rdCole W. BittingVelo Force4 points4 total
4thJames VanDeevenBig Shark Racing3 points3 total
5thChris CleelandBig Shark Racing2 points2 total
6th??? 1 point 


March 27th, 2007

1stAnthony DustDogfish Racing7 points7 total
2ndMatt AnkneyMercy5 points5 Total
3rdMark NagyDogfish Racing4 points5 total
4thChris HarreBig Shark Racing3 points3 total
5thMike WeissBig Shark Racing2 points2 total
6thJohn MarbargerSt. Louis Cyclones1 point1 total


April 3, 2007

1stNick CoilTrek7 points7 total
2ndJoe HillBig Shark Racing5 points8 Total
3rdDave CummingsGateway Racing4 points6 total
4thRyan PirtleDent Wizard3 points3 total
5thMark MurawskiGateway Racing2 points7 total
6thJohn MarbargerSt. Louis Cyclones1 point2 total


April 10, 2007 - Rain out


April 17, 2007 

1stJoshua CarterABD Cycle Club7 points7 total
2ndKurt FletcherDent Wizard5 points5 Total
3rdAnthony DustDogfish Racing4 points11 total
4thRuss MurphyMesa3 points3 total
5thKevin WillbanksDogfish Racing2 points2 total
6thCraig WohlschlagerDent Wizard1 point1 total


April 24, 2007

1stAnthony DustDogfish Racing7 points18 total
2ndLuke PirtleDent Wizard5 points5 total
3rdCraig CooperBig Shark Racing4 points11 total
4thJames PirtleSTL Cyclones3 points3 total
5thRobert DirnbeckManchester Racing2 points2 total
6thred striped jerseydon't cha know...yah mahn1 point1 total


May 1, 2007???


May 8, 2007 

1stAnthony DustDogfish Racing7 points25 total
2ndEric PirtleDent Wizard5 points5 total
3rdJohn ThrasherGhisallo4 points4 total
4thDave NelsonBig Shark Racing3 points3 total
5thAustin AllisonDent Wizard2 points6 total
6thDerek LoudermilkBig Shark Racing1 point1 total


May 15, 2007

1stCraig CooperBig Shark Racing7 points18 total
2ndOreste PesselatoGateway5 points5 total
3rdMark GowlerSTLCC4 points4 total
4thMarc HofmeisterBig Shark Racing3 points3 total
5thDennis KoscielskiDogfish Racing2 points2 total
6thJames VanDevenGet a Grip1 point4 total


May 22, 2007

1stAnthony DustDogfish Racing7 points32 total
2ndJoe HillBig Shark Racing5 points13 total
3rdEric PirtleDent Wizard4 points9 total
4thCraig WohlschlagerDent Wizard3 points4 total
5thRyan PirtleSTL Cyclones2 points5 total
6thJeff HemmerGateway1 point1 total


May 29, 2007 

1stRyan PirtleSTL Cyclones7 points13 total
2ndTerrence KeenanAlgimousse5 points5 total
3rdChris HarreBig Shark Racing4 points4 total
4thMark GowlerSTLCC3 points7 total
5thJohnny MerliDogfish Racing2 points2 total
6thKurt RussellVelo Force1 point1 total


June 5, 2007 

1stDan SchmatzBMC7 points7 total
2ndNate RiceBig Shark Racing5 points5 total
3rdChris MartelDent Wizard4 points4 total
4thDerek LoudermilkBig Shark Racing3 points4 total
5thChris HarreBig Shark Racing2 points6 total
6thNick CoilManchester Racing1 point8 total


June 12, 2007 

1stEric PirtleDent Wizard7 points16 total
2ndRyan PirtleSTL Cyclones5 points18 total
3rdTerrence KeenanAlgimousse4 points9 total
4thDerek LoudermilkBig Shark Racing3 points7 total
5thRuss MurphyMesa2 points5 total
6thDoug DavisGateway1 point1 total


