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2007 Bubba Memorial Cyclocross Results

Bubba "A" Results

The Persnickety "A" Race

Carbondale, Illinois- Ronde von Evergreen PreBubbaLogue

 1stZach ReedMercy Cycling Team 7 points 7 total 
 2ndMark Murawski Gateway Cycling Team 5 points 5 total 
 3rdMark Nagy Dogfish Racing Team 4 points 4 total 
 4thDarren Sherkat Team Mack 3 points 3 total 
 5thMathew Dawson Dogfish Racing Team 2 points 2 total 
 6thAnthony Dust Dogfish Racing Team 1 point 1 total 
 7thDarrell Bratton    
 8thHeston Roop    
 9thJustin Allen   
 DNFScott Ogilvie    

Bubba #1

 1stRyan Pirtle Dent Weezard 7 points 7 total 
 2ndDr. Mark Murawski Gateway Cycling 5 points 10 total 
 3rdChris Harre Big Shark Racing 4 points 4 total 
 4thEthan Froese Mesa Cycles 3 points3 total 
 5thDerek Loudermik Big Shark Racing 2 points 2 total 
 6thMark Nagy Dogfish Racing 1 point 1 total 
 7thMatt Laberta Dogfish Racing   
 8thAnthony Dust Dogfish Racing  1 total 
 9thKurt Russell Big Shark Racing   
 10th Matt Dawson Dogfish Racing  2 total 
 11thRuss Murphy Mesa Cycles   
 12thDarrell Bratton Team MACK   
 13thKurt Kippenberger Mercy Cycling   
 14thKurt Fletcher Dent Wizard   
 DNFPeder Hulse Dogfish Racing   

Bubba #2 Creve Coeur Park

 1stMark Murawski Gateway Cycling 7 points 17 total
 2ndMr. Mark Nagy Dogfish 5 points  6 total
 3rdMr.Derek Loudermilk Big Shark Racing 4 points  6 total
 4thMr. Aaron Inch Big Shark Racing 3 points 3 total 
 5thDarrell Bratton TEAM Mack 2 points 2 total
 6thMatt Laberta Dogfish 1 point1 total
 7thGary Dyer St. Louis Cycling Club  
 8thAnthony DustDogfish  1 total
 9thScott OgilvieMesa Cycles  
 10thMatt DawsonDogfish  2 total
 DNFPeder HulseDogfish  
 DNFKurt RussellBig Shark Racing  
DNFRuss MurphyMesa Cycles  
DNFCurt KippenbergerMercy Cycling  

Bubba #3 Spanish Lake County Park

1st Chris "In a Hurry" Harre Big Shark Racing 7 points 11 total 
2nd Dave Breslin Mesa Cycles 5 points 5 total 
3rd John Mathews DRJ Racing 4 points 4 total 
4th Derek Loudermilk Big Shark Racing 3 points 9 total 
5th Ron Bridal Team Mack 2 points 2 total 
6th Scott Ogilvie Mesa Cycles 1 point 1 total 
7th Darren Sherkat Team Mack  3 total 
8th Russ Murphy Mesa Cycles   
DNF Johnny Merli Dogfish   
DNF Gary Dyer St. Louis Cycling Club   

Bubba #4 Faust Park A Race

1st Chris "In a Hurry" Harre Big Shark Racing 7 points 18 total 
2nd Josh "Butthead" Johnson Big Shark Racing 5 points 5 total  
3rd Mark Murawski Gateway Cycling 4 points 14 total 
4th Mark Nagy Dogfish Racing 3 points 9 total 
5th Ron Bridal Team MACK 2 points 4 total 
6th Derek Loudermilk Big Shark Racing 1 point 10 total 
7th Curt Kippenberger Mercy Cycling   
8th Anthony Dust Dogfish Racing  1 total 
9th Scott Ogilvie Mesa Cycles  1 total 
10th Darrell Bratton Team MACK  2 total 
11th Dave Breslin Mesa Cycles  5 total 
12th Matt Laberta Dogfish Racing  1 total 
13th Matt Dawson Dogfish Racing  2 total 
14th Mike Briner Big Shark Racing   
 DNFMike Breininger Mesa Cycles   

