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Silly Rabbit Cyclocross 2001 Standings Final

Silly Rabbit Cyclocross Series Final Standings 2001 

Cat 1/2/3

 1stRyan Pirtle Dogfish 26 points 
 2ndEric Pirtle Dogfish 21 points 
 3rdChris HarreBig Shark Racing19 points
 4thMichael LangeCBike.com17 points
 5thJosh Neff Team MACK 13 points 
 6thCraig Wolschlaegger Big Shark Racing 8 points 
 7thAlex Candelario Big Shark/Cannondale 7 points 
 8thThemistocles Kakouris THF/Big Shark 4 points 
 8thJosh JohnsonBoulevard/Diablo4 points
 8thMicah MoranBoulevard/Diablo4 points
 8thJohn Mathews St. Louis Cycling Club 3 points 
 8thWilliam Erpelding Clayton Cycling Club 3 points 
 9thJerry Shurlow Big Shark Racing 2 points 
 10thLuca Fagundes RCRC 1 point 


Cat 4/5

 1stGuy Stucker Breese Bikes 32 points 
 2ndDan TilleVelo Force23 points
 3rdBeat Bartolme Unattached 21 points 
 4thJim KlagesBig Shark Racing10 points
 5thDoug Tedrick Dogfish 9 points
 6thChis Neuman St. Louis Cyling Club 5 points 
 7thMurphy Mack Team MACK 4 points 
 7th Rich Pierce ICCC 4 points 
 7thDave SchulzDogfish4 points
 7thAlex Randhaug Unattached 4 points 
 8thBarry Blumenkamper Sunset Racing 3 points 
 8thAndy Gibbs The Cyclery 3 points 
 9thMark Baker Sunset Cyclery 2 points 
 9thBrian Russell Unattached 2 points 
 9thMark Murawski Sunset Cyclery 2 points 
 9thMark NagyDogfish2 points
 10thMike Pauli Dogfish 1 point 
 10thRalph Pfremmer Dogfish 1 point 

Masters 30+

 1stChris Harre Big Shark Racing 26 points
 2ndSam MooreBig Shark Racing21 points
 3rdBrian ToberVelo Force19 points
 4thPat CollierBig Shark Racing15 points
 5thDave Schneider Unattached 12 points 
 6thSven Sprogoe Big Shark Racing 10 points 
 7thJohn Mathews St. Louis Cycling Club 7 points 
 8thJoe WalshBig Shark Racing6 points
 8th John BiedaCycles Unlimited6 points
 9thAndy Lucas Unattached 4 points 
 10thStanley Crocker St. Louis Cycling Club 3 points 
 11thRandy George Cannondale 2 points 
 12thEric MokelkeUnattached 1 point 
 13thJyri Niveri Big Shark Racing 1 point 

Masters 40+

 1stGreg GiraourdDogfish28 points
 2ndKent Jones Big Shark Racing 26 points 
 3rdCraig FarrellVelo Force16 points
 4thSteven Wilkes Cayton Cycling Club 13 points 
 5thCraig Farrell Velo Force 12 points 
 6thMike Ludwig Velo Force 11 points 
 7thRich PierceICCC10 points
 8thDodd Slawson Velo Force 8 points 
 9thKarl Klepfer Sunset Racing 7 points 
 10thLonni KennedyClayton Cycling Club6 points
 11thGary Dyer St. Louis Cycling Club 5 points 

Masters 50+

 1stPhil ShoulbergBig Shark Racing 38 points 
 2ndTom GeeSt. Louis Cycling Club14 points
 3rfPaul Krewet St. Louis Cycling Club 10 points 

Women Open

 1stHeather Brice Sunset Racing 38 points 
 2ndAmy StrahanBig Shark Racing20 points
 3rdEmily Miller Unattached 14 points 
 4thSuzanne JohnsonMuseum13 points
5th Jean LucasUnattached10 points
 6thAlison McNulty Museum 8 points 
 7thCarrie Conley Unattached 6 points 
 8thLiz Heller St. Louis Cycling Club 4 points 
 8thNathalie Visser Museum 4 points 
 9thHeather Edwards Big Shark Racing 3 points 
 9thBecky Cato Velo Force 3 points 
 10thCindi Inman Big Shark Racing 2 points 


 1stCraig StanleyICCC28 points
 2ndZach GarrettColumbia10 points