2003 State Time Trial Results

Junior Results

1st Justin Grisham 17-18 Gateway Racing 31:43.25
2nd James Pirtle 15-16 Dogfish 31:39.77
3rd Luke Pirtle 13-14 Dogfish 20:43.72
4th Adam Rasmus 17-18 Unattached 34:32.45

Espoir Results

1st Todd Campbell Blueriver 63:38.56

Senior Men Cat 1-3

1st Andrew Chocha Team X 57:02.18
2nd Jason Ozenberger Dogfish 57:11.27
3rd Phil Gronninger KCBC 57:56.90
4th Jeremiah  Strothman Spin City 58:07.88
5th Doug Greek OCC 58:28.49
6th Kurt Fletcher Dogfish 60.52.68
7th Michale Cragun Team X 62.53.57
8th Patrick Mailloux Dogfish 64.07.30
9th Erich Harris OCC 64.51.71
10th Brian Bradley KCBC 66.30.00
11th Tony Pinto Dogfish 73.53.27

Men 4-5

1st Todd Hedrick Dogfish 62.12.57
2nd Mike Wright Freestate 64.20.74
3rd David Pettus OCC 64.41.03
4th Rusty Sallee Team X 65.05.48
5th Aaron Johnson Big Shark 65.35.00
6th Ken Ewers CBC 70.53.13
7th Tom Farden Unattached 74.13.68
8th Pat Nestor St. Louis Cyclones 75.55.82

Masters 30- 34

1st Craig Bolles Columbia Bike Club 62.33.05

Masters 35-39

1st Shawn O'Neal Spin City Cycles 58.06.73
2nd Joe Walsh Big Shark Racing 61.37.42
3rd Phil Harris Ozark Cycling Club 61.47.71
4th Jim Klages Big Shark Racing 63.35.95
5th Mickey Ferris St. Louis Cycling Club 65.02.43
6th Michael Smith Columbia Bike Club 65.34.57
7th Jeff Bass Unattached 65.52.46

Masters 40-44

1st The Stephen Wilkes, Esq. Unattached 59.20.13
2nd David Reynolds Freestate 59.39.14
3rd Craig Nelson Unattached 64.41.16
4th Bill LaRue Columbia Bike Club 65.50.47
5th Loran Cavano Big Shark Racing 76.31.54

Masters 45-49

1st Mark Gowler St. Louis Cycling Club


2nd Ted Macrae Big Shark Racing 64.04.34
3rd Bill Nelson Unattached 66.54.25
4th Kurt Schenk Big Shark Racing 68.20.65
5th Steve Cottrell Sunset Cyclery 70.50.97
6th Larry Pirtle Dogfish 75.42.28

Masters 50-54

1st Rod Rauch Ozark Cycling Club 62.59.64
2nd Dennis Wisdom Sports Extreme 64.32.77
3rd Jim McDonald02.19 Columbia 65.42.07
4th Jerry Fondrien Velo Force 66.00.48
5th James Seyers Momentum Cycles 67.41.61
6th Al Cruise Unattached 68.15.47
7th Jeff Hey Unattached 75.02.19
8th Richard Gordon Blue River Bicycle Club 76.36.02
9th Bob Schlumpberger Unattached 80.31.44

Masters 55-60

1st George Behring St. Louis Cycling Club 73.14.19

Masters 60+

1st Joe Black St. Louis Cycling Club 67.57.45

Senior Women Open

1st Heather Brice St. Louis Cyclones 65.47.23
2nd Ali McNulty St. Louis Cyclones 67.43.31
3rd Suzanne Johnson Freestate 67.59.68
4th PJ Walsh Big Shark Racing 71.02.43

Women 4

1st Pam Hinton Unattached 70.09.29
2nd Amanda Rhoades Unattached 75.16.24

Masters Women 40-44

1st Shari Woiwood KCBC 70.40.64
2nd Jill Saettele Big Shark Racing 87.04.12

Masters Women 45+

1st Deb Schopp Unattached 82.34.03


1st James Witt and Joe Struemph Unattaced 66.29.60

Tandem Mixed

1st Carla and Craig Farrell Velo Freestate 59.47.03
2nd Diana and Mark Randall St. Louis Cycling Club 62.38.44