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Cycling 101-Big Shark's Classes and Clinics

Class Schedule






Intro to Bicycle Racing
6pm - 8pm
Big Bend
Intro to Bicycle Racing
Noon - 2pm
Criterium Basics- Walk Through
5pm - 5:45pm
Criterium Basics- Walk Through
5pm - 5:45pm
Big Bend
Big Bend
7.26.20Intermediate9am-NoonBig BendEmail

Class Descriptions

Big Shark offers a variety of classes at all of our locations. Please take a look and when you sign up please tell us at which location you would like to attend. We want to help you enjoy cycling and make our customers more self-reliant so that we don't have to stop and help you.

  • Cost per class will be $20 unless otherwise noted.
  • Reservations are required- we try to limit class size so that each participant can be hands on. We will try to give each student their own work station.
  • Please bring your own bicycle. We want to show you how to fix your specific bike.
  • We will extend a 10% discount on the relevant parts, tools, and accessories purchased at these classes.

Basic Repair Class: Just the basics! All of the Big Shark Bicycle Company locations host an introductory bicycle maintenance and repair class. This class is designed for beginners. We will go over the simple things you might need to know if you are out riding you bike and something happens. This class includes:

  • Vocabulary- Learning all of the parts of the bicycle and what they do.
  • Key ingredients- Tools and accessories you should have with you when you ride.
  • Learning how to change a flat tire.
  • Learning how to check up on "the health" of your bicycle's various systems.
  • How to lube and maintain your bike.

Degree of difficulty: Slightly Greasy

Intermediate Repair Class: This class covers the essential ingredients of a bicycle tune-up: derailleur and brake adjustments, basic bearing adjustments and the basics of wheel truing (if time allows).  We will show you a basic tune-up, from front to back. If your bike needs any new cables, cable housing, or chain we can diagnose and replace them during the class. This class includes:

  • Front and rear derailleur adjustments
  • Front and rear brake adjustments
  • Hub and Headset adjustments
  • Basic Wheel Truing

Degree of Difficulty: Quite Greasy

Advanced Repair Class: This class dives into the greasy guts of your bicycles- bearings and component installation. We will discuss design and maintenance of the four main bearing assemblies on your bicycle: front and rear hubs, headset, and bottom bracket. We will also show you how components such as your crankset and fork should be installed. This class will be tailored to your specific bicycle. We will also cover advanced wheel truing.

We suggest that students of the advanced class have completed the intermediate class, or have equivalent experience. Bring your own bike to work on and your least favorite T- Shirt.

  • Assembly and disassembly of the front and rear hub.
  • Crank removal and re-installation.
  • Bottom bracket removal and overhaul.
  • Headset assembly and disassembly.
  • Advanced Wheel Truing.

Degree of Difficulty: Covered in Grease

Periodic Classes: Occasionally we will conduct classes that cover specific repair topics or cycling subjects. Please check back and see when these classes will be offered.

Wheel Building: This class is really more of an extending wheelbuilding odyssey. We schedule this class by request only, and we will advise you through the wheelbuilding process from parts selection all the way through final truing. This process can take a week or more and we can order from a huge selection of hubs, spokes, and rims for your custom wheel build.

  • Wheel Assembly
  • Prepping
  • Lacing
  • Tensioning
  • Truing and Dish
  • Cost $40

Introduction to Competitive Cycling: Big Shark Bicycle Company produces many of the competitive events locally and regionally in all of the disciplines of cycling. Each Spring, in advance of the racing season, we will host classroom and outdoor sessions to demystify the sport of cycling. We can help you get into the competitive sport of cycling. We will cover.

  • Event types.
  • Terms and vocabulary.
  • Equipment requirements.
  • Safety.
  • How to get started.
  • USA Cycling ephemera.
  • Riding Etiquette.
  • Training basics.
  • Expectations.
  • Cost $20 for each indoor class
  • Outdoor clinics at Carondelet Park are $10 and will include a walking tour of the course with an explanation of race situations and racing basics. This is NOT an on bicycle clinic.

RSVP for the Intro to Racing classes HERE