Bubba 5 Jefferson Barracks "A" Race

1st Josh Johnson Big Shark Racing 7 points 14 total 
2nd Nathan Rice Big Shark Racing 5 points 5 total 
3rd Ethan Froese Mesa Cycles 4 points 7 points 
4th Derek Laan Purdue University 3 points 3 total 
5th Chris Harre Big Shark Racing 2 points 20 total 
6th Brady Beckham Mizzou Cycling 1point1 total  
7th Mark Nagy Dogfish  9 total 
8th John Mathews DRJ Racing  4 total 
9th Michael Hills Labor Power   
10th Scott Ogilvie Mesa Cycles  1 total 
11th Matt Laberta Dogfish  1 total 
12th Darrell Bratton Team MACK   
13th Justin Allen STLCC   
14th Bob Arnold DRJ   
15th Aaron Inch Big Shark Racing   
16th Jacob Meuth Mizzou Racing  
17th #45    
18thWes Biermann DRJ Racing   
19th Anthony Dust Dogfish Racing   
20th Louis Reilly Dogfish/Mizzou   
21st Chris "The Claw" Clausen Big Shark Racing   

Bubba #6 Queeny Park A Race

1st Derek Loudermilk Big Shark Racing 7 points 17 total 
 2nd Chris Harre Big Shark Racing 5 points 25 total
 3rd Mark Nagy Dogfish Racing 4 points 13 total
 4th Nick Coil Trek  3 points 3 total
 5th Dave Breslin Mesa Racing 2 points 7 total
6th  Matt Laberta Dogfish RAcing 1 point 2 total
 7th Anthony Dust Dogfish Racing  
 8th John Matthews DRJ  
 9th Scott Ogilvie Mesa Racing  
 10th Darrell Bratton Mack Racing  
 11th Mark Murawski Gateway Cycling   
 12th Ron Bridal Mack Racing  
 13th Aaron Inch Big Shark Racing  
 14th Scott Peipert Wild Track Racing  
 15th Matt Dawson Dogfish Racing  
 16th Darren Sherkat Mack Racing  
 17th T J Erlacker Mercy Racing  
 18th Wes Bierman DRJ  
 DNF Bob Arnold   

Bubba #7 George Winter Park "A" Race

1stDerek Loudermilk Big Shark Racing 7 points 24 total 
2nd Chris Harre Big Shark Racing 5 points 29 total 
3rd John Mathews DRJ Racing 4 points 8 total 
4th Mark Nagy Dogfish Racing 3 points 17 total 
5th Mark Murawski Gateway Racing 2 points 16 total 
6th Matt Laberta Dogfish 2 point 5 total 
7th Scott Piepert Wild Trak Bikes 1 point 1 total 
 DNFDave Breslin Mesa Cycles   

Bubba # 8 Unger Park

1st Josh Johnson Big Shark Racing 7 points 21 total 
2nd Nathan Rice Big Shark Racing 5 points 10 total 
3rd Dave Breslin Mesa Cycles 4 points 11 total 
4th Chris Harre Big Shark Racing 3 points 32 total 
5th Michael Hills Labor Power 2 points 2 total 
6th Ron Bridal Mack 1 point 5 total 
7th Scott Ogilvie Mesa Cycles  1 total 
8th Matt Laberta Dogfish  5 total 
9th Darron Sherkat Mack   
10th Derek Laudermilk Big Shark Racing  24 total 
11th Darrell Bratton Mack   
12th Scott Peipert Wild Track Bikes  1 total 
13th TJ Erlacker Mercy   
14th Curt Kipperberger Mercy   

Bubba #9 Hermann MO

1stNate Rice Big Shark Racing 7 points 17 total 
2nd Josh Johnson Big Shark Racing 5 points 26 total 
3rd Scott Dunsmuir    
4th Ethan Froese Mesa Cycles 3 points 10 total
5th Cale McAnich BMC 2 points  2 total
6th Derek Loudermilk Big Shark Racing 1 point 25 total
7th Mark Nagy Dogfish Racing  17 total
8th Scott Ogilvie Mesa Cycles   1 total
9th Darrell Bratton Team MACK  
10th Anthony Dust Dogfish Racing   1 total
11thTJ ElackerMercy  

Bubba #10- Missouri State Championships








1stJosh JohnsonBig Shark Racing7 points33 totalCat 1/2GOLD
2ndNathan RiceBig Shark Racing5 points22 totalCat 1/2SILVER
3rdJohn MathewsDRJ Racing4 points12 totalCat 1/2BRONZE
4thAnthony DustDogfish Racing3 points4 totalCat 1/2 
5thDave BreslinMesa Cycles7 points14 totalCat 3GOLD
6thMatt LabertaDogfish Racing5 points10 totalCat 30SILVER


 The 2007 Bubba Memorial Cyclocross Top 10 Points Standings! Men's 'A'

 Place NameTeam  Points


 Chris Harre Big Shark Racing


 2nd Josh Johnson Big Shark Racing31
 3rd Derek Loudermilk Big Shark Racing25
 4th Mark Murawski Gateway Racing23
 5th Nathan Rice Big Shark Racing22
 6th Mark Nagy Dogfish Racing20
 7th Dave Breslin Mesa Cycles18
 8th John Mathews DRJ Racing12
 9th Ethan Froese Mesa Cycles10
 10th Matt Laberta Dogfish 8