June 19, 2007

1stJoe HillBig Shark Racing7 points20 total
2ndRuss MurphyMesa5 points10 total
3rd# too highDent Wizard?4 points4 total
4thAnthony DustDogfish Racing3 points35 total
5thLuke PirtleDent Wizard2 points7 total
6thJohn ThrasherGhisallo1 point5 total


June 26th, 2007

1stTerrence KeenanAlgimousse7 points16 total
2ndKurt FletcherDent Wizard5 points10 total
3rdRyan PirtleSummit Velo4 points22 total
4thDerek LoudermilkBig Shark Racing3 points10 total
5thIvan RomeroMesa2 points2 total
6thMark MurawskiGateway1 point8 total


July 3rd, 2007


1stKurt FletcherDent Wizard7 points17 total
2ndEric PirtleDent Wizard5 points21 total
3rdPatrick CollierSummit Velo4 points4 total
4thDerek LoudermilkBig Shark Racing3 points13 total
5thRuss MurphyMesa2 points12 total
6thKevin WillbanksDogfish Racing1 point1 total


July 10th, 2007

1stJoshua CarterABD Cycle Club7 points14 total
2ndJoe HillBig Shark Racing5 points21 total
3rdRyan PirtleDent Wizard4 points26 total
4thMike FlaniganMesa3 points10 total
5thDerek LoudermilkBig Shark Racing2 points15 total
6thAnthony DustDogfish Racing1 point36 total


July 17th, 2007

1stDerek LoudermilkBig Shark Racing7 points22 total
2ndJoshua CarterABD Cycle Club5 points19 total
3rdTerrence KeenanAlgimousse4 points20 total
4thIvan RomeroMesa3 points5 total
5thDoug DavisGateway2 points3 total
6thJoe HillBig Shark Racing1 point22 total


July 24th, 2007

1stRyan PirtleDent Wizard7 points33 total
2ndJoe HillBig Shark Racing5 points27 total
3rdKurt FletcherDent Wizard4 points21 total
4thAnthony DustDogfish Racing3 points39 total
5thDerek LoudermilkBig Shark Racing2 points24 total
6thTerrence KeenanAlgimousse1 point21 total


July 31st, 2007

1stJustin MaciekowiczBig Shark Racing7 points14 total
2ndZack SteinBig Shark Racing5 points 5 total
3rdMark GowlerSTLCC4 points11 total
4thJeff SchroetlinABD3 points3 total
5thJay MarbargerDent Wizard2 points4 total
6thAlan ChristenallGateway Cycling1 point1 total


August 7th, 2007

1stMike "allez" WeissBig Shark Racing7 points12 total
2ndDoug DavisGateway Cycling5 points8 total
3rdAnthony DustDogfish Racing4 points43 total
4thOreste PesselatoGateway Cycling3 points8 total
5thDave NelsenBig Shark Racing2 points2 total
6thJohnny MerliDogfish Racing1 point3 total


August 14th, 2007

1stJohnny MerliDogfish Racing7 points10 total
2ndTerrence KeenanAlgimousse5 points26 total
3rdDave CummingsGateway Cycling4 points10 total
4thMark HunsakerGateway Cycling3 points3 total
5thJeff SchroetlinABD2 points5 total
6thJohnny MerliDogfish Racing1 point3 total

August 21st, 2007... 

August 28th, 2007...

Sept. 4th, 2007

1stJustin MaciekowiczBig Shark Racing7 points total
2ndMike WeissBig Shark Racing5 points total
3rdTed WeissVelo Force4 points total
4thMark GowlerSTLCC3 points total
5thJeff HartmanBig Shark Racing2 points total
6thJohn StraubGhisallo1 point total


The Formidable "B" Race


March 13th, 2007

1stDoug DavisGateway Racing7 points7 total
2ndDave CummingsGateway Racing5 points5 total
3rdShawn O'NealBike Center4 points4 total 
4thSven SprogueDogfish Racing3 points3 total
5thTodd ParkerBig Shark Racing2 points2 total
6thKevin WaymanThe Hub1 point1 total


