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2006 Bubba Memorial Cross Results

Big, Bad A Race

Bubba 1, October 15, 2006

 1st Ryan Pirtle Dent Wizard  7 points7 total 
 2nd Kurt Fletcher Dent Wizard  5 points5 total
 3rd Mark Murawski Gateway  4 points 4 total
 4th Chris Harre Big Shark 3 points 3 total
 5th Jack Daugherty Labor Power 2 points 2 total
 6th Andy Gibbs Labor Power 1 point 1 total
 7th Mark Nagy Dogfish  7 total
 8th Anthony Dust St. Louis Cycling Club  


Bubba 1.5-

1st Mark Nagy Dogfish 7 points 7 total 
2ndDarren Sherkat Team MACK 5 points 5 total 
3rd Heston Roop Team MACK 4 points 4 total 


Bubba 2.0

 1stNathan Rice Big Shark Racing 7 points 7 total 
 2ndJosh "butthead' JohnsonBig Shark Racing 5 points5 total 
 3rdMark Murawski Gateway Cycling 4 points 8 total
 4thChris HarreBig Shark Racing3 points6 total
 5thEthan FroeseLabor Power2 points2 total
 6thKurt FletcherDent Wizard1 point 6 total 
 7thJack DaughertyLabor Power  2 total 
 8thMark NagyDogfish   
 9thRichard Breininger Mesa Cycles  
 10thMatt Laberta Dogfish   
 11thJohn Thrasher Ghisallo Racing  
 12thKevin Bricknell Walt's Bike Shop   
 13thDan Fuhrman route 66   
 14thScott Rendall unattached   
 15th Tim KakourisDogfish  


Bubba 3.0 October 29, 2006

1st Josh Johnson Big Shark Racing 7 points 12 total 
2nd Nate "peace offering" Rice Big Shark Racing 5 points 12 total 
3rd Kurt Fletcher Dent Wizard 4 points 10 total 
4th Chris "call it a comeback" Harre Big Shark Racing 3 points 9 total 
5th Mark Murawski Gateway Cycling 2 points 10 total 
6th Jack Daugherty Labor Power 1 points 3 total 
7th Mark Nagy Dogfish   
8th Darrell Bratton Team Mack   
9th John Thrasher  Ghisallo Racing   
10th Josh Carter Mesa Cycles   
11th Andy Gibbs Labor Power  1 total 
12th Tim Kakouris Ghisallo Racing   
13th Anthony Dust  St. Louis Cycling Club   
14th Matt Laberta Dogfish   
15th Jeff Shroetlin Mesa Cycles   

Bubba 4.0  November 4,2006

1st Jack Daugherty Labor Power 7 points 10 total 

Chris Harre

Big Shark Racing 5 points 14 total 
3rd Kurt FletcherDent Wizard4 points 14 total 
4th Mark Murawski Gateway Racing3 points 13 total
5th Mark NagyDogfish 2 points 2 total 
6th Anthony DustSt. Louis Cycling Club1 point 1 total
7th Darrell BrattonTeam Mack  
8th Scott (a.ka. Rendell) OgilvieUnattached  
9th Andy Gibbs Labor Power 1 total 
10th Darren SherkatTeam Mack 5 total 
11th Ron BridalMack 
12th Tim KakourisGhisallo  
13th Aaron InchBig Shark Racing  
14th Gerald ShurlowSt. Louis Cycling Club  

Bubba #5 November 12, 2006

 1stJosh JohnsonBig Shark Racing  7 points19 total 
 2ndNathan RiceBig Shark Racing 5 points17 total
 3rdJack DaughertyLabor Power4 points14 total
 4thScott (a.k.a. Rendell) OgilvieUnattached3 points3 total
 5thJohn ThrasherGhisallo2 points2 total
 6thDarrell BrattonTeam Mack1 point1 total
 7thDan Fuhrman 
 8thMatt LabertaDogfish  
 9thAaron Inch Big Shark Racing   
10th Derek Loudermilk Grand Performance   