Bubba "B" Results

The Rambunctious "B" Race

Carbondale, Illinois- Ronde von Evergreen PreBubbaLogue

1st Daniel Williams Bike Surgeon 7 points 7 total 
2nd Brett Billings Brett Billings 5 points 5 total 
3rd Matt James Mesa Cycles 4 points 4 total 
4th Dru McCulley Unattached 3 points 3 total 
5th Karl King Mesa Cycles 2 points 2 total 
6th Bob Crow Dogfish Racing 1 point 1 total 
7th William Howells TBH Racing   
8th Peter Goode Unattached   
9th Mike Magnuson Bike Sturgeon   
10th Ken Mulligan Team Mack   
11th John Reimbold Bike Surgeon   

Bubba #1

 1stJohn Matthews DRJ Racing 7 points 7 total 
 2ndDan Williams Bike Surgeon 5 points 12 total 
 3rdBrett Billings Bike Surgeon 4 points 9 total 
 4thNolan Froese Mesa Cycles 3 points 3 total 
 5thJustin Allen STLCC 2 points 2 total 
 6thJohn Langworthy Unattached 1 point 1 total 
 7thDennis Kosclieski Dogfish Racing  
 8thKarl KingMesa Cycles2 points 
 9thAndy SchuetteCBC  
 10thJose BermudezBig Shark Racing  
 11thJames NelsonBig Shark Racing  
 12thMike HeffernanDent Wizard  
 13thJim KlagesBig Shark Racing  
 14thMike WeissBig Shark Racing  
 15thJan BradfordMesa Cycles  
 16thDru McCallyUnattached  3 total
 17thDave NelsonBig Shark Racing  
 18thBrian KindellBig Shark Racing  
 19thJeff YeildingDogfish  
 20thRalph PfremmerVelo Force/Pfoodman  
 21stMatt SiemensTeam MACK  
 22ndPeter GoodeUnattached  
 23rdMatt KesslerUnattached  

 Bubba #2 Creve Coeur Lake B Race

1st Mike WeissBig Shark Racing 7 points 7 total 
2nd Karl King Mesa Cycles 5 points 7 total 
3rd Mike Briner Big Shark Racing 4 points 4 total 
4th Drew Black Unattached 3 points 3 total 
5th Greg Girouard Trek STL 2 points 2 total 
6thJoe WalshBig Shark Racing 1 point 1 total 
7thJim Klages Big Shark Racing  
8th Matt Seimens Team Mack   
9th Brian Kindell Big Shark Racing   
10th Scott Piepert Unattached   
11thRichard Rudolph Unattached   
12th Bib # 159    
13thCraig Farrell Velo Force   
14th Chris Connelly Mesa Cycles   
15th Jeff Yeilding Dogfish   
16thPeter Goode Unattached   
17th Dennis Koscielski Dogfish   
18thMike Magnussen Bike Surgeon   
19thMatt Kessler Unattached   
20thJose Bermudez Big Shark Racing   
21stJeff Hemmer  Gateway Racing  
22ndJohn Reimbold Bike Surgeon   
23rdTim McAllister Ghissalo   
24thJeff Williams Unattached   

Bubba #3 Spanish Lake County Park

1st Dan WilliamsBike Surgeon 7 points 19 total 
2nd Scott Peipert Unattached 5 points 5 total 
3rd Justin Allen St. Louis Cycling Club 4 points 6 total 
4th Matt Siemens Team Mack 3 points 3 total
5th Matt James Mesa Cycles 2 points 6 total 
6th Sven Sprogoe Dogfish 1 point 1 total 
7th Jeff Yeilding Dogfish   
8th Karl King Mesa Cycles  7 total 
9th Dennis Kosclielski Dogfish   
10th Jose Bermudez Big Shark Racing   
11th Rex Brewer Big Shark Racing   
12th Mike Weiss Big Shark Racing  7 total 
13th Tim Battles Big Shark Racing   
14th Greg Giroard Trek STL  2 total 
15th Craig Farrell Velo Force   
16th Joe Walsh Big Shark Racing  1 total 
17th Josh Grossman Ozark Cycling Club   
18th Mike Hefernan Dent Wizard   
19th Jim Klages Big Shark Racing   
20th Jon Longworthy Red Wheel   
21st Brian Kindell Big Shark Racing   
22nd Mark Hasler ICCC   
23rd Dodd Slawson Labor Power   
24th Matt Kessler Unattached   
25th Drew Black Unattached   
26th Mike Magnusson Bike Surgeon   
27th Peter Goode Unattached   
28th Bob Crow Dogfish   
29th Marc Engelhardt Ghissalo   
30th John Reimbold Bike Surgeon   

