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2006 Tuesday Night World Championship Results

The Mighty, Mighty "A" Race

April 4th, 2006
1stMr. Josh CarterMesa Cycles7 points7 total
2ndThemistocles Shane Kakouris, Esq.Dogfish5 points5 total
3rdChris " Pull all night and get 3rd" MartelDent Weezard4 points4 total
4thJames "I am big now"  PirtleDent Wizard3 points3 total
5thAlan ChristanellGateway2 points

2 total

6thBrian ShoemakerSt. Louis Cycling Club1 point1 total

April 11th, 2006

1stMichael LanyonMesa Cycles7 points7 total
2ndDavid CummingsGateway Racing5 points5 total
3rdTim KakourisDogfish4 points9 total
4thBrian ShoemakerSt. Louis Cycling Club3 points4 total
5thJoe HillBig Shark Racing2 points2 total
6thRyan PirtleDogfish1 point1 total

April 18th, 2006

1stJosh CarterMesa Cycles7 points14 total
2ndJames PirtleDent Wizard5 points8 total
3rdJohnny MerliDogfish4 points4 total
4thTim KakourisDogfish3 points12 total
5thChris MartelDent Wizard2 points6 total
6thRuss MurphyMesa Cycles1 point1 total

May 2, 2006

1stJames PirtleDent Wizard7 points15 total
2ndJohnny MerliDogfish5 points9 total
3rdNick CoilTREK Stl.4 points4 total
4thMark NagyDogfish3 points3 total
5thJason SciaroniMesa Cycles2 points2 total

April 25th, The lost results- FOUND!

1stLuke MusslemanBig Shark Racing7 points7 total
2ndAnthony DustSt. Louis Cycling Club5 points5 total
3rdMark MurawskiGateway Cycling Club4 points4 total
4thJeff SchroetlinMesa Cycles3 points3 total
5thMark NagyDogfish2 points5 total
6thAndy BurgessMesa Cycles1 point1 point

May 9th, 2006 The Year of the Goat

1stJohnny "Slow Hand" MerliDadfish7 points22 points
2ndCraig CooperBig Shark Racing5 points5 total
4thOreste "Resty" PesselatoMan-Chester Racing3 points3 total
5thJustin MaciecowskiwiczowicszBig Shark Racing2 points2 total
6thLonnie "Sands of Time" KennedyMesa Cycles1 point1 total

May 16th, The Year of the Lemur

1stJosh CarterMesa Cycles7 points21 total
2ndJames PirtleDent Wizard5 points20 total
3rdRyan PirtleDogfish4 points5 total
4thMike WeissBig Shark Racing3 points3 total
5thChris HarreBig Shark Racing2 points2 total
6thCraig CooperBig Shark Racing1 point6 total

May 23rd, The Year of the Yurt

1stKurt FletcherDent Wizard7 points7 total
2ndRyan PirtleDogfish5 points10 total
3rdJoe HillBig Shark Racing4 points6 total
4thZach ReedMesa Cycles3 points3 total
5thJames PirtleDent Wizard2 points22 total
6thNick CoilManchester Racing1 point5 total

May 30th, The Year of the Spider Monkey

1stKurt FletcherDent Wizard7 points14 total
2ndJohn MerliDogfish5 points27 total
3rdCraig CooperBig Shark Racing4 points10 total
4thDoug DavisGateway Racing3 points3 total
5thKellan TrueUnknown2 points2 total
6thRyan HermsmeyerBig Shark Racing1 point1 total

June 6th, The Year of the Turkey Vulture

1stJosh CarterMesa Cycles7 points28 total
2ndMark NagyDogfish5 points10 total
3rdJohnny MerliDogfish4 points31 total
4thDoug DavisGateway Cycling3 points6 total
5thMatt HardyBig Shark Racing2 points2 total
6thNick CoilManchester Racing1 point1 total

June 13th, The Year of the Flat Panda

1stJoe HillBig Shark Racing7 points13 total
2ndJames PirtleDent Wizard5 points27 total
3rdRyan PirtleDogfish4 points14 total
4thJohnny MerliDogfish3 points34 total
5thCarlitos JonesGateway Cycling2 points2 total
6thJay MarbargerDent Wizard1 point1 total