 Bubba #6 November 19,2006

 1stMark MurawskiGateway Racing  7 points20 total 
 2ndChris HarreBig Shark Racing 5 points19 total
 3rdMark NagyDogfish4 points6 total
 4thScott "Rendall" OgilvieUnattached3 points6 total
 5thAnthony DustDogfish2 points2 total
 6thMatt LabertaDogfish1 point1 total
 7thDerek LoudermilkGrand Performance 
 8thDarrell BrattonTeam Mack  
 9thAaron InchBig Shark Racing   


This Just In:  In the category of "How not to impress the ladies by trying to endo and then falling flat on your face," we have a decisive winner.  Congratulations!

                                                        JOHNNY MERLI


Bubba # 7 November 26, 2006

1stTaylor CarringtonSilver Cycling  7 points7 total 
 2ndMark MurawskiGateway Racing 5 points25 total
 3rdChris HarreBig Shark Racing4 points23 total
 4thJack DaughertyLabor Power3 points17 total
 5thJohn ThrasherGhisallo Racing2 points4 total
 6thRob BridalTeam Mack1 point1 total
 7thDarrell BrattonTeam Mack 
 8thMatt LabertaDogfish Racing 1 total 
 9thKent SmithSilver Cycling  

Bubba Series Overall Champions

1stMark MurawskiGateway Racing 25 total 
 2ndChris HarreBig Shark Racing23 total
 3rdJosh JohnsonBig Shark Racing19 total
 4thNate Rice Big Shark Racing17 total
Jack DaughertyLabor Power17 total
6thKurt FletcherDent Wizard14 total

Bigger, not as Bad, B Race

Bubba 1, October 15, 2006

 1st Kevin Brickwell Walt's 7 points
 2nd Jeff Hemmer Gateway 5 points
 3rd Thomas McDaniel Walt's 4 points
 4th Ron Bridal Mack 3 points
 5th Nolan Froese CBC 2 points
 6th Gregory Girorard Manchester Racing 1 point
 7th Patrick Reedy Big Shark 
 8th Jim Klages Big Shark 
 9th Kent Smith Silver Cycling 
 10th Lewis Reece Velo Force 

Bubba 1.5, October 21st


1stPatrick Reedy Big Shark Racing 7 points 7 total 
2nd Kent SmithHollywood Cycle 5 pionts5 total
3rdJim KlagesBig Shark Racing4 points4 total
4thBob CrowDog Fish 3 points3 total
5thPhil StutzBig Shark Racing2 points2 total
6thJohn ReimboldHeckawee Nation1 point1 total
7th Craig JansenPorta potty 


Bubba #2 October 22, 2006

 1stRon Bridal Mack 7 points 10 total 
2ndPatrick Reedy Bigshark Racing 5 points 12 total 
3rd Jeff "The Hammer" Hemmer Gateway Cycling 4 points 9 total 
4th Kent Smith Silver Cycling 3 points 8 total 
5th Jose Bermudez Bigshark Racing 2 points 2 total 
6th Jim Klages Bigshark Racing 1 point 5 total 
7th Jeff Yielding Dogfish  
8th Sven "from Sveden" Sprogoe Dogfish 00000000 total
9th Dodd Slawson Labor Power   
10th Mike Briner Big Shark Racing   
11th Greg Girouard Manchester Racing  1 total 
12th Phillip Stutz  Big Shark Racing  2 total
13th Theo VandeveldeICCC   
14th Adrian Roop Team Mack   
15th Rich Pierce ICCC   
16th Ralph Pfremmer Velo Force   
17th Michael Leistner Mesa Cycles   
18th Mike Ludwig Velo Force   

