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Meet the Employees


Big Shark's owner and janitor, Mike wants you to enjoy cycling and enjoy Big Shark. Still active in racing and infrequently fit, his goal is make sure that the region has a reason to ride. If you ever have a question or want some help getting into cycling- he's all about it.


Stephen is a multi-talented bike guru who rides to work every day it's over 30 degrees.  When he's not geeking out about the latest bike tech or racing in local criteriums, Stephen writing music and performing as a singer-songwriter.  He was previously part of the band King James and the Killer Bee, and is now the lead man of Jr Gears.  Check him out on Spotify and at our Big Bend location.


At around 5 feet tall, Leah is Big Shark's smallest employee.  She enjoys long road rides and the occasional criterium. On the side she has other cycling-related pursuits including making custom headbadges and custom painting bike frames.


On occasion we get approached by people who are far too accomplished professionally to work at our stores. They've had successful careers in industry and are "made men." These men of leisure and lifestyle are here because the are lovin' it. Meet Bill. Bill used to be a Railroad Executive. To us this meant that he had mob connections so we had to hire him. He calls it "rehirement."

Mike Troll

Mike Troll, or just Troll, has been working in bike shops his entire life.  He rides BMX and knows how to make a BB gun out of an air compressor and a few axle bolts.  Troll has also stolen the heart of Grace the shop dog.  You can find him in the mechanics area at Big Bend with Grace always on his heels.


Johnny comes from the infamous Merli family, of Dogfish Apparel lore. It's like the cycling mafia family in St. Louis. So don't question his repairs or he'll whack ya. Johnny was super fast. Then he wasn't. Now he is again. Or he says he will be. As our Big Bend Service Manager, he's ready to fine tune anything- road bikes, tri bikes, mountain bikes, spaceships, etc.

Casey with Mutton Chops

This Little Fella is Casey. In addition to having the longest torso in all of competitive cycling, he's an amazing mechanic. He's been working at Big Shark since before he could grow mutton chops, and now, well look at them. They are magnificent. He races for the Dogfish Racing Team and is capable of winning almost every race he enters, despite never training.

Kayce with a Beard

Kayce is proof that Big Shark is on the cutting edge of cycling culture. Beards in cycling are now as de rigeur as electronic shifting. Kayce rides to work every day regardless of monsoons, locusts, fire, tornados, hurricanes, tornadocanes, or worse. He literally climbs inside of his beard. He lives on the bike and about the bike- and is a student of the topic. He's into it and wants to help you, a lot.

Matt G.

Matt is our funniest employee, although you would never know this since he seldom talks. If you can get him to talk you would discover that not only is he very well-spoken and amusing, he is also extremely knowledgeable. Odds are if he recommends a part or a repair you should heed his advice. He's wise and kind. Like Gandalf.

Craig at Big Shark West

Craig works at our Big Shark West location as a "serious mechanic." This means that we think he's serious, he might not actually be serious, but it's a hunch. A few fascinating facts about Craig.

He began racing bikes when Nixon was the President, not the Governor.

He  started fixing bikes when Reagan was the President.

He started building mountain bike trails with GORC 10 years ago and is now a Board member and SCCP's Trail Steward Coordinator. This means he's a good guy.

Currently he participates in regional Ultra Mountain Bike Races, where he usually finishes in the top 90%.

Tom at Urban

Tom is affable.If ever there was a person whose persona defined their mood, it's Tom. He's just nice. It runs through his entirety. We attribute this to him being the sort of person who thinks that a perfectly acceptable cycling destination is a beer.

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea is one of the four neurotic/sweet shop dogs that inhabit Big Shark Big Bend. She likes to be pet, long walks on the beach, soft food, hard food, and protecting her turf.  Find her lounging in the fit studio, where she is always down for some tummy rubs.


Waffles came to us as a scared and neurotic shop dog. He hasn't changed. Come by Big Shark on Big Bend and let him sit on you, or bark at you when you come in the door.  He's sorry about that.


Grace is the best shop dog there ever was.  She can be found at our Big Bend location sleeping in the mechanics shop.  When she's not asleep, she is following Mike Troll around the shop or playing fetch outside with her human Johnny.