Bubba 4 Faust Park B Race

1stRyan Huth 24 Hour Fitness 7 points 7 total 
2nd Brett Billings Bike Surgeon 5 points 14 total 
3rd Mike Weiss Big Shark Racing 4 points 11 total 
4th Jeff Yeilding Dogfish Racing 3 points 3 total 
5th Sven Sprogoe Dogfish Racing 2 points 3 total
6th Richard Breininger Mesa Cycles 1 point 1 total 
7th Matt Seimens Team MACK  3 total 
8th Scott Peipert Wild Track Bikes  5 total 
9th Karl King Mesa Cycles  7 total 
10th Greg Girouard TREK STL  2 total 
11th Jose Bermudez Big Shark Racing   
12th Tim Battles Big Shark Racing   
13th David Stroot Team MACK   
14th James Nelson Big Shark Racing   
15th Josh Allen St. Louis Cycling Club  6 total 
16th Mike Heffernan Dent Wizard   
17th Jim Klages Big Shark Racing   
18th Joe Walsh Big Shark Racing  1 total
19th Paul Quindry Team X   
20th Russ Murphy Mesa Cycles   
21st Rich Rudolph Ghisallo   
22nd Brian Kindell Big Shark Racing   
23rd Matt Kessler Unattached   
24th #268?    
25th Drew Black Unattached   
26th Mark Hasler ICCC   
27th Rex Brewer Big Shark Racing   
28th Mark Engelhardt Ghisallo   
29th Mike Magnusson Bike Surgeon   
30th John Reimbold Bike Surgeon   
31st Martin Lang Dent Wizard   
32nd Peter Goode Unattached   
33rd Frank Brummer Team MACK   
34th Dave Hoffman Sunset Cycles   

Bubba 5 Jefferson Barracks "B" Race

1st Daniel Williams Bike Surgeon 7 points 26 total 
2nd Nick Coil HRRC Trek 5 points 5 total 
3rd Brett Billings Bike Surgeon 4 points 18 total 
4th Sven Sprogoe Dogfish 3 points 6 total 
5th Jon Langworthy Red Wheel 2 points 2 total 
6th Martin Lang Dent Wizard 1 point1 total 
7th Drew Black Unattached  3 total 
8th Jeff Yeilding Dogfish  3 total 
9th James Nelson Big Shark Racing   
10th Matt Siemens Team MACK  3 total 
11th Tim Battles Big Shark Racing   
12th Brian Kindell Big Shark Racing   
13th Karl King Mesa Cycles  7 total 
14th Paul Quindry Team X  
15th Dennis Koscielski Dogfish   
16th Jeremy Bradshaw Gateway Cycling   
17th Mike Magnuson Bike Surgeon  
18th John Reimbold Bike Surgeon   
19th Mark Hasler ICCC   
20th Joe Walsh Big Shark Racing  1 total 
21st Peter Goode Unattached   
22nd Barry Blumenkemper Unattached   
23rd David McLung Purdue   
24th Brogan bahler Purdue   

Bubba #6 Queeny Park B Race

1st  Dan Williams Bike Surgeon 7 points33 total 
 2nd Matt Siemens Team Mack 5 points 8 total
 3rd Mike Weiss Big Shark Racing 4 points 15 total
 4th Martin Lang Dent Wizard 3 points 4 total
 5th Andrew Black  2 points 5 total
 6th Jon Langworthy Red Wheel Racing 1 point 3 total
 7th Tim Battles Big Shark Racing  
 8th Greg Girouard Trek Racing  
 9th David Stroot Mack Racing  
 10th Rich Rudolph Alterra Coffee  
 11th Dennis Koscieski Dofish Racing  
 12th Peter Goode   
 13th James Nelson Big Shark Racing  
 14th Matt James Mesa Cycles  
 15th Joe Walsh Big Shark Racing  
 16th Jeremy Bradshaw Gateway Cycling  
 17th Brian Kindel Big Shark Racing  
 18th Mike Briner Big Shark Racing  
 19th Paul Quindry Team X  
 20th Jim Klages Big Shark Racing  
 21st Corey Klein Mesa Cycles  
 22nd Russ Murphy Mesa Cycles  
 23rd Mike Magnusson Bike Surgeon  
 24th Matt Kesler   
 25th Roberto Birros Bike Surgeon  
 26th John Reinbold Bike Surgeon  