March 20th, 2007

1stDarin MarlowBig Shark Racing7 points7 total
2ndJames VandevenBig Shark Racing5 points5 total
3rdDennis KoscielskiDogfish Racing4 points4 total
4thBrendan Normileunattached3 points3 total
5thChris CleelandBig Shark Racing2 points2 total
6thBrian PadgettDogfish Racing1 point1 total


March 27th, 2007

1stSven SprogueDogfish Racing7 points7 total
2ndAron RaulsGhisallo5 points5 total
3rdMat SiemansTeam Mack4 points4 total
4thRobert DirnbeckTrek VW3 points3 total
5thHeston RoopMesa2 points2 total
6thMatthew HardyBig Shark Racing1 point1 total


April 3, 2007

1stDave CummingsGateway Racing7 points12 total
2ndMark MurawskiGateway Racing5 points5 total
3rdMike HeffernanDent Wizard4 points4 total
4thKevin WaymanThe Hub3 points4 total
5th??? 2 points 
6thMichael BraunDent Wizard1 point1 total


April 10, 2007 - Rain out


April 17, 2007

1stMartin LangDent Wizard7 points7 total
2ndDave ThackeryThe Hub5 points5 total
3rdMark ObermeierDogfish Racing4 points4 total
4thAron RaulsGhisallo3 points8 total
5thKevin WaymanThe Hub2 points6 total
6thDarin MarlowBig Shark Racing1 point8 total


April 24, 2007 - Rain out

May 1, 2007??

May 8, 2007

1stJames VandevenGet A Grip7 points13 total
2ndDoug DavisGateway5 points12 total
3rdChris CleelandBig Shark Racing4 points6 total
4thMarc EnglehartGhisallo3 points3 total
5thJuan RamirezMomentum2 points2 total
6thDarin MarlowBig Shark Racing1 point9 total


May 15, 2007 - Rained out


May 22, 2007 

1stDoug DavisGateway7 points19 total
2ndKevin WaymanThe Hub5 points11 total
3rdSven SprogueDogfish Racing4 points11 total
4thChris ErhardSTLCC3 points3 total
5thChris ArnoldVelo Force2 points2 total
6thAlan ChristanellGateway1 point1 total


May 29, 2007

1stDoug DavisGateway7 points26 total
2ndSven SprogueDogfish Racing5 points16 total
3rdMike HeffernanDent Wizard4 points8 total
4thChuck PassVelo Force3 points3 total
5thJohn ThrasherGhisallo2 points2 total
6thTom FalkeDogfish Racing1 point1 total

June 5, 2007

1stRuss MurphyMesa7 points7 total
2ndMark HunsakerGateway5 points5 total
3rdCraig CooperBig Shark Racing4 points4 total
4thKyle RacingBig Rackers3 points3 total
5thAlan ChristanellGateway2 points3 total
6thSven SprogueDogfish Racing1 point17 total


June 12, 2007

1stLogan VonBokenSTL Cyclones7 points7 total
2ndEdwardo NieuwenhuyzenBig Shark Racing5 points5 total
3rdAron RaulsGhisallo4 points12 total
4thKenneth ParkerBig Shark Racing3 points3 total
5thKevin WaymanThe Hub2 points13 total
6thTed WeissVelo Force1 point1 total


June 19, 2007

1stKyle RackersBig Rack Racing7 points10 total
2ndAlex GrmanThe Hub5 points5 total
3rd#274??4 points4 total
4thBrett BillingsThe Bike Surgeon3 points3 total
5thTerrence Keenan #398Algimousse2 points2 total
6thKurt RussellVelo Force1 point1 total


June 26, 2007

1stDoug DavisGateway7 points33 total
2ndMichael SaundersDogfish Racing5 points5 total
3rdNick ErhardSTLCC4 points4 total
4th???Dogfish Racing3 points3 total
5thJames VandevenGet a Grip2 points15 total
6thMichael HopsonDogfish Racing1 point1 total


