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2020 Big Shark Open Water Swim Series

Swim With The Sharks!

The May Open Water Swims Will Not be Held 

Pending insurance, permitting, and permission by the State and County we will resume the events when it is deemed safe.

Get comfortable in the open water and practice your swim technique.

Each session will have programming and rides to complement the swim, so bring your bike and get fit.  This series is staffed by Big Shark Events Staff, Local Coaches and Training Partners and a full complement of lifeguards from BYLG Sport.

When: Most Saturday Mornings from May 2nd through June 27th. The Lake will be open for participants from 8:00 am – 9:30 am. 

Where: The lake is located at New Town in St. Charles. See swim maps below. The perimeter course is .62 miles and in most areas you can touch the bottom.


  • Pre-register for each session, week by week or multiple at a time, online for $20. Pre-registration closes at Midnight pm the Friday before each swim.  
  • A Season Pass for all 9 swims can be purchased online for the price of 8 swims or $160.  
  • On site registration is $25 per session and will open at 7:30am with separate lines for Day-Of Registrants and Pre-Registrants.
  • If the event is cancelled due to inclement weather, registration fees are transferable but not refundable.  Every effort, including delaying the start time, will be made to get the swim in. Check Big Shark's Facebook's page for swim status updates when weather is looming.

Important: Please note that the point of entry/exit from the lake has moved. See below map for the 2019 swim area. We will NOT have lifeguards in the area closest to check-in/registration.

Wetsuits: The first 2 sessions, 5/2 and 5/9, will offer a Blue Seventy Free Wetsuit Demo.  For future days, wetsuit rental rate is $10.00 per session, weather and supply permitting. Saturday 5/16, we will have a reduced supply of wetsuits (2 rental payments can be applied to purchase your very own wetsuit). 

Fee structure covers venue, participant insurance, professional lifeguards, equipment, additional programming and staff support. 

You can pre-register on by clicking on the link below.

GO BIG Triathlon Training Group: Bundle all of the events and way more by joining the GO BIG Triathlon Training Group

Support: Big Shark Bicycle Company will have a rental wetsuit fleet on site every week- until water temps exceed wetsuit conditions. For athletes who would like to ride after the OWS there will be an on site mechanic stand, tools, and bike pump to work on your ride.

The Ride: Every Saturday following the swim, you are welcome to join riders to complete your brick training. Meet on the opposite side from the registration tent at 9:35 am. There will be a brief safety talk prior to rolling at 9:45am. All abilities welcome.

Daily Routine:

  • All Swimmers must register (or check in for pre-reg) and get marked with a number upon arrival. 
  • BYLG Sport will conduct a short course orientation to each group of swimmers entering the water. Topics include basic swim safety and signaling distress.  Please listen to lifeguards instructions at all times. 
  • Swim direction will change from week to week. 
  • Upon entering the water, please report your number to Big Shark Staff at the table. 
  • When exiting the water, again, please confirm your number with Big Shark Staff.  This is for your safety and helps keep accurate records as well as account for all swimmers present.

Programming: (Below is 2019 information- updates are forthcoming)

All vendors and programming will be available for questions during the swim. Specific Clinics will be held at the times listed.  Please meet behind the registration tents. Therapist Rachael Durnell, Root of Motion, will be present four times to share information on body work and training stress.

  • May 2nd- FREE Blue Seventy westuits available. Demo and rental fleets.
  • May 16th- BYLG Sport will conduct a FREE 30 minute swim anxiety clinic at 8am. Learn how to prepare for a variety of conditions and build your confidence in the lake.    
  • May 23rd-2-3 hour coach led group rides immediately following the Open Water Swim. Meet at the Power Up tent. Wheels roll at 9:45am. Rachael Durnell- therapy and body work session.
  • May 30th -BYLG Sport will conduct a free "What if..." clinic at 8am. Be prepared for the unexpected. Everything from rough waters, to harsh glare, to dealing with injury while swimming. 2-3 hour coach led group rides immediately following the Open Water Swim. Meet at the Power Up tent. Wheels roll at 9:45am. Rachael Durnell- therapy and body work session.
  • June 6th-Help with Recovery: Dr. Lytle with Precision Health Group will be going over the quick and best way to use a foam roller. He will discuss the most effective places and uses of the roller. If you are a veteran or new to foam rolling, this clinic will help you maximize your recovery so you can train harder and longer. 2-3 hour coach led group rides immediately following the Open Water Swim. Meet at the Power Up tent. Wheels roll at 9:45am.
  • June 13th- 2-3 hour coach led group rides immediately following the Open Water Swim. Meet at the Power Up tent. Wheels roll at 9:45am. Additional clinic: Riding a Triathlon Bike with Confidence- What: The clinic will cover the basics: correct aero position; how weight transfer affects handling; cornering; climbing. When:  June 13 - 9:45 AM immediately following the open water swim at the Power Up tent. Rachael Durnell- therapy and body work session.
  • June 20th-Sally Drake, of Sally Drake Endurance Coaching and On Pace Triathlon Club, will be doing a "Triathlon Troubleshooting" clinic at 7:30am before the swims.  Get a head start on your next race with pointers most triathletes learn the hard way. AND Staff from Athletico's (formerly ProRehab) Endurance Center will be conducting free stretch and injury screenings throughout the swims. Even if you feel fine, learn more about the place to go for triathlete injuries. Courtney Martin will be on hand- she is a physical therapist who specializes in swimmers, shoulder rehabilitation, and therapy.
  • June 27th- New Town Triathlon Transition practice.

Helpful Links:

  • Looking for some instruction? Masters swimmers and Triathletes ?????????? ??! Are you looking for daily / weekly or monthly swimming training, private lessons that include video taping to work on technique?  What about specialized workout training plans designed for you ?
  • Coach Raz at Midwest Aquatic Club specializes in all of those areas. Email former USA Swimming National Team Coach Raz at to set up an evaluation, practice or lesson. Don’t miss this opportunity to be faster and more efficient in your swimming races. 

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