 1stDan Williams Bike Surgeon 7 points 40 total 
 2ndMike Weiss Big Shark Racing 5 points 20 total 
 3rdJon Langworthy Red Wheel Racing 4 points 7 total 
 4thRuss Murphy Mesa Cycles 3 points 3 total 
 5thSven Sprogoe Dogfish 2 points 5 total 
 6thDennis Koscielski Dogfish 1 point 1 total 
 7thJames Nelson Big Shark Racing   
 8thMatt James Mesa Cycles  6 total 
 9thDrew Black Unattached  3 total 
 10thJim Klages Big Shark Racing   
 11thKarl King Mesa Cycles  7 total 
 12thMarc Engelhardt Ghissalo   
 13thJoe Walsh Big Shark Racing  1 total 
 14thPeter Goode Unattached   
 15thMike Heffernan Dent Wizard   
 16thMatt Siemens Team  MACK  8 total 
 17thDave Smith Hub   
 18thMatt Kessler Unattached   


Bubba # 8 Unger Park "'B" Race

1stDavid StrootTeam Mack 7 points 7 total 
2nd Sven SprogoeDogfish 5 points10 total
3rd Matt JamesMesa Cycles 4 points10 total 
4th Dennis KoscielskiDogfish 3 points4 total 
5th Drew Black 2 points5 total 
6th Russ MurphyMesa Cycles 1 point4 total 
7th Corey KleinMesa Cycles   
8th Karl KingMesa Cycles  7 total 
9th Rich RudolfAlterra Coffee   
10th Mark Hagler ICCC   
11thMatt Siemens Mack  8 total 
12th Mike Weiss Big Shark Racing  20 total 
13th Matt Kessley    
14th William Howells    
15th James Nelson Big Shark Racing   
16th Matt Dawson Dogfish   
17th Jim KlagesBig Shark Racing   
18th Mike Magnusson Bike Surgeon   
19th John Reimbold Bike Surgeon   
20th Logan Von Borel Mesa Cycles   
21st Jeff Yeilding Dogfish   
22nd Roberto Barrios Mack   

Bubba #9 Hermann Missouri

 1stNolan FroeseMesa Cycles7 points10 total
 2ndDrew BlackUnattached5 points10 total
 3rdJeff YeildingDogfish4 points7 total
 4thDavid StrootUnattached3 points3 total
 5thMatt DawsonDogfish2 points2 total
 6thJim KlagesBig Shark Racing1 point1total
 7thBill HowellsTeam Bill Howells  
 8thScott PiepertWild Track Bikes  5 total
 9thJarred BrachettUnattached  
 10thMatt KesslerUnattached  
 11thShannon RobertsonBig Shark Racing  

Bubba #10 Missouri State Championships Hermann MO

 1stDaniel WilliamsNot Sure7 points7 totalIllinois
 2ndDavid StrootNot Sure5 points8totalIllinois
 3rdDrew BlackUnattached4 points14 total GOLD
 4thLogan Von BokelDent Wizard3 points3 totalSILVER
 5thChristopher ConnellyMesa Cycles2 points2 totalBRONZE
 6thMatt JamesMesa Cycles1 point11 total 
 7thMartin LangDent Wizard 4 total 
 8thBill HowellsTeam Bill Howells   
 9thRichard BowesGateway Cycling   
 10thJames NelsonBig Shark Racing   
 11thGiovanni Fondolini Mesa Cycles   
 12thNick Smith Unttached   
 13thAndy Noidert Unttached   
 14thChad LombardoUnttached   
 15thMatt Pence Unttached   
 16thPatrick Staub Unttached   
 17thShaun Turnbull Unttached   

Bubba Memorial Cyclocross Points Standings for 2007!


Place Name Team Points 


 Daniel WilliamsBike Surgeon47 
 2nd Mike WeissBig Shark Racing 20 
 3rd Brett BillingsBike Surgeon 18 
 4th Drew Black Unattached 14 
 5th Sven Sprogoe Dogfish 13 
 6th-tie Matt James Mesa Cycles 10 
 6th-tie Nolan Froese Mesa Cycles10 
 8th-tie John Langworthy Unattached  8 
 8th-tie David Stroot Unattached  8
 8th-tie Matt SiemensTeam Mack  8

Bubba "C" Results

The Bubbiferous "C" Race Results

Carbondale, Illinois- Ronde von Evergreen PreBubbaLogue

1st Drew Black Unattached 7 points 7 total 
2nd Ryan Warren Team Mack 5 points 5 total 
3rd Peter Goode Unattached 4 points 4 total 
4th Christopher Connolly Mesa Cycles 3 points 3 total 
5th Giovanni Fondolini Mesa Cycles 2 points 2 total 
6th Roberto Barrios Unattached 1 point 1 total 
7th David Neis Unattached   
8th Tom Harbert Bike Surgeon   
9th Andrew Baranovic Cape Bicycle   
10th Gordon Glacis Cape Bicycle   
11th Randall Stateler Bike Surgeon   
12th Michael Humphries Unattached   
13th Thomas Price Unattached   
14th Collin Sheridan Cape Bicycle   

Bubba #1 (We apologize for the lack of depth the the "C" Race results- only 12 were scored- we will try to encrypt the score sheet and place deeper.)