July 3, 2007

1stNick ErhardSTLCC7 points11 total
2ndEdwardo NieuwenhuyzenBig Shark Racing5 points10 total
3rdAlex GrmanThe Hub4 points9 total
4thJames VandevenGet a Grip3 points18 total
5thChris ErhardSTLCC2 points5 total
6thGreg LyekiManchester/trek1 point1 total


July 10, 2007

1stDoug DavisGateway7 points40 total
2ndJames VandevenGet a Grip5 points23 total
3rdGreg LyekiManchester/trek4 points5 total
4thMike HeffernanDent Wizard3 points11 total
5thSven SprogueDogfish Racing2 points19 total
6thMike FlaniganMesa1 point1 total


July 17, 2007

1stKenneth ParkerBig Shark Racing7 points10 total
2ndAlex GrmanThe Hub5 points9 total
3rdEdwardo NieuwenhuyzenBig Shark Racing4 points14 total
4thRichard GeorgeMesa3 points3 total
5thSven SprogueDogfish Racing2 points21 total
6thGreg LyekiManchester/trek1 point6 total


July 24, 2007

1stKyle RackersBig Shark Racing7 points17 total
2ndMarc EngelhartGhisallo5 points8 total
3rdJason Rudroffunattached4 points4 total
4thAlex GrmanThe Hub3 points12 total
5thJosh MuellerSLU Cycling2 points2 total
6thScott PiepertWild Trak1 point1 total


July 31, 2007

1stRichard BowesGateway Cycling7 points7 total
2ndRichard GeorgeMesa5 points7 total
3rdRobert GouldVelo Force4 points4 total
4thJames VandevenGet a Grip3 points26 total
5thSven SprogueDogfish Racing2 points23 total
6thJohn StraubGhisallo1 point1 total


August 7, 2007

1stMike "allez" WeissBig Shark Racing7 points7 total
2ndMark HunsakerGateway Cycling5 points10 total
3rdSven SprogueDogfish Racing4 points27 total
4thAlan ChristanellGateway Cycling3 points6 total
5thMartin LangDent Wizard2 points9 total
6th??????1 point total


August 14, 2007

1stChad BriggsICCC7 points7 total
2ndSven SprogueDogfish Racing5 points32 total
3rdEdwardo NieuwenhuyzenBig Shark Racing4 points18 total
4thMike HeffernanDent Wizard3 points14 total
5thMarc EnglehartGhisallo2 points10 total
6thKevin WaymanThe Hub1 point14 total


August 21, 2007...

August 28, 2007...

 September 4, 2007

1stBryan SauterThe Hub7 points total
2ndTrent DonatBig Shark Racing5 points total
3rdJohn StraubGhisallo4 points total
4thKeaton HansonDent Wizard3 points total
5thDarin MarlowBig Shark Racing2 points total
6thRyan WarrenTeam Mack1 point total

The "Curious" C Race

Day One, May 8th, 2007

1st Nick Erhard STLCC7 points7 total
2nd Chris Erhard STLCC5 points5 total
3rd Jason Watkins unattached4 points4 total
4th Daniel Austin Cyclewerx3 points3 total
5th Matthew Fickinger Dent Wizard2 points2 total
6th Bryan Sauter The Hub1 point1 total

Day Two, May 15th, 2007 - C race rained out


Day 2, take 2 May 22nd, 2007 

1st Nick Erhard STLCC7 points14 total
2nd Rory King Big Shark Racing5 points5 total
3rd Alex GrmanThe Hub4 points4 total
4th Michael SchoppManchester / Trek3 points3 total
5th ?? 2 points2 total
6th ??? 1 point1 total


Day 3, May 29th, 2007

1st Nick Erhard STLCC7 points21 total
2nd Matthew Dawson Dogfish Racing5 points5 total
3rd Alex Grman The Hub4 points8 total
4th Rory King Big Shark Racing3 points8 total
5th Bryan Sauter The Hub2 points3 total
6th Joshua Salcman Big Shark Racing1 point1 total