Bubba #3.0 October 29,2006

1st Ron Bridal Team Mack 7 points 17 total 
2nd Mike Briner Big Shark Racing 5 points 5 total 
3rd Sven Sprogoe Dogfish 4 points 4 total 
4th Patrich Reedy Big Shark Racing 3 points 15 total 
5th Jeff Yielding Dogfish 2 points 2 total 
6th Jim Klages Big Shark Racing 1 point 6 total 
7th Jeff "wheels" Hemmer Gateway Cycling       09 total 
8th Craig Farrell Velo Force  
9th Phillip Stutz Big Shark Racing 2 total 
10th Jose Bermudez Big Shark Racing  2 total 
11th Dodd Slawson Labor Power   
12th Lewis Reece Velo Force   
13th Mike Leistner Mesa Cycles   
14th Mark Hasler ICCC   
15th Greg Girouard Manchester Racing  1 total 
16th John Reimbold Heckawee   

Bubba 4.0  November 4, 2006

1st Alex Moore Unattached 7 points 7 total
2nd Mike BrinerBig Shark Racing5 points 10 total 
3rd Jeff HemmerGateway Racing4 points13 total
4th Jose Bermudez Big Shark Racing3 points5 total 
5th Patrick ReedyBig Shark Racing2 points17 total 
6th Craig FarrellVelo Force 1 point 1 total
7th Dave GrendaSt. Louis Cycling Club
8th Jim KlagesBig Shark Racing 6 total 
9th Jeff YieldingDogfish 2 total
10th Phillip StutzBig Shark Racing 2 total 
11th Dodd SlawsonLabor Power  
12th Ralph PfremmerVelo Force  
13th John ReimboldHeckawee  
14th Bob Crow Dogfish  
15th Michael LeistnerMesa Cycles 
16th Wesley TrueboldCBC  
17thRich PierceICCC   

Bubba #5  November 12, 2006

1st  Derek Laah Purdue Cycling 7 points 7 total Collegiate Winner 
2nd Kevin Bricknell Walt's 5 points 12 total  
3rd Derek Loudermilk Grand Performance 4 points 4 total  
4th Brady Beckham Mizzou Cycling3 points 3 total Collegiate 2nd Place 
5th Jim McDonald CBC 2 points 2 total  
6th Mike Briner Big Shark Racing 1 point 11 total  
7th John Lynch Ghisallo Racing    
8th  Patrick ReedyBig Shark Racing  17 total  
9th Craig Farrell Velo Force  1 total  
10th Jeff Yielding Dogfish  2 total  
11th Jose Bermudez Big Shark Racing  5 total  
12thBrian Kindel Big Shark Racing    
13th Brett Billings Bike Surgeon   
14th Jim Klages Big Shark Racing  6 total  
15th Jeff "gimme a push" Hemmer Gateway Racing 13 total  
16th Lewis Reece Velo Force    
17th Bob Crow Dogfish    
18th Matt Jones Purdue Cycling   Collegiate 3rd place
19th Heston(Adrian)  Roop Team Mack   
20th John Reimboldt Heckawee    
21st Joby Ivliano Purdue Cycling   Collegiate 4th place 
22nd Kurt Russell Velo Force    
23rd Mark Hasler ICCC    
24th Jacob Sutton Purdue Cycling   Collegiate 5th place 
25th Matt Siemens Team Mack    

 Bubba #6 November 19, 2006

1st Mike Briner Big Shark Racing 7 points 18 total 
2nd Kevin BricknellWalt's5 points 17 total 



Jim McDonald

CBC4 points

6 total


4th Jeff YieldingDogfish3 points5 total
5th Jose BermudezBig Shark Racing2 points7 total
6th Sven SprogoeDogfish1 point 6 total
7th Matt DawsonDogfish
8th Patrick ReedyBig Shark Racing 17 total 
9th Jim KlagesBig Shark Racing 6 total
10th Craig FarrellVelo Force  1 total
11th Jeff HemmerGateway Racing 13 total 
12th Phillip StutzBig Shark Racing 2 total 
13th Bob CrowDogfish  
14th Matt SiemarsTeam Mack  
15th John reimboldHeckawee 
16th Lewis ReeseVelo Force  