 1stDrew BlackUnattached7 points14 total
 2ndDavid StrootTeam MACK5 points5 total
 3rdPeter GoodeUnnattached4 points4 total
 4thMarc Engelhardt Ghissalo3 points3 total
 5thMatthew CrewsUnattached2 points2 total
 6thMartin Lang Dent Wizard1 point 
 7thEthan Johnson The Hub  
 8thCasey Saunders Dogfish Racing  
 9thChris ConnollyMesa Cycles 3 total
 10thBill HowellsTeam Bill Howells presented by Salty Chips  
 11thFrank BrummerTeam MACK  
 12thRoberto BarriosTeam MACK   1 total

Bubba #1 Women C

 1stPam Hinton Mercy Cycling 7 points 7 total 
 2nd Amy Strahan Big SHark Racing 5 points 5 Total 
 3rd Jessica Kovarik Columbia Bicycle Club 4 points 4 total 
 4thAlane Carder Velo Force 3 points 3 total 
 5thBecky Cato Velo Force 2 points 2 total 
 6thSally Struckman Big Shark Racing 1 points 1 total 

Bubba #2 Creve Coeur Park "C" Race

1st Marc Engelhardt Ghissalo 7 points 10 total 
2nd Walt SiemensTeam Mack 5 points 5 total 
 3rdBill Howells Team Bill Howells presented by Fritos 4 points 4 total 
 4thMartin Lang Dent Wizard 3 points 4 total 
 5thRich Pierce ICCC 2 points 2 total 
 6thDavid Neis Unattached 1 point 1 total 
 7thMatt Struckman Big Shark Racing   
 8thSam Yount Ghissalo   
 9thEthan Johnson The Hub   
 10thPeter Boumgarden Ghissalo   
 11thAmy Strahan Big Shark Racing   
 12thJay Tiegs Unattached   
 13thPatrick Koeting Cape Bike   
 14thChad Lombardo Unattached   
 15thMichael Modesto Cumberland Transit   
 16thKurt Hine Big Shark Racing   
 17thKevin Nashas Ghissalo   
 18thFrank Brummer Team MACK   
 19thCollin Sheridan Cape Bike   
 20thRichard Hess ICCC   
 21stMitch Faddis Unattached   
 22ndJeremy Lines Big Shark Racing   
 23rdMike Noble Dent Wizard   
 24thSally Struckman Big Shark Racing   

Bubba #2 Juniors

 1stMike Noble Dent Wizard 7 points 7 total 

Bubba #2 Women C

 1stAmy Strahan Big Shark Racing 7 points 13 total 
 2ndSally Struckman Big Shark Racing 5 points 6 total 

Bubba #3 Spanish Lake County Park C Race

1st David Stroot Team Mack 7 points 12 total 
2nd Martin Lang Dent Wizard 5 points 9 total 
3rd Frank Brummer Team Mack 4 points 4 total 
4th Chris Connelly Mesa Cycles 3 points 6 total 
5th Ethan Johnson Hub 2 points 2 total 
6th Walter Seimens Team Mack 1 point 1 total 
7th Greg Powell Unattached   
8th Peter Goode Unattached  4 total 
9th Dave Smith The Hub   
10th Bryan Adams Dogfish   
11th Barry Blumenkemper Unattached   
12th Mystery Rider "GW"    
13th Bill Howells Team Bill Howells presented by Pringles  4 total 
14th Tim McAllister Ghisallo   
15thMatt Struckman Big Shark Racing   
16thGiovanni Fondolini Mesa Cycles   
17th Jeremy Lines Big Shark Racing   
18th Richard Hess ICCC   
19th Nick Smith Unattached   
20th Craig Basler Pfoodman/Wapiti   
21st Seth Gausnell Unattached   
22nd Mitch Faddis Unattached   
23rd Jay Tiegs Unattached   
24th Chad Lombardo Unattached   
25th Chris Saxton The Hub   

Bubba 3 Spanish Lake Women

 1stAmy Strahan Big Shark Racing 7 points 19 total 
 2ndBecky Cato Velo Force 5 points 7 total 
 3rdSally Struckman Big Shark Racing 4 points 10 total 
 4thJessica Smith Unattached 3 points 3 total 
 5thLauren Herring Impact Group 2 points 2 total 
 6thGail Seimens Team Mack 1 point 1 total 
 7thLaura James Unattached   