Day 4, June 5th, 2007

1st Scott Piepert Wild Trail7 points7 total
2nd Alex Grman The Hub5 points13 total
3rd Scott Alfs unattached4 points4 total
4th William Howells unattached3 points3 total
5th Walker Deibel Big Shark Racing2 points2 total
6th Michael Braun Dent Wizard1 point1 total


 Day 5, June 12th, 2007

1st Scott Piepert Wild Trak7 points14 total
2nd Greg Froelich Dogfish Racing5 points13 total
3rd Keaton Hanson Dent Wizard4 points4 total
4th Chris Clausen Big Shark Racing3 points3 total
5th Edwardo Nieuwenhuyzen Big Shark Racing2 points2 total
6th Kevin Baker unattached1 point1 total


Day 6, June 19th, 2007

1st Bryan Sauter The Hub7 points10 total
2nd Brett Billings The Bike Surgeon5 points5 total
3rd Matthew Pence Mesa4 points4 total
4th John Guyer unattached3 points3 total
5th Devin Clark unattached2 points2 total
6th William Howell unattached1 point1 total


Day 7, June 26th, 2007

1st Jason Watkins unattached7 points11 total
2nd Martin Lang Dent Wizard5 points5 total
3rd Rory King Big Shark Racing4 points4 total
4th Dan McCartney Southside3 points3 total
5th Chris Clausen Big Shark Racing2 points5 total
6th Walker Deibel Big Shark Racing1 point1 total


Day 8, July 3rd, 2007

1st Matthew Pence Mesa7 points 11 total
2nd Greg Froelich Dogfish Racing5 points 18 total
3rd Matt Fickinger Dent Wizard4 points 6 total
4th William Howells unattached3 points 6 total
5th Chris Clausen Big Shark Racing2 points 7 total
6th Scott Alfs unattached1 point 1 total


Day 9, July 10th, 2007

1st Jason Watkins unattached7 points 18 total
2nd Martin Lang Dent Wizard5 points 10 total
3rd Bryan Sauter The Hub4 points 14 total
4th Peter Baumgarden Ghisallo3 points 3 total
5th Greg Froelich Dogfish Racing2 points 7 total
6th Andrew Moorman unattached1 point 1 total


Day 10, July 17th, 2007

1st Bryan Sauter The Hub7 points 21 total
2nd Matthew Brier unattached5 points 5 total
3rd Greg Froelich Dogfish Racing4 points 11 total
4th Peter Baumgarden Ghisallo3 points 6 total
5th William Howells unattached2 points 8 total
6th ??? ???1 point 1 total


Day 11, July 24th, 2007

1st Jason Watkins unattached7 points 25 total
2nd Scott Piepert Wild Trak5 points 19 total
3rd Kyle Rackers Big Shark Racing4 points 4 total
4th Jeff Pupillo Manchester / trek3 points 3 total
5th Michael Freshman Manchester / trek2 points 8 total
6th Andrew Moorman unattached1 point 2 total


Day 12, July 31st, 2007

1st Chad Briggs ICCC7 points 7 total
2nd 440?? 5 points 5 total
3rd Greg Froelich Dogfish Racing4 points15 total
4th Trent Donat Big Shark Racing3 points 3 total
5th Nick Mila unattached2 points 2 total
6th Chris Clausen Big Shark Racing1 point 8 total


Day 12, August 7th, 2007

1st Jason Watkins unattached7 points 32 total
2nd Dan McCarthy Southside5 points 8 total
3rd Justin Suvarna Mesa4 points 4 total
4th Nick Mila unattached3 points 5 total
5th not sure  mesa maybe 28x?2 points 2 total
6th did not see1 point 1 total


Day 13, August 14th, 2007

1st Jason Watkins unattached7 points 39 total
2nd Steven Hentrich unattached5 points 5 total
3rd Carl Hoffman unattached4 points 4 total
4th Chris Clausen Big Shark Racing3 points 11 total
5th Trent Donat  Big Shark Racing2 points 5 total
6th Jeff Eichholz unattached1 point 1 total


Day 14, August 21st, 2007...

Day 15, August 28th, 2007...