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2024 St. Louis Senior Olympic Cycling Events 5/25/24

Saturday, May 25th, 2024

The West Alton Riverlands Migratory Bird Conservation Area Time Trials

St. Louis Senior Olympic Cycling Competition

 Saturday, May 25th, 2024

Event Information: St. Louis Senior Olympic Time Trial Events. One day, four distances!

TT Course Description: Four distances- Riverlands Conservation Area, West Alton, MO

  • Check-in & Parking-  301 Riverlands Way, West Alton, MO 63386

This extremely smooth, fast course offers racers an opportunity to get aero and crank up the power. The course will be open to traffic and riders must stay to the right.  The good news is the road is lightly traveled and the course will be well marked and staffed with volunteer course marshals / flaggers.  Aerobars, disc wheels, power meters, and other hi tech gadgetry are recommended- however, if it has wheels, you can and should use it!

 The Events: Four short time trial races: 5 Mile, 5K, 1 Mile, and .25 Mile. Races will be run in order from longest distance to shortest distance. All races will share a common Finish Line. Each race will be started shortly after the completion of each distance. Registration for the St. Louis Senior Olympics will be done via the JCC.  These St. Louis Senior Olympic races will be open to athletes 50+ only. St. Louis Senior Olympic Races will be insured and operated by the St. Louis Senior Olympics.

St. Louis Senior Olympics Schedule HERE

For more information or to register for the St. Louis Senior Games- please click HERE for more information.

 Start Time



9:00 am

SLSO 5 Mile TT

3 places/Medals

10:00 am


3 places/Medals

10:45 am

SLSO 1 Mile TT

3 places/Medals

11:15 am

SLSO .25 Mile TT

3 places/Medals

For more info contact: Mike Weiss, 314/862-1188

5 Mile Race Course

5 Kilometer Race Course

One Mile Race Course

Quarter Mile Race Course