June 20th, The Year of the Cicada

1stJohnny MerliDogfish 7 points41 total
2ndJustin MaciekowiczBig Shark Racing5 points7 total
3rdMark NagyDogfish4 points14 total
4thJay MarbargerDent Wizard3 points4 total
5thAlan ChristanellGateway Racing2 points4 total
6thAndrew O'GuinDent Wizard1 point1 total

June 27th, The Year of the Anaconda

1stJohnny "Swirly" MerliDogfish7 points48 total
2ndJoe HillBig Shark Racing5 points20 total
3rdKurt FletcherDent Wizard4 points18 total
4thDouglass DavisGateway cycling3 points9 total
5thAndrew OguinDent Wizard2 points3 total
6thAaron HinniBig Shark Racing1 point1 total

July 11th, The Year of the Aphid

1stChris HarreBig Shark Racing7 points9 total
2ndKurt RussellKurt Russell5 points5 total
3rdDaryl HemenwayGateway Racing4 points8 total
4thJohnny MerliDogfish Racing3 points51 total
5thJoe HillBig Shark Racing2 points22 total
6thJames PirtleJames Pirtle1 point28 total

July 18th, The Year of Farrell Browne's Newborn Fetus Farrell Browne Dos

1stUncle Johnny MerliUncle Dogfish racing7 points58 total
2ndCarlitos Barbados JonesGateway Racing5 points7 total
3rdMike WeissBig Shark Racing4 points7 total
4thJay MarbargerDent Wizard3 points4 total
5thMichael "Sign of the Apocalypse" Rosen Velo Force2 points2 total
6thMatthew HardyBig Shark Racing1 point3 total

July 25th, The Year of the Whooping Monkey

1stLuke MusselmanBig Shark Racing7 points7 total
2ndMike WeissBig Shark Racing5 points12 total
3rdMark HunsakerManchester Racing4 points4 total
4thLewis ReeseVelo Force3 points3 total
5thLonnie KennedyMesa Cycles2 points2 total
6thKarl StoverDent Wizard1 point1 total

August 1, The Year of the Whipped Monkey

1stMatt AnkneyNo Mercy7 points7 total
2ndLuke PirtleDent Wizard5 points5 total
3rdAlan ChristanellGateway Racing4 points8 total
4thRuss MurphyMesa3 points4 total
5thMark GrowlerStL CC2 points2 total
6thChristopher MartelDent Wizard1 point5 total

August 8, 2006

1stJosh CarterMesa7 points35 total
2ndJames PirtleDent Wizard5 points33 total
3rdJeff SchroetlinMesa4 points7 total
4thCarlitos JonesGateway Racing3 points10 total
5thAnthony Knickmeyerunattached2 points2 total
6thDave CummingsGateway Racing1 point6 total

August 15, 2006

1stDan SchmatzKodak Gallery/Sierra Nevada7 points7 total
2ndRyan PirtleDogfish5 points15 total
3rdChris MartelDent Wizard4 points9 total
4thMark MurawskiGateway Racing3 points7 total
5thMichael WeissBig Shark2 points14 total
6thJustin MaciekowiczBig Shark1 point8 total

August 22, 2006

1stJames PirtleDent Wizard7 points40 total
2ndCarlitos JonesGateway Racing5 points15 total
3rdum, no idea...4 points
4thRichard BreiningerMesa3 points7 total
5thJason SciaroniMesa2 points4 total
6thChris MartelBig Shark1 point10 total

August 29, 2006

1stJosh CarterMesa7 points42 total
2ndAnthony DustSTLCC5 points5 total
3rdCarlitos JonesGateway Racing4 points19 total
4thnot a clue...3 points
5thJoe HillBig Shark2 points24 total
6thDoug DavisGateway Racing1 point10 total

September 5, 2006

1stCarlitosGateway Racing7 points26 total
2ndZach SteinBig Shark Racing5 points5 total
3rdLewis ReeceVelo Force4 points7 total
4thBrian ShoemakerSTLCC3 points7 total
5thMike WeissBig Shark Racing2 points14 total
6thThe Energizer BunnyBreed Like Rabbits Racing1 point1 total


The Formidable "B" Race

April 4th, 2006

1stMatt HardyBig Shark Racing7 points7 total
2ndJeff KratkyGateway Racing5 points5 total
3rdRyan HughesICCC4 points4 total 
4thRichard BowesGateway Racing3 points3 total
5thMatt "No Neck" TexierBig Shark Racing2 points2 total
6thDoug DavisDateway Dacing1 doint1 dotal