Bubba 4- Faust Park "C" Race

1st Aron Rauls Ghisallo 7 points 7 total 
2ndRandall Stateler Bike Surgeon 5 points 5 total 
3rd Peter Goode Unattached 4 points 8 total 
4th Ethan Johnson The Hub 3 points 5 total 
5th Casey Saunders Dogfish 2 points  
6th Walt Seimens Team MACK 1 point 2 total 
7th Chris Connely Mesa Cycles  6 total 
8th Wild Bill Howells Team Bill Howells presented by Snyders  4 total 
9th Frank Brummer Team MACK  4 total 
10th Giovani Fondolini Mesa Cycles   
11th Dave Neis Bike Surgeon  1 total 
12th Matt Fails Columbia Bicycle Club   
13th Matt Struckman Big Shark Racing   
14th Mike Ludwig Velo Force    
15th Logan Von Bokel Dent Wizard   
16th Ed Klein Team Seagal   
17th Tom Harbert Bike Surgeon   
18th Sam Yount Ghisallo   
19th Tim McAllister Ghisallo   
20thJeremie Meitz Gateway Cycling Club   
21st Amy Strahan Big Shark Racing 7 points26 total 
22nd Richard Hess ICCC   
23rd Kurt Schenk Big Shark Racing   
24th Colin Sheridan Cape Bicycle   
25th Kurt Hine Big Shark Racing   
26th Andrew Baranovic Cape Bicycle   
27th Jamie Gilpin Big Shark Racing   
28th Rudy Schwarz ICCC   
29th Lauren Herring Impact Group 5 points 7 total 

Bubba 5, Jefferson Barracks "C" Race

1st Peter Goode Unattached 7 points 7 total 
2nd Dave Smith The Hub 5 points 5 total 
3rd Walt Siemens Team MACK 4 points 7 total 
4th Logan VonBokel Dent Wizard 3 points 3 total 
5th Richard Bowes Gateway Cycling 2 points 2 total 
6th Bill Howells Team Bill Howells Presented by Olestra1 point 5 total 
7th Rudy Schwarz ICCC   
8th Matt Struckman Big Shark Racing   
9th David Neis Bike Surgeon   
10th Scott Wallace ICCC   
11th Tim McAllitster Ghisallo   
12th Nick Smith Red Wheel   
13th Shannon Robertson Mizzou   
14th Richard Hess ICCC   
15th Jay Tiegs Unattached   
16th Andy Neidert Red Wheel   
17th Chad Lombardo Unattached   
18th Gordon Glaus Cape Bicycle   
19th Jeremie Meitz Gateway Bicycle   
20th Seth Gaysnell Unattached   
21st Alexander Johnson Unattached   
22nd Patrick Koetting Cape Bicycle and Fitness   
DNF Rich Peirce IC Deer   
DNF Big Freaking Deer  Team Artiodactyla Cervidae  

Bubba 5 "C" Race Juniors

1stJan Bradford-Watts Mesa Cycles 7 points 7 total 
2nd Zach Hefner ICCC 5 points 5 total 
3rd Matt Pence Mesa Cycles 4 points 4 total 

Bubba 5 "C" Race Women

1st Becky Cato Velo Force 7 points 14 total 
2nd Gail Siemens Team MACK 5 points 6 total 
3rd Sally Struckman Big Shark Racing 4 points 14 total 


Bubba 6 "C" Race

1st  Logan Von Bokel Dent Wizard7 points  10 total
 2nd Chris Connelly Mesa Cycles 5 points 11 total
 3rd Walt Siemens Team Mack 4 points 11 total
 4th Casey Saunders Dogfish 3 points 5 total
 5th Dave Smith Hub Racing 2 points 7 total
 6th Ethan Johnson Hub Racing 1 point 6 total
 7th Matt Pence Mesa Cycles  
 8th Dave Neis Bike Surgeon  
 9th Richard Bowes Gateway Cycling  
 10th Rudy Schwarz ICCC  
 11th Tom Albert DRJ  
 12th Tim McAllister Ghisallo Racing  
 13th Jeremie Meitz Gateway Cycling  
 14th Nick Smith Red Wheel  
 15th Andy Neidert Red Wheel  
 16th Tom Harbert Bike Surgeon  
 17th Chad Lombardo   
 18th Larry McKenzie Bike Surgeon  
 19th Shannon Robertson Big Shark Racing  
 20th Chris Clausen Big Shark Racing  
 21st Richard Hess ICCC  
 22nd Jay Tiegs   
 23rd Colin Sheridan Cape Bike  
 24th Jeremy Lines Big Shark Racing  
 25th James Frederick   
 26th Gordon Glaus Cape Bike  