Bubba #7 November 26,2006

1st Larry MartiCPT-Colnago7 points 7 total
2nd Mike BrinerBig Shark Racing5 points 23 total 
3rd Patrick ReedyBig Shark Racing4 points21 total
4th Jose BermudezBig Shark Racing 3 points10 total
5th Sven SprogoeDogfish Racing2 points8 total
6th Jeff HemmerGateway "sheep" Racing1 point 14 total
7th Brett BillingsBike Surgeon
8th Jim KlagesBig Shark Racing 6 total
9th Phil StutzBig Shark Racing 2 total
10th Dave GrendaSt. Louis Cycling Club 
11th Ralph PhremmerVelo Force  
12th Kent SmithSilver Cycling  
13th Bob Crow Dogfish Racing  
14th Matt BrownUMR  
15th Lewis ReeseVelo Force 
16th # 474  
17thMatt SiemensTeam Mack  
18th # 291   

Bubba Series Overall Champions

1st Mike BrinerBig Shark Racing23 total 
2nd Patrick ReedyBig Shark Racing21 total
3rd Kevin BricknellWalts's17 total
4th Ron BridalTeam Mack 17 total
5th Jeff HemmerGateway Racing14 total
6thJose BermudezBig Shark Racing10 total




Biggest, Friendliest C Race


If you placed in the top 6 please send us an email at

otherwise the results from the first race may be dropped from the totals.


 1st Dean Hargett CBC  7 points
 2ndRon Sapp CBC  5 points
 3rdBrett Billings  deer hunter racing 4 points
 4thJames NelsonBig Shark Racing 3 points
 5thJohn Reimbold??????????????  2 points
 6thMatt Kesslerfinally claiming his 6th place  1 point

Bubba 1.5 October 21,2006

1st Brett Billingsunattached 7pts 11 total 
 2nd Thomas Priceunattached  5pts 5 total
 3rdRoberto Barrios  Salsa King 4pts 4 total
 4th Bobber Wooldridge Big Shark 3pts 3 total
 5th David Smith unattached 2pts 2 total
 6th Michael Humphries Hackawee 1pt 1 total
 7thDarryl Hawkins  Velo force  
 8thMike Hefferman STLC   
 9thJim Cedur Breeze   
 10thWill Scherschel Bike Surgeon   
 11thKenny Gardner Bike Surgeon   
 12thButch Jones  unattached  
 13thJoe Owens  Bike Surgeon  

Bubba #2 October 22, 2006

1st Brett Billings unattached 7 points 18 total 
2nd Matt Brown unattached 5 points 5 total 
3rd Matt Kessler unattached 4 points 4 total 
4th Brian Kindell Big Shark Racing3 points3 total 
5th Scott Wallace ICCC 2 points 2 total 
6th Ethan Johnson unattached 1 point 1 total 
7th Dave Grenda St. Louis Cycling Club   
8th Jarred Bouchard UMR   
9th Peter Goode unattached   
10th Bill Howells TBH  
11th Phil Shoulberg Big Shark Racing    
12th Mitchell Faddis unattached   
13th Dave Smith The Hub   
14th Rudy Schwarz ICCC   
15th Craig Jansen UA  
16th Tim McAllister unattached  
17th Mark Wagnerunattached   
18th Rich Hess ICCC  
19th Bill Howard Velo Force  
20thMike Hefferman St. Louis Tri Club   
21st Jim Cedor Breeze Bicycles   
22nd Mathew Fails Indy   
23rd Jim Sullivan Ghisallo   
24th Loran Cavano Big Shark Racing   

Bubba # 3 October 29,2006

1st Dave Grenda St. Louis Cycling Club 7 points 7 total 
2nd Brian Kindel Big Shark Racing 5 points 8 total 
3rdBrett Billings Bike Surgeon 4 points 22 total 
4th Matt Siemens Team Mack 3 points 3 total 
5th James Nelson Big Shark Racing 2 points 5 total 
6th Matt Kessler Unattached 1 point 5 total 
7th Bill Howells TBH  
8th John Donjoian  GORC  
9th Amy Strahan Big Shark Racing Check Womens Results  
10th Scott Wallace ICCC 2 points  
11th Peter Goode Unattache   
12th Rudy Schwarz ICCC   
13th Mike Wilkening Velo Force   
14th Brian Beyer Unattached   
15th Craig Jensen Unattached   
16th Dave Smith The Hub....bub   
17th Mitch Faddis Unattached   
18th Bob Wooldridge Big Shark Racing  3 total
19th Matt Fails Unattached   
20th Jim Cedor Breeze Bicycles   
21st Becky Cato Velo Force Check Womens Results  
22nd Richard Hess ICCC   
23rd Jason Wolff Red Wing   
24th Jim Sullivan Ghisallo Racing   
25th Nick Smith Unattached   