April 11th, 2006

1stDoug DavisGateway Racing7 points8 total
2ndDave CummingsGateway Racing5 points5 total
3rdAdam HarbaughBig Shark Racing4 points4 total
4thSven SprogoeDogfish3 points3 total
5thTony Knickmeyerunattached2 points2 total
6thBenny Martinunattached1 point1 total

April 18th, 2006

1stScott "Over The" HillTrek STL7 points7 total
2ndMatt "Not Much Neck" TexierBig Shark Racing5 points7 total
3rdThe Evil That is "Gary Dyer"St. Louis Cycling Club4 points4 total
4thArturo GonzalezBeeg Shaark Raceeng3 points3 total
5thDogfish Mystery RiderDMR2 points2 total
6thZach SteinMini Shark1 point1 total

May 2nd, 2006

1stAdam HarbaughBig Shark Racing7 points11 total
2ndSven SprogoeDogfish5 points8 total
3rdRichard BowesGateway Racing4 points7 total
4thMark SandbagrawskiGateway Racing3 points3 total
6thMatt Wayman and/or Adam EatonDent Wizard1 point1 total

April 25th, the hidden Results.  UnHid

1stAdam HarbaughBig Shark Racing7 points18 total
2ndThe Evil Gary DyerSt. Louis Cycling Club5 points9 total
3rdMatt "Necklace" TexierBig Shark Racing4 points11 total
4thTrent "Counterfactual History" DonatBig Shark Racing3 points3 total
5thKarl KingUnattached2 points2 total
6thICCC GuyGuy from ICCC1 point1 total

May 9th, 2006

1stAustin AllisonDent Wizard7 points7 total
2ndSven SprogoeDogfish5 points13 total
3rdDavid NelsonSandshark Racing4 points4 total
4thNick BouvetteGhissalo3 points3 total
5thUnknownNot KnownNopeNo

May 16th, 2006

1stCraig CooperBig Shark Racing7 points 7 total
2ndDoug DavisGateway Racing5 points13 total
3rdDave NelsonSandbagshark Racing4 points8 total
4thSven SprogoeDogfish3 points16 total
5thMatt HardyBig Shark Racing2 points9 total
6thKenneth ParkerBig Shark Racing1 point1 total

May 23rd, 2006

1stCraig CooperBig Shark Racing7 points 14 total
2ndKen ParkerBig Shark Racing5 points6 total
3rdUnknownUnknown4 points4 total
4thAustin AllisonDent Wizard3 points10 total
5thUnknownUnknown2 points2 total
6thAdam EatonThe Hub1 point1 total

May 30th, 2006

1stMark HunsakerThe TREK Store of STL. aka TTSS7 points7 total
2ndMatt TexierBig Shark Racing5 points16 total
3rdCraig CooperBig Shark Racing4 points18 total
4thDoug DavisGateway Racing3 points16 total
5thDave ThackeryThe Hub2 points2 total
6thUnknownUnknown1 point1 total

June 6th, 2006

1stSven SprogoeDogfish7 points20 total
2ndMatt TexierBig Shark Racing5 points21 total
3rdAndrew TheilingUnknown4 points4 total
4thCory TexierBig Shark Sibling Rivalry3 points3 total
5thCarrie CashTeam Revolution2 points2 total
6thAlan ChristanellGateway Cycling1 point1 total

June 13th, 2006

1stDavid CummingsGateway Racing7 points12 total
2ndJohn GohlDomingo Gonzales Spinning5 points5 total
3rdKenneth ParkerBig Shark Racing4 points10 total
4thAndrew BurgessMesa Cycles3 points3 total
5thDouglas DavisGateway Cycles2 points15 total
6thTim HittlerSunset Racing1 point1 total

June 20th, 2006

1stDouglas "Devil-May-Care" DavisGateway Racing7 points22 total
2ndAnthony KnickmeyerUnattached5 points7 total
3rdTim HittlerSunset Racing4 points5 total
4thDavid GannonUnattached3 points3 total
5thChris ErhardUnattached2 points2 total
6thNot sureReallyWe don't Know

June 27, 2006

1stDouglass SweeneySt. Louis Cyclones7 points7 total
2ndSven SprogoeDogfish5 points25 total
3rdDouglass DavisGateway Racing4 points26 total
4thMark HunsakerICCC3 points10 total
5thDave ThackeryThe Hub2 points4 total
6thAdam HarbaughBig Shark Racing1 point19 total