Bubba 6 Queeny Park "C" Womens

1st  Amy Strahan Big Shark Racing 7 points 33 total
 2nd Becky Cato Velo Force 5 points 12 total
 3rd Gail Siemens Mack Racing 4 points 10 total
 4th Jessica Smith  3 points 6 total
 5th Sally Struckman Big Shark Racing 2 points 16 total

Bubba #7 George Winter Park "C" Race

1st Chris Connelly Mesa Cycles 7 points 18 total 
2nd Walt Siemens Team MACK 5 points 16 total 
3rd Mike Sandbagnussen Bike Surgeon 4 points 4 total 
4th Casey Saunders Dogfish 3 points 8 total 
5th  Richard BowesGateway Cycling 2 points 2 total 
6th John Reimbold Bike Surgeon 1 point 1 total 
7th Craig Farrell Velo Force   
8th Dave Neis    
9th Andy Weidert    
10th Jeremie Mietz Gateway Cycling   
11th Nick Smith    
12th Jay Tiegs    
13th Matt Pence    
14th Shannon Robertson Big Shark Racing   
15th Kurt Schenk Big Shark Racing   
16thChris Bopp    
17th Jeremy LinesBig Shark Racing   
18th Michael Maxelson Big Shark Racing   

Bubba #7 Women Open

1st Amy Strahan Big Shark Racing 7 points 40 total 
2nd Sally Struckman Big Shark Racing 5 points 21 total 

Bubba #8 "C" Race

1st Chris Connelly Mesa Cycles 7 points 25 total
2nd Walt Siemens Mack 5 points 21 total 
3rd Dave Neis Bike Surgeon 4 points 4 total 
4th Matt Pence Mesa Cycles 3 points 3 total 
5th Ken Wheeler Mack 2 points 2 total 
6th Jeremie Meitz Gateway 1 point 1 point 
7th Richard Hess ICCC   
8th Brian Koscaeski    
9th Giovanni Fondolini Mesa Cycles   
10th Tim McAllister Ghisallo   
11th Barry Blumenkamper    
12th Rudy Schwarz ICCC   
13th Larry Mckenzie Bike Surgeon   
14th Chris Claussen Big Shark Racing   
15th Shannon Robertson Big Shark Racing  
16th Chad Lombardo    


Bubba #8 Woman Open


 Amy Strahan Big Shark Racing7 points 47 total
2st Becky Cato Velo Force5 points13 total 
3rd  Christine Roethen X-Plane/Revolution4 points4  total
4th Gail Siemens Team Mack3 points 13 total 

Bubba #9 Hermann C Race

1st Chris ConnellyMesa Cycles7 points32 total
2ndRudy SchwarzICCC5 points5 total
3rd Ian SasekUnattached4 points4 total
4thChad LombardoUnattached3 points3 total
5thRick HessICCC2 points2 total
6thBenji BrocktingUnattached1 point1 total
7thFred CarterUnattached  
8thJacob CarterUnattached  

Women's C Race

1stJennifer HerrellNot Sure7 points7 total

Bubba Memorial 2007 Cyclocross Points Standings, Men 'C'

Place Name Team Points 
 1st Chris ConnellyMesa Cycles 32 
 2nd Walt SiemensTeam Mack 26 
 3rdDrew Black Unattached14 
 4rdDavid StrootTeam Mack12 
 5th tieMarc EngelhardtGhissalo10 
 5th tieLogan Von BokelDent Wizard10 
 7thMartin Lang Dent Wizard 
 8th tieCasey Saunders Dogfish8
 8th tiePeter Groode Unattached 
 10thDave Smith Hub Racing7

2007 Bubba Memorial Cyclocross Final Points Standings, Woman 'C'

Place  Name TeamPoints 
 1st Amy Strahan Big Shark Racing 40
 2nd Becky Cato Velo Force  24
 3rd Sally Struckman Big Shark Racing 16
 4th Gail Seimens Team Mack 13
 5th tie Pam Hilton Mercy Cycling 7
 5th tie Jennifer Herrell Not Sure 7
 7th Jessica Smith Unattached 6
 8th tie Jessicca Kovarik Columbia Bicycle Club 4
 8th tie Christine Roethen X-Plane/Revolution 4
 10th Alane Carder Velo Force 3

2007 Bubba Memorial Cyclocross Points Standings, Junior Men

Place Name  Team Points 
1st tie Mike Noble Dent Wizard  7
1st tieJan BradfordMesa Cycles  7
3rd Zack Hefner ICCC 5
4th Matt Pence Mesa Cycles  4