Bubba 4.0  November 4, 2006

1st Brian Kindel Big Shark Racing7 points15 total 
2nd Brett Billings Bike Surgeon5 points 27 total 
3rdMat SipmensTeam Mack 4 points 7 total 
4th Daniel Williams SLU3 points 3 total 
5th Matt KesslerUnattached2 points 7 total
6th Pete GoodeUnattached1 point 1 total 
7th James NelsonBig Shark Racing  
8th Bill Howells TBH  
9th Rudy SchwarzICCC 
10th Roberto BarriosUnattached 
11th Nick Smith Red Wheel  
12th Mitch Faddis Unattached  
13th Bob WooldridgeBig Shark Racing 3 total 
14th Tim McAllisterGhisallo  
15th Rich HessICCC  
16th Jim CedorUnattached  
17th Jim SullivanGhisallo  
18th Kevin MiQuelon Unattached  
19th Garrett RobertsUnattached  

Bubba #5 November 12, 2006

1st Matt KesslerUnattached 7 points 13 total
 2ndJames NelsonBig Shark Racing 5 points10 total
 3rdMike OzwenyTeam Mack4 points4 total
 4thBill HowellsTBH3 points3 total
 5thPam HintonCBCwomens results 
 6thAnne FeltsCBCwomens results
 7thPete GoodeUnattached2 points 3 total
 8thCasey Saunders Dogfish1 points 1 total 
 9thMatt BrownUMR  
 10thMat SiemensTeam Mack   
 11thRoberto BarriosUnattached   
12th Pete Goode????????this can't be right   
 13thMitch Faddis Unattached   
14th Craig Jansen Unattached   
15th Amy Strahan Big Shark Racing   
16th Mark Wagner UMR   
17th Richard Hess ICCC   
18th Bill Howard Velo Force   
19thStacey LaPrestaRoute 66   
20th Scott Pfeiffer Unattached   
21st Michael Braun UMR   
22nd ?????????????????    

Sorry guys for the confusion on the results.....We have one or two unknowns, but otherwise, there you have it.

 Bubba #6 November 19, 2006

1st Peter SchootenGreen Mountain Sports 7 points 
 2ndCasey SandersDogfish5 points6 total
 3rdPeter GoodeUnattached4 points7 total
 4thDennis KoschelskiDogfish3 points3 total
 5thDavid GrendaSt. Louis Cycling Club2 points9 total
 6thDaniel WilliamsUnattached1 point
 7thMatt KesslerUnattached13 total
 8thJohn AdamsonBike Tech Racing
 9thPam HintonCBCcheck womens results  
 10thBill HowellsTBH  
 11thCraig JansenUnattached  
12th Michael HumphriesHeckawee  
13thBob WooldridgeBig Shark Racing 3 total 
14th Roberto BarriosUnattached  
15th Rudy SchwartzICCC  
16th Amy StrahanBig Shark Racingcheck womens results 
17th Matt WidzerUnattached  
18th Becky CatoVelo Force check womens results 
19thBill HowardVelo Force  
20th M. Noble  