July 11th, 2006

1stAnthony KnickmeyerUnknown7 points14 total
2ndMartin LangUnknown5 points5 total
3rdGabrial GonzalesDominguez Spinning4 points4 total
5thMichael LudwigVelo Force3 points3 total

July 18th, 2006

1stAnthony KnickmeyerSandbagger Inc.7 points21 total
2ndJay MarbargerDent Weezard5 points5 total
3rdDouglas Donovan DavisDateway Dacing4 doints30 dotal
4thKenneth ParkerBiggeth Sharkth Rathing3 pointh13 totalth
5thRuss MurphyMesa Cycles2 points2 total
6thKarl KingUnattached1 point 3 total

July 25th, 2006

1stDoug DavisGateway Racing7 points37 points
2ndGary DyerSt. Louis Cycling Club5 points14 total
3rdAdam HarbaughBig Shark Racing4 points23 total
4thJoshua MillerSLU3 points3 total
5thMark HunsakerManchester Racing2 points9 total
6thUnknownUnknown1 point1 total

August 1, 2006

1stMark HunsackerTrek VW7 points16 total
2ndKenneth ParkerBiggus Sharkus5 points18 total
3rdZach SteinBig Shirk4 points5 total
4thScott RendallMesa3 points3 total
5thSven SprogoeDogfish2 points27 total
6thGary DyerStL CC1 point15 total

August 8, 2006

1stDave CummingsGateway Racing7 points19 total
2ndGabriel GonzalezBig Shark5 points9 total
3rdDave ThackeryThe Hub4 points8 total
4thAlan ChristanellGateway Racing3 points4 total
5thMichael SaundersDogfish2 points2 total
6thCarl FrederickDent Wizard1 point1 total

August 15, 2006

1stDoug DavisGateway Racing7 points44 total
2ndGabriel GonzalezBig Shark5 points14 total
3rdDoug SweeneyDent Wizard4 points11 total
4thJoe FullerBig Shark3 points3 total
5thMark Ransfordunattached2 points2 total
6thCarl FrederickDent Wizard1 point2 total

August 22, 2006

1stDave CummingsGateway Racing7 points26 total
2ndRichard BowesGateway Racing5 points8 total
3rdKarl FrederickDent Wizard4 points6 total
4thDave ThackeryThe Hub3 points11 total
5thCharles RogersDent Wizard2 points2 total
6thAdam HarbaughBig Shark1 point24 total

August 29, 2006

1stGabriel GonzalezBig Shark7 points21 total
2ndCameron Deremerunattached5 points5 total
3rdguy in a Big Shark kitBig Shark4 points
4thSven SprogoeDog Fish3 points30 total
5thBryan Wymanunattached2 points2 total
6thmust've only been 5 in the race1 point

September 5, 2006

1stbuddy said your # wasn't to regulation.
2ndEduardo NieuwenhuyzenBig Shark Racing5 points 5 total
3rdyou must be on the same team as first place
4thwe know you ride for Dent WizardDent Wizard
5thand so do you!!!Dent Wizard
6thbuddy had fallen asleep by the time you crossed the line

The "Curious" C Race

Day Uno, May 2nd, 2006

1stAustin AllisonDent Wizard7 points7 total
2ndKevin SaetteleGhissalo5 points5 total
3rdMichael FreshmanManchester 4 points4 total
4thBrett HeuringBig Shark Racing3 points3 total
5thJeff KlohaUnattached2 points2 total
6thScott RackersBig Shark Racing1 point1 total

Day Two, May 16th, 2006

1stDave "Sand in a Bag" NelsonBig Sandbag Racing7 points7 total
2ndTodd ParkerUnknown5 points5 total
3rdBen DumontUnknown4 points4 total
4thBryan WymanUnknown3 points3 total
5thTrent DonatBig Shark Racing2 points2 total
6thRick HallUnknown1 point1 total

Day 3, May 9th, Not in Order, I know.