Bubba # 7 November 26, 2006

1st Gregory CharhoudianPedal the Planet 7 points 7 total
 2ndJason DempseySante Fe5 points5 total
 3rdDennis KoscirlskiDogfish Racing4 points7 total
 4thCasey SaundersDogfish Racing3 points9 total
 5thJames NelsonBig Shark Racing2 points12 total
 6thPete GoodeUnattached1 point8 total
 7thJason FalzoneUnattached
 8thMatt KesslerUnattached13 total
 9thJosh GrussmanUnattached  
 10thNick SmithRed Wheel  
 11thPhil ShoulbergBig Shark Racing  
12th Bob WooldridgeBig Shark Racing 3 total 
13thCraig JansenUnattached  
14th Mitch SimpsonRed Wheel  
15th Josh MartiUnattached  
16th Mitch FaddisUnattached 
17th Bill Howellstbh 3 total 
18th Tim McAllisterGhisallo Racing 
19thJim CedorUnattached  

Bubba Series Overall Champions

1st Brett BillingsBike Surgeon27 total
 2ndBrian KindellBig Shark Racing15 total
 3rdMatt KesslerUnattached13 total
 4thJames NelsonBig Shark Racing12 total
 5thDavid GrendaSt. Louis Cycling Club9 total
 6thPete GoodeUnattached 8 total


Kinda Small, but Fierce Women's Open

Bubba 1, October 15, 2006

 1st Pam Hinton CBC 7 points
 2nd Stacey LaPresta Route 66 5 points
 3rd Amy Strahan Big Shark 4 points
 4th Annie Smith unattached 3 points

Bubba 1.2 October 21, 2006

1stEmily Greenstreet Bike Sturgeonette 7pts 7 total 
2nd Gina Dunning unattached 5pts 5 total 

Bubba #2 October 22, 2006

1st Pam Hinton CBC 7 points 14 total 
2nd Anne Felts CBC 5 points 5 total 
3rd Amy Strahan Big Shark Racing 4 points 8 total 
4th Stacey PrestaRoute 66 3 points3 total 
5th Becky Cato Velo Force 2 points 2 total 
6th Carrie Cash Revolution 1 point 1 total 
7th Suzann Johnson Velo Force   

Bubba #3 October 29, 2006

1st Amy Strahan Big Shark Racing 7 points 15 total 
2nd Becky Cato Velo Force 5 points 7 total

Bubba 4.0  November 4, 2006

1st Anne Felts CBC 7 points7 total 
2nd Amy StrahanBig Shark Racing5 points 20 total
3rd Becky Cato Velo Force 4 points 11 total 

Bubba #5 November 12, 2006

1st Pam Hinton CBC 7 points21 total 
2nd Anne FeltsCBC5 points12 total
3rd Amy StrahanBig Shark Racing4 points 24 total
4thStacey LaPresta Route 66 3 points 6 total 

 Bubba #6 November 19, 2006

1st Pam HintonCBC 7 points28  total 
2nd Amy StrahanBig Shark Racing5 points 29 total
3rd Becky Cato Velo Force 4 points 15 total 

Bubba #7 November 26, 2006

1st Amy StrahanBig Shark Racing7 points36 total
2nd Becky CatoVelo Force5 points 20 total

Bubba Series Overall Champions

1st Amy StrahanBig Shark Racing 36 total
2nd Pam HintonCBC 28 total
3rd Becky CatoVelo Force20 total

last but not least...the Junoir(s)

Bubba 1, October 15, 2006

 1st Mike Noble Dent Wizard 7 points

Bubba 1.5 October 21, 2006

1st Daniel Williams unattached 7tps 7 total 

Bubba #2 October 22, 2006

1st Mike Noble Dent Wizard 7 points 14 total 

Bubba #3 October 29, 2006

1st  Mike Noble Dent Wizard 7 points 21 total 

Bubba #4  November 4, 2006

1st  Mike Noble Dent Wizard 7 points 28 total 

Bubba #5 November 12, 2006

1st  Mike Noble Dent Wizard 7 points 35 total 

Bubba #6 November 19, 2006 

1st  Mike Noble Dent Wizard 7 points 42 total 

Bubba #7 November 26, 2006

1st  Nick Marti Unattached 7 points 7 total
2nd Mike Noble Dent Wizard 5 points 47 total 

Bubba Series Overall Champions

1st  Mike NobleDent Wizard47 total 
2nd Daniel Williams Unattached7 total 
Nick MartiUnattached7 total