1stRick HallUnknown7 points8 total
2ndTrent DonatBig Shark Racing5 points5 total
3rdJon FogelUnknown4 points4 total
4thBrett HeuringBig Shark Racing3 points3 total
5thChris CaldwellDent Wizard2 points2 total
6thJason HallUnknown1 point1 total

Day 4, May 23rd

1stChris "The Claw, not The Craw" ClausenBig Claw Racing7 points7 total
2ndGreg CudiheeUnattached5 points5 total
3rdTrent DonatBig Shark Racing4 points9 total
4thScott RackersBig Shark Racing3 points4 total
5thEduardo NieuwenhuyzenTeam Nieuweyhuyzen2 points2 total
6thRick HallUnattached1 point9 total

Day 5, May 30th

1stDaniel FernandezUnknown7 points7 total
2ndJason HallUnknown5 points5 total
3rdBryan WymanUnknown4 points4 total
4thTrent DonatBig Shark Racing3 points12 total
5thAdam EatonThe Hub2 points2 total
6thChris ErhardUnknown1 point1 total

Day 6, June 6th

1stRick HallUnknown9 points18 total
2ndAntonio De La TorreUnknown5 points5 total
4thScott RackersBig Shark Racing3 points7 total
5thUnknownIt wasdark
6thUnknownand very shady

Day 7, June 7th

1stTom McCarthyUnknown7 points7 total
2ndTim HittlerUnknown5 points5 total
3rdTrent DonatBig Shark Racing4 points16 total
4thUnknownUnknown3 points3 total
5thUnknownUnknown2 points2 total
6thTodd ParkerUnknown1 point1 total

Day 8, June 22nd

1stScott RackersBig Shark Racing7 points14 total
2ndTodd JohnasonNot Sure??5 points5 total
3rdTim HittlerSunset Cyclery4 points9 total
4thMichael FreshmanManchester Racing3 points7 total
5thMike BrinerBig Shark Racing2 points2 total
6thLorin CrandallUnattached1 point1 total

Day 9, June 29th

1stMichael FreshmanManchester Racing7 points14 total
2ndChris ClausenBig Shark Racing5 points12 total
3rdGregory Cuddiheeunattached4 points9 total
4thBen DumontBig Shark Racing3 points7 total
5thRick Hallunattached2 points20 total
6thYellow Jersey???

Day 10, Not in Order July 18th

1stEduardo NeuhwenhuyzenUnattached7 points9 total
2ndChris "Oh no, the Craw" CrausenBig Shark Racing5 points17 total
3rdMike BrinerBig Shark Racing4 points6 total
4thJuan RamirezMomentum3 points3 total
5thGrant EarhardSt. Louis Cycling Club2 points2 total
6thTodd ParkerUnknown1 point2 total

Day 11, July 25th, 2006

1stEduardo NeuwenhuyzenBig Shark Racing7 points16 total
2ndJason  WatkinsUnknown5 points5 total
3rdRick HallUnattached4 points24 total
4thMike BrinerBig Shark Racing3 points9 total
5thJill MuellerSLU2 points2 total
6thMatt FickingerDent Wizard1 point1 total

Day 12, August 1, 2006

1stMark Ransford7 points7 total
2ndLogan van BokelStL Cyclones5 points5 total
3rdPaul MuellerICCC4 points4 total
4thTodd Parker3 points5 total
5thJeff Pupillo2 points2 total
6thEric Herrenkohl1 point1 total

Day 13, August 8, 2006

1stLogan van BokelDent Wizard7 points12 total
2ndEdwardo Nieuwenhuyzenunattached5 points21 total
3rdMark Ransfordunattached4 points11 total
4thThomas FalkeDogfish3 points3 total
5thBernard Hinaultseriously...2 points2 total
6thFausto CoppiNo, really.  I saw him.1 point1 total

Day 14, August 15, 2006

1stEdwardo Nieuwenhuyzenunattached7 points28 total
2ndLogan van BokelDent Wizard5 points17 total
3rdMicah Senselunattached4 points4 total
4thMark Ransfordunattached3 points14 total
5thAnonymous Big Shark guyum, Big Shark?2 points
6thMysterious Trek riderTruck1 point

August 22, 2006

1stMark Ransfordunattached7 points21 total
2ndZach SteinBig Shark5 points5 total
3rdEdwardo NieuwenhuyzenBig Shark4 points32 total
4thDavid McGinnisBig Shark3 points3 total
5thLori Kohlsseriously?!2 pointsBIG total
6thWell, it wasn't Lori Kohls.She was in 5th1 point

August 29th, 2006, le Finale grande!

1stZach SteinBig Shark7 points 12 total
2ndMark Ransfordunattached5 points 26 total
3rd?4 points 
4thRick Hallunattached3 points 27 total
5thDave ThackeryThe Hub2 points 2 total
6thTrent DonatBig Shark1